Housekeeping . . .

I have hit somewhat of a milestone. I’ve almost used all my storage here on WordPress! Because of this I am learning the complicated world of embedding images so firstly my sizing may be out of whack for a while or there might be some images missing. If they are missing please do drop me a comment so I can rectify it. I am intending to go back through the blogs archives to replace images with externally hosted ones so past posts may be a little messy for a short while . . .

As far as this outfit is concerned I wear this far more often than I’d care to admit. I bought this top back in the last Next sale unfortunantely just as the weather turned so although I don’t really need long sleeves every evening when me and the boy go out for a walk it comes in handy! I also love how long it is and think it will be great for cycling next year in the winter. Paired with Ponte leggings and boots it was great this Saturday for a trip into town for a joint eye test because we’re cute like that.


Worst nightmare.



Lets be honest here folks. I think this dress has been secretly (and sneakily I may add) been getting shorter over the last year. I am pretty sure that when I bought it it was a tiny bit longer and that makes me sad because I love this damn dress. and to a slightly lesser degree its yellow counter part. In fact I kick myself for not getting it in black as well!

See its one of those dresses, always cute, always summery, loves me on my fat days and my skinny days alike looks good with flats and with heels. I just . . . what will I do without it? For a £15 H&M dress its gotten more wears than most in my closet, bar perhaps my Zara jeans. Guess that gives me an excuse to buy a new summer dress right?

So tomorrow is the beginning of our little Easter break! Me and the bear (Josh) are really looking forward to some down time. Which of course includes a house clean (the lazy girl in me made me spray down the en suite the other day while I was in the shower. That probably make me all kinds of strange and wrong. But a lazy girl’s gotta do her cleaning when she can be bothered!) probably a trip to Rochester to grab a coffee and walk up and down the street, throw in a bicycle ride and a BBQ with friends and we have one great weekend planned!



Hot mess.





Hot mess thursday.

Today has been one of those days. The one where I wanted to wear my slouchy bf jeans but couldnt find a decent top so I ended up wearing this monstrosity.


I can’t show you more, its too terrible. Yes I rolled up my old skinny jeans overcowgirl boots . . .

The above is a sensible outtake from the weekend. If I’d have had any sense this morning I would have reworn this. But I dont actually know where these jeggings are right now.

See thats the problem you get when you’ve worn nice outfits all week then have somewhere to go and forget how to dress yourself!

It also happens when your clothes no longer live on their hangers but instead are piled in a need to be washed pile on the floor!

But thats a story for another time . . .

Happy hot mess thursday!!

In Which I realise you can’t escape fate. Or family. Well, unless you run really fast, but even then . . .






I am obsessed. I realised it when I stopped looking at clothing and paid more attention to the fact that we had an entirely too large collection of clear pint glasses. I then decided I needed more coloured glass and that I should probably replace those chipped plates we bought me for uni four years ago.

You know what I’ve realised? I am my mothers daughter.

I kept thinking as a child that I could escape it, but to be honest its just highly unlikely that I will. I am part her after all – who was I kidding to think that I could escape a family that have been in house furnishings for 80 something years that I somehow wouldn’t love furniture and everything else home related? It just wasn’t going to happen.

So recently you may ask I have become pretty single minded after all there is an amazing range of chopping boards we love, glasses from habitat to buy a lamp from asda whose shade I have make over plans for, New bed covers, the cutest kettle in kitchen aid cream that would match its blue counter part toaster we haven’t bought yet . . . the list goes on.

I blame Uni – why? well I have got to be honest I got used to the moving every year. I loved having an entirely new space each year. it was great to make your life over and now for the first time in a long time we are actually staying in one place and me? I’m thinking about painting. Walls, furniture (joshes pine bed has sanding, sealing and painting in its future – it just doesn’t know it yet . . .) and so many other things if i listed them we’d be here for days!

Really though I’d like a house I could paint. I’ve got colours on the brain and a future study to create so whose going to foot the bill? Anyone?