Points for uniformed dressing . . .


In the last two weeks I left my car unlocked. Not a big deal I hear from you, but it is, when you own a 2006 Honda Civic. Why am I telling you this? Because not only have I killed our formally perfect car but also, my dress sense.

Of course the fact that I also have to make my fashion decisions at six in the morning probably doesn’t help matters. So for pretty much the last two weeks I have worn my clothes almost like an eighties kid wore a mullet. Serious in the front, party in the back.

To try and save myself from yet another impending clown outfit I did what any self-respecting girl would do in an emergency, I reverted back to my old style ‘uniform’. A classic combination of a blazer and jeans and the best fitting t-shirts in my closet I felt as if I was at least semi armed to attack the rest of the week but if there was something I never fully considered it was the shoes.

I have been trying to be more sensible with my footwear choices. More support, more flats and better quality, again this should never have affected two weeks of dressing the way it did. Only my weather and sensible shoe confusion led me down a path lined with so many bad decisions (hello knock of vans with cropped boyfriend jeans) that I’d rather not count or admit to them.

But these two weeks did teach me something about my current style and that’s, a, sometimes you need a uniform. A look you can pull together with multiple items and still know that it’ll make you look fabulous and secondly girl work out your shoe situation and make the ‘good’ shoes more easily visible at six in the morning. Your eye sight really isn’t as good as it used to be.

Now comes the tough part of course, working out what my best uniform could be . . .