I go back to Chambray

I go back to Chambray

I go back to Chambray 2

I go back to Chambray 3
I go back to Chambray

Amy Winehouse went back to black while myself? I go back to Chambray. Its one of those things that I can leave for a couple of weeks – or maybe a month without thinking about and then bam! Its like I have to wear it all the time!

This weekend was no exception, I first wore it with my blue dress on Friday and Friday evening to our friend Paul’s house for dinner and card games and then again on Sunday with leggings and walking boots on a trip to the pub in the late afternoon!

Now its all I want to wear again, paired with jeans, pencil skirts it almost makes me wish it was winter again so I could endlessly pair it with jumpers and boots. Almost that is.