Fall Capsule: Outfit 4: Little Red Riding hood style.

Red Dress: H&M Basics, in store, Red belt: Next, 2009, Red heels, Clarks January 2014 Sale, Burgundy Bag: Accessorize, White Blazer: Topshop 2012?

If little red riding hood grew up, I think she’d wear this number to her Birthday dinner. Swap out the red cape (because obviously the blue nordic number of last week is so much more ‘in’) and put in a great pair of red heels and I think she would feel right at home at the party.

The amount of red going on in this outfit was actually unintentional. I’d first planned to finally introduce you all to the waterfall coat but lets be honest, it is still too warm for full on winter wear and why should I wish away the good weather when we have so many months of cold to come? Instead, I switched that out for the white Topshop blazer and at the last minute belted the dress with a red belt from back in 2009. Although the tones of red all slightly differ, I still feel like they go together enough to be passable. Then by adding a hint of more Autumnal Burgundy I felt that this outfit was just perfect for a fancy dinner out with my fiancée.

p.s. Second day curls? So not cute. This’ll teach me for waiting until it was too late to get ready and having to take the outfit photo the next day!