Mom-olog and Decisions

I need a dress. Now when I get that I need feeling I’ve started pulling out my inner mum-olog. You know the one, (and if you don’t – how do you get so lucky?) It’s that inner voice which a, rolls its eyes and says you need a new dress do you? But I finally beat her down this time to a yes I need a dress.

However that did not help me decide which one should I buy. Now, firstly why do I need a dress at all? Well you see every February the 18th is mine and Joshes anniversary. And every year we go back to where we met, London, stay the night in a posh hotel go out and eat Turkish food, get cocktails at browns and go see Greenwich on the Sunday. It’s a tradition now and if there’s a year without it I’m not sure how we would cope.

But anyway I normally buy a new outfit for the dinner (it’s only fair – especially to claim I bought it for him) So I found three I love and I know after having spoken with inner mum-olog that I probably should just save for the fancy Boden dress but then I asked Jess-olog (that’s mumolog’s worst enemy, thanks for asking.) and she was all, “but then you could buy two for the same . . . “But mum-olog told her off so I’m back at square one, which to buy?

So thoughts everyone? Is any of them a keeper?

Number one, pink! from Dorothy Perkins

pink dorothy

Number two, Leopard Print from Next

Leopard Print

Number three, (kinda thinking this one, but saving? the woe.) Boden Polka dots



P.s. don’t judge me if I can manage to throw a new blazer into this party . . .

Raining on my Autumn





Autumn 2013? What Autumn. Its pretty much rained the whole entire time, which makes me sad as its now gotten cold in old blighty. On the plus side my new snood’s can start making appearences!! woo hoo I hear you all cry!

Now I had no intentions with this beauty. I had actually planned to make my own again this year but then, I saw this beauty. Her simple should’ve made it yourself pattern made me think “I could . . . naw . . I’ll take it!” and here she is fluro in winter. who said normal was cool?

Boots: Next (Still Available and in aubergine and brown) Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins (Eden) in Regular Top: H&M Sale (summer) Jacket: Primarni Autumn 2012 Scarf: Accessorize

I was also tempted by this+ and this+



So these are out of order But I figured Friday first, right? After all its got to be the best day first! So my Friday finest had to go from commute to office to dinner and drinks with my two best friends from uni, Becky and Becky – not confusing at all. 

Top: Next circa 2007, Skirt: H&M circa 2012, Shoes: New Look 2013.



Tuesday! Yep I didn’t plan this well.

I’m incredibly lucky that I get to wear jeans in my office and Tuesday was a I wish I could be wearing pj’s day.

Tee Shirt: H&M circa2009? Jeans: Dorothy Perkins circa 2006? (sort of scary those dates here) Shoes: New Looks (where else!)


 A Day of H&M. Need I say more?


Monday was a dress day. This simple dress is from Dorothy Perkins its got a fab shape and it didn’t break the bank only problem is I am a tiny bit too tall, alas .  . .

Dress: DP, Belt (not a clue), Necklace Accessorize



Sparkle boots Wednesday! 

Top: New Look circa 2012, Jeans Dorothy Perkins,Necklace Freedom for Topshop, Boots: Newlook.

So this week was an odd dressing week. I’m really not sure whats been going on with my once getting better dress sense! Ok, thats a lie I know what happened, have I told you what I do for a living? So, I started off as a admin assistant (who hasn’t? – uni, it sets you up to start in admin) However I got lucky with mine. In that now I get to make flyers and marketing things which means I get to go back to my secondary school roots of making graphics for a week and a bit every month. 

However as with when I was at school if I had one great creative outlet all others fell by the wayside. Well I hate to brag but the graphics are looking pretty damn awesome right now! So apparently my ability to dress well has gone a little off kilter of late. However this time around I reckon I can balance the two I used to manage it so how hard can it be?

For now however get ready for some questions like “Why is it I have a wardrobe full of clothes and absolutely nothing to wear?” Lets just pray that this passes quickly cause i’m not sure my bank could handle another wardrobe overhaul. 

So above are the run down of this weeks outfits. I would have worn them to show you but I’m having a no make up weekend and the acne at the moment is pretty terrifying. In fact Josh has run screaming from me only a handful of times this weekend. Then again I might’ve also been purposely hiding around corners crying out boo when he came near but thats only a maybe.