Fashion | The Valentines day dress and the dress not suitable for summer…


That dress though girl….

We all know I’ve let myself go a little as of late. I’ve let good dressing, and a great pair of heels fall to the wayside in search of comfort, minimalism and a more simplistic me but guys, that’s not me at all.

This Valentine’s Day me and Josh pulled out our A game for once. He’s taking me away for the weekend and I’m returning the love in way of outfits.

Yeah, you heard me. There’s nothing quite like a good outfit to say, I love you and thank you … I know I’m beautiful. 

_DSC0427_DSC0444 So why isn’t this dress for summer? Well heres the thing, I bought this dress for summertime, a classic breton stripe and funky sleeves? I had all the plans to wear this in Rome this September, a simple bag and sandals, I was so sure this was my dream summer dress. The only problem? Its winter weight, in scuba material in fact. So of course instead of packing it up in prep for summer, I’ve pulled it out to wear right now for a valentines get away! And yes, I am wearing it bare legged with christmas penguin socks. Who said seasonal socks can only be worn at Christmas? _DSC0431_DSC0443

Fashion | The Blue & White Dress


Patterned Jacket & Blue Dress : Zara, Brown Bag : Monsoon, Brown Suede Boots : New Look


Firstly, in photos this dress does not look the same. The main problem is in typical high street fashion, when it was washed it shrunk upwards.(This is also a tall person problem, in fact I think clothes see tall people coming and shrink upwards on impact.)

Now onto the real exiting stuff, this dress. I originally fell in love with this online, I stalked it around the store but thought . . . no, its another dress. Thankfully that didn’t stop me trying it on the following week. I realise now I should have showed it in a better light but on top its a basic, white and blue striped tank top and then in a circle it cuts down further at the back and it has a fluted, high low hem.

Paired up with cowgirl boots and a jacket, I love this dress to the moon and back. Why? Because it feels different to me.

SS15 Capsule Wardrobe | Dresses and shirts.

Blue top: Forever 21, Striped Dress: Lidl, Bag: Accessorize, Shoes: Clarks

I love this dress, I hate this dress, which one I feel more? I couldn’t tell you. Saying that it seems like I have a serious love hate issues with my clothes at this point but I promise its just because I appear to have put clothes in my capsule which work great for winter because you can cover your arms or a certain part of you and that just doesn’t work when in actual fact it is boiling outside!

So this dress in particular doesn’t work so well with my arms at present. Since I hurt my foot I haven’t been able to go running and its beginning to show. Running for me really helped with two things bloating/water weight and toning and without it I am still at a bit of a loss so hiding my arms at the moment has become a big thing! My apologies that this week has become a week of honesty and clothing complaints but myself and Josh have got something big coming up which will hopefully all go to plan and honestly putting clothes on has become a really complicated thing because all I want to do is talk about the thing and not think about anything but the thing, but seriously soon I will tell everyone and it will be great. For me anyway for you guys you might be sick of it very quickly but the reason I am dropping this in is one of my favourite blogger friends Kylie is hopefully coming back to the blogging scene with a whole new outlook on blogging and a new direction and I honestly think that I too am going to take the plunge and switch up therealjlow as well!

Now I won’t be ignoring the capsule or clothes because thats always going to be my main love but I do intend to add in a few new sections, pretty much I want to make this blog more of a lifestyle blog. My new tag line will be this, “The Lifestyle you want on the Budget you’ve got” so if that sounds like something you’d like I would love to hear from you! Sections I’ve been interested in including is, Fashion, Capsule Wardrobes, Minimalism, Blogger spotlights, homewear, DIY and topics that just applies to the modern woman really. Also I really want to share more bloggers who I love and think you guys you will love also! Its all very much pipeline stuff but I’m hoping to start mixing everything up uber soon so fingers crossed this will be a really good thing for the blog, feel free to comment below and if you are a blogger get in touch and lets see how we can collab!!

For my normal readers I promise next week, no complaining and lots of capsule thoughts!

The Capsule Wardrobe: Transitioning into Spring

Cardigan: Next, Dress: H&M, Scarf: Monsoon, Belt: Fat Face, Bag: Zara, Boots: c/o Long Tall Sally, Socks: Lidl

As I mentioned on Wednesday I am currently introducing the next capsule, Spring. My favourite item of clothing for spring and summer? The sun dress. I adore the simplicity of pulling on a dress, shoes and get out the door but in the early days of Spring? Well your going to need a bit more cover than that.

Enter knee high socks. Unless paired with tall boots I couldn’t really wear my socks like this but together they make the perfect, warm sense and its a style that I really love. It then allows you to wear your favourite summer dress in the colder months! You can also wear this with tights which adds more warmth but obviously it depends on the look your going for!

How to wear a Croptop: Without washboard abs.

Scarf: A present from Josh Originally from Saudi Arabia but made in India, Dress: H&M (not yet online but in store), Crop Top: H&M (In store: Divided), Pointed Flats: New Look

I am under absolutely no illusions when I say a traditional crop top probably isn’t for me. No one needs to see my stomach, so not cute but is that going to stop me using the trend? No, no its not.

In the outfit above I am wearing a crop top. Living in England, layers are your best friend so using a crop top as a layer seems like the only logical step. The dress and crop top above are both from H&M and this outfit cost a grand total of £11! I was initially looking for a striped crop top to wear under this dress+ for work and play to hide my shoulders and bra straps but I just fell in love with the floral design of the one above. I had also picked up this cute dress and while in the dressing room I randomly layered the two and fell in love.

Josh actually chose the colour of the dress (and I may have picked up the black and the blue for the rest of the summer) My favourite thing about layering the floral crop top is it makes the dress so much more wearable. I can wear it with all three colours of this dress and I also have the striped version of this crop top which means endless ways to customise three very basic dresses. I always think that dresses are really complicated to switch around after all they are sort of a whole outfit in one so mixing them up regularly can become quite challenging so thank god for crop tops that can allow for more options this spring/summer.



Here comes pockets (and swagger. . .)



Jumper: Dorothy Perkins: So old, Dress H&M, Bangles: Monsoon 2013, Bag: Accessorize, Flats: New Look, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: From Josh



Oh pockets how I love thee! In a dress, jeans, skirts . . . give me a pocket and I am one happy woman! I think it comes from women’s clothes all too often not having pockets that when you are lucky enough to snag an item with pockets it’s like Christmas has come! I also love how a casual hand in the pocket can look. In my endless (and so far unfulfilled) search for smart trousers I have loved trousers with a bit of menswear tailoring thrown in. Which I think lends itself to a good heel, hand in pocket and a bit of a swagger because who doesn’t like a little swagger every now and then . . .

*Today is my dad’s birthday! So this post came at a great time since I was racking my brain for pocket references and the only one which kept resurfacing was this one from a Beautiful South song. As a kid in the 90’s I remember listening to so many of the Beautiful South albums in our car trips across the UK so it was a strange coincidence that these lyrics fit when they came from one of my dad’s favourite bands. Although I hope I am nothing like the guy described in the song! Happy Birthday number one dad!

Dark Days and Dark Lips.


Today, I’m sort of in mourning. Although I love Autumn, (with a passion) when the clocks go back I can’t help but feel a little sad. After all this means way less light, getting up in the dark, leaving the office in the dark . . . Its always dark, dark dark.

Never mind though because at least its an excuse to wear my favourite plum lipstick, again. I just hope you don’t all get sick of it too soon!

Also, this dress looks far better in person. I do hate how some things look incredible in real life and terrible in photos, or great in photos but terrible in life . . . I just wish that these photos came out better we took a tonne and got four.

Total success.

Five things.



Cruel and unusual. This is thursday’s/maybe fridays outfit post. But I had planned to take two outfit posts this weekend, but of course life meant that we fell asleep on the couch watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs on Netflix’s. It happens more times than it should thats for sure.


So instead, I figured I’d do a five things post about life lately. To make it up to you. I’d hate for you to stop dropping on by – otherwise poor Josh’ll have to put up with my useless ramblings all on his own! The horror (I can see Josh Shuddering from here!) So . . .

1. I love date night, they are just the highlight of the month.  For this month we enjoyed an amazing new starter dish from Zizzi. It just blew us away we love a good fish dish and this just ticked all the boxes, squid rings, prawns and whitebate, what more could you want? Oh yeah, wine but we had that too so it was perfect . . .

2. I’m braving swimming, alone tomorrow. For the first time. I don’t know when I became so useless at doing things like this on my own. Going running on my own? shopping? driving? Work? meetings with strangers? sure no problem. But going swimming cycling alone? oh god no. The horror. Luckily for me I’m now on mandatory physio approved sports so the having to suck it up and do it thing is helping quite considerably. Which leads me onto . . .

3. I’ve started another round of physiotherapy for my previously broken ankle. I thought it was gonna be great, six sessions maybe and then out? But instead I got told how concerned they were and that I would need to come in every week and have two hours in their gym if possible. On top of that they might still have to put me forward for xrays and possibly surgery. . . .

And believe me my surgical options? Gross. Either Knocking me out and drugging me so they can physically move my ankle for me (hopefully without re fracturing it). Or going in, removing the plates and screws and scraping (Yes, the word scrape was used . . icky, icky, ick.) out all the gross bits and scar tissue. Lovely. Needless to say I’ve upped my approved sports (I got banned from running and hiking) so I’m now doing a lot of cycling, swimming and stretches. I now even brush my teeth standing on one leg just to make sure I don’t have to go through all that again!  

4. I’m finally feeling a bit rested again. For some reason this winter a, stretched on forever and then gave me so many colds and things to do I felt like I barely stopped except to be incredibly unwell or B, have a flare up of IBS or just have a million things to do! 

We went to my parents last? maybe two weeks ago and it was lovely. I got to see all my lovely besties from H-town. Chill with my family and just have a bit of breathing space from the manicness that has been going on these days. Its been wonderful and our weekends have been a bit more chill which has been awesome.

So i’m feeling good, and that is just plain awesome.

5. And finally?

(I know, thank god your thinking) Shopping! This month I’ve only allotted a small amount of fashion money (its car paying month – how is it MOT’s Road Tax and insurance always managed to bunch up all at the same time?) So I actually planned for once! 

I have fallen in love with the Autumn fashion again, it happens every year I just can’t seem to stop myself! But Next is always my starting base I love getting a few basic see you through pieces and its been no different this year. As you’ve seen in the post below.

So this month I thought I’d invest in some flat heeled, knee high boots and their most amazing herringbone leggings! So fun and comfy for once! (I’ve always struggled with trousers without stretch, I’m obviously a strange shape!)

So look forward to seeing those on the blog soon! and the green dress later this week! until then, enjoy the sun! I’ll see you soon!

Yesterdays equivalent of a Hogwarts Letter.



Firstly isn’t my picture quality here great? Yeah, I thought you’d think so. 

Yesterday was one of those magical, just got my Hogwarts letter type of magical when it comes to getting dressed. It all just fell together, the chambray shirt tied over last years riviera sundress, trainer heels and a rain mac? My god it was a good moment and I just had to get a snap before I went to work. I would have waited till I got home but honestly, my face after 11 hours on trains and sitting in front a computer screen? Not pretty, I promise you. 

So instead you get this fab lack of light, misty mirror pictures, classy right?