On ya bike!





You didn’t think I would really leave you without giving you another embarrassing post of me and my new bike right?

See its that time again when I go back to exercise. I have to be honest I haven’t done much since November it’s terrible. So with the weather hopefully beginning to look up again here comes exercise!

New Balance trainers, lidl leggings, h&m basic tops, Giant revel 4 for me and a Cube for the boy  . . .

Epic Fails all round.


See Post . . . “. . . Like Father”

I have no new pictures. How silly is that? I don’t mean I never took them, because I did but I forgot to upload them. Who does that? A tired girl petrified at the thought of more tube strikes thats who. So heres a little bitty about life recently until later when I can get you the goods I mean, photos.

Lesson 1: How not to fall off your bike, Aka; Read the Instructions.

“I have a plaster on my knee. (And a bruise. Whats one without the other?) and now everytime I see it I remember one important thing, every 23 year old should probably already know. Lesson 1; when getting your newly delivered bycycle read the instructions first.

I didn’t read the instructions. So my new bike and I came to not so much of a screaming hault but more of a slow-mo fall to the ground sideways. It was classy, especially with all the local smokers staring at me. Number two? I probably shouldn’t have done it in sparkle boots either but I like to live on the edge. 
Luckily Josh made me feel better, fed me chicken dippers, and gave me a plaster. I already felt like a six year old whats one more thing?”
Stay tuned folks – I promise to post photos soon.

Puddle Of Mud



Although the title may suggest it, I’m afraid to say that I didn’t unfortunately meet the classic 90’s band today! I did however meet a lot of mud and because of that I’m so thankful that these photos were taken at the beginning of the day!

This top is one of those tops that in real life seems to be worn every week but never quite gets it onto the blog. So today I thought all thats going to change! Its the perfect cover up for getting lunch on a cycle day and therefore here it is!

Thankfully however I took the top of before I fell sideways into a muddy puddle, i’d like to go, “I jest, I didn’t really fall in puddle” but alas, that would be lying. 

stylin’ . . .



This really doesn’t show the true extent of the puddle I found myself in. I did one of those great slow motion thought processes of I’m going down. As I stood still and fell sideways. Opps. Then we got a flat and ended up having to catch a train home, semi successful?




Sport? Exercise? ack!



I have to warn you. I might start talking about exercise and sport. I know. I’m still pretty horrified about the whole ordeal. But I’ve found running away from yourself is harder than it looks. I mean, my feet keep following me and they are wearing running shoes.

And as if that wasn’t enough? Thats real mud on my legs up there folks! and even worse i’m loving it, every muddy minute of it.

So get ready for it! Welcome to the real, realjlow. Mud, running, injuries, ibs and all. And fashion – I honestly couldn’t live without it.