SS15: What I wore.

Shirt: H&M Mens, 2012, Dress: H&M, Bag: Zara 2014, Heels: Clarks (these are on sale right now!!! £35!!)

As it is officially May I am now only wearing capsule items! ack! Now here is a bit of a classic for me, I have worn this outfit in so many different ways both this year and last and even on the blog!

Adding a chambray shirt is an excellent way to stay cool in the warmer temperatures while switching it up and giving you another way to wear your favourite summer dress!

Speaking of dresses this was my favourite dress of all time last year, I had it in red, navy and black and you may have seen them around the blog a few times (read all the time!) I was slightly disappointed with them this year however since they have upped the price from £7.99 to £12.99. Now for a dress thats still a pretty damn good deal I just wanted to tell you guys so you know before you buy one, that these are shorter than last year and in all honesty I’m not really sure that the quality of cotton is good enough for the price.

However this is still a very good basic for me in the hotter months.