The Weekend | What to wear and where to go…

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Hallelujah! Its Friday!

I’m going to let you in on a secret, I think me and Josh have this weekend business down pat.

We’ve stopped food shopping on Saturdays (friday nights ftw – we live a wild life) Last weekend we were able to get in blog photos, lay ins, a pub trip, dinner out in Maidstone, catching Dr Strange in Rochester, a walk around Emmetts Garden in Sevenoaks, we made sausage rolls and got in copious amounts of Gilmore Girls (Josh is watching the whole series from the start to prepare for the new series!) that is some serious going!

I have to add that in terms of wellness getting in what you like to do on the weekend is the key to ultimate happiness. Things like making sure we have a walk makes the weekend almost too perfect, in fact it makes Monday pretty hard to stomach, you mean I have to travel on a train? Write things professionally and respond to phone calls and emails? Torture… torture I tell you…


Fashion | The Red Dress, belted at the waist

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Jacket: Zara, old, Red Dress: H&M SS2016, Boots: New Look (old) Belted Dress: Fat Face

Did you know that belting your clothes at the waist might be coming back into fashion? Tell me this a year back and I would probably have bolted a mile but today? Today I am all over belting, whether its my dress, a coat, a fitted skirt and top I don’t care! I’m just loving the chance to give myself a waist for starters!

This time though I intend to belt more responsibly. Before it was custom to wear massive belts which were the size of the current crop top trend and to do so over every outfit regardless, but not this time my friends, not this time . . .

No, this time I am keeping it to skinny belts over longline silhouettes, to dresses that could do with some shape and to jackets to give them something a little more interesting and to detract from the straight up and down style which seems to be everywhere!

Now I need your thoughts, are you up for belting? Or still thinking, hell no!

Its Wedding Week!


Photography by Lauren at Sung Blue Photography

Guess what? Its Wedding Week!

Yup, that means this one (above) is gonna be stuck with me for an awful long time! Its funny, prior to the wedding I thought I would post so much stuff about wedding planning, the joys, the horrors but in actual fact when you’re in it, you’re in it and writing about it? So not appealing.

What this week means for you guys? Well soon I’ll be a misses (but still therealjlow – albeit with a different name.) but it might mean that I actually have regular posting again (my older readers . . . remember the days?) In fact I already feel a weight has lifted a little – the planning is done!

If you want to know how I’m feeling right now? Equal parts uber excited (making sure Josh is stuck with me, seeing my entire family) and petrified of walking down an aisle with everyone staring at me. If you should know anything about me, I’m terrible with lots of attention, and excepting surprise gifts, so the whole shindig shull be a breeze I’m sure.

We are off on mini-moon number one straight after (Berlin) so the blog will be a little quiet for a while, but soon we will be back on track! A massive thank you also goes to my amazing Photographer, Lauren from Sung Blue Photography, if you need an amazing photographer in the UK then this is the girl! I’m still in awe . . .




therealjlow cooks | Autumnal (fall) Granola.

Autumnal Granola

I love a good bit of Granola it feels both like a naughty treat whilst at the same time being somewhat healthy, the perfect snack if I must say. However I didn’t want to just make your usual granola, oh no I wanted to make it fall appropriate. You see as I stopped at our local super market I had looked down at my trolly which was full of autumnal fruits and asked myself, what will go well with cooked fruits?

Well of course the answer was autumnal granola!

This is uber simple to replicate, hard to mess up and even better it is completely customisable and takes seconds to make!


  • 1 cup (250G) Large rolled porridge Oats
  • Sultanas
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Dried sweetened cranberries
  • Pine Nuts
  • Goji Berries
  • Desiccated Coconut
  • Linseed mix
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 tspn of Golden Syrup
  • Honey
  • Coconut Oil (melted)
  • 1 tspn Vanilla Extract


Pre heat your oven to 150 degrees. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and set aside.

On a low heat place 1 tspn of Coconut Oil in a medium sized pan and melt until clear and runny. Fold in 1 Cup (250g) of rolled porridge oats until covered as well as your other dry ingredients excluding the cinnamon and desiccated coconut, combine and add 1 tablespoon of honey mixing thoroughly take the pan off of the heat and add your vanilla Extract. As the mixture cools add your golden Syrup and desiccated coconut along with a liberal (as strong as you would like) dashing of ground cinnamon.

Now spread the mixture onto your baking tray making sure not to compact the mixture (as this could potentially create flapjacks instead) and place into the pre heated oven for 10 – 15 minutes or until the sides begin to golden. Once your happy take the tray from the oven and shake up the granola (I did mine with a spatula but anything will do!) This separation makes sure you have individual pieces rather than a flapjack! Then place them back in the oven to golden the otherside.

After roughly another 10 minutes you’re done! Allow to cool and then pour into your chosen dish! I’m a big fan of a kilner jar but that’s just me!

p.s stay tuned for how you can use this Granola seasonly with mulled wine fruit & figs oh and of course a little bit of ice cream . . .

Summer Fall transitional.

Wrap Jumper: Zara (£7 in the sale!), Dress: H&M £7.99!, Shoes from New Look 2011 (I think again sale for probably £8.

Summer Autumn transitional.

One thing I really wanted to work on when it comes to my wardrobe is how to transition my clothes from one season to the next.

Even after a year of capsule it trips me up time and time again and so to find great pieces that bridge those gaps is the dream.

The jumper coat

This was one of the pieces that I bought and didn’t expect to. I had fallen in love with a number at Long Tall Sally but having found this at Zara for a mighty, £7 I knew I had to take the plunge. Here I have teamed this up with a dress for spring (another shrinker!) and using this jumper as a coat means I can keep wearing my spring summer favorites with warmer pieces.

Autumn (fall) not unlike Spring is difficult when you wear too many layers, the weather is changeable and sometimes planning ahead is hard. While I have been considering another capsule wardrobe its one of the main things I have been thinking about, how do you mix a wardrobe perfectly for potentially two entirely different seasons, do you guys have a tip for those difficult capsules? Leave them below!

Outfit Eleven | Chasing Waterfalls (Coat Edition)

Camel Coat: Next, Striped T-Shirt: Primark, Jeans: New Look, Flats: New Look Similar

“Don’t go chasing Waterfalls . . .” Unless they are in a camel, teddy bear material in which case. Run like hell and catch it like a Pokemon.

When I think of a long camel coat I think of my mother. Its the one style that feels synonymous with my mum. I’m not even sure if she has had more than one camel coat in my lifetime but its the image that has stuck with me for the longest time that therealmumlow wears camel and wears it well. While hers is over sized and reaches mid calf, mine is shorter and features a waterfall design. This would never fly with my mum since she likes to be well wrapped up, but for me? I am willing to take the hit of cold for its flattering fit.

As a larger busted lady the waterfall coat and jumper is the most flattering. Softer and more distracting it doesn’t scream breasts! like a buttoned, double breasted one would and this loose styling is also great when you desire a coat that can take you from the office to weekend jaunts through the countryside. The only time I may suffer will be when it snows. This version does button at the front with a single silver catch but the coat loses somewhat of its aesthetics when latched. In the colder weather I intend to invest in something with a cashmere blend maybe even with a rolled neck for those snow days and a heavy winter scarf or, maybe if Josh allows me, a quick dip into Zara might find me a faux fur wrap.

After all with a big stand out detail like the waterfall you can’t just add a silk scarf and be done with it. No! The only way is up or out as it were out and a long, thick fur could just be my ticket into real coat, glamour.


p.s. Its also Halloween!!! (already? what? what?) I’d love to say I have some big celebration planned but I don’t! So maybe instead I’ll just eat vast amounts of sweets and watch scary movies. Yup, sounds like a Friday to me.

Raining on my Autumn





Autumn 2013? What Autumn. Its pretty much rained the whole entire time, which makes me sad as its now gotten cold in old blighty. On the plus side my new snood’s can start making appearences!! woo hoo I hear you all cry!

Now I had no intentions with this beauty. I had actually planned to make my own again this year but then, I saw this beauty. Her simple should’ve made it yourself pattern made me think “I could . . . naw . . I’ll take it!” and here she is fluro in winter. who said normal was cool?

Boots: Next (Still Available and in aubergine and brown) Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins (Eden) in Regular Top: H&M Sale (summer) Jacket: Primarni Autumn 2012 Scarf: Accessorize

I was also tempted by this+ and this+