Fashion & Capsule Wardrobes | The transitional wardrobe


Henley T in red, Grey cold shoulder T, Yellow Owl T, Yellow Patterned T, Cobalt lace skirt, Striped Dress

Fashion & Capsule Wardrobes | The transitional wardrobe

Something, which I struggle with, is transitioning wardrobes. I don’t mean straight up summer to autumn or autumn or winter but more particularly the time between December and May. Partially I blame the high amount of celebrations between summer and Christmas but also I lament the lack of colour.

I think the world of high street fashion has truly embraced this idea of a capsule wardrobe and with that embraced the power of classic basics. It feels like we are all searching for those ultimate classics but with that comes the lack of out there fun and colour.

Not only am I missing fun but with the colder parts of winter to come I now feel the need to re introduce some much needed colour to keep the spirits up.

Now as I don’t wish to break the bank with transitional pieces I have done a quick run through of new items at H&M to show how to introduce some transitional colour into a more simplistic wardrobe. Also stay tuned as I am already planning spring colours! Say hello to orange, red and coral!

What I wore: When all else fails . . .


Striped Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Alternative, Chambray Shirt: H&M mens, Grey Shirt: H&M, Red Heels: New Look

DSC_0346 DSC_0347


Get ready for a whole host of grammatical and written errors. The crux of this matter is I hurt my hand. I was washing up (always dangerous on a Sunday – or you know, any day) and the glass I was cleaning broke and without knowing it attempted to remove my knuckle. I was mostly unsuccessful but now I’m sitting here with a hand full of bandages and not allowed to use my hand. One handed typing and texting – not my thing, it seems.

Anyhoo, it just means that instead of beautifully written blogs posts. (I hear you laughing – I raise you one injury!) you get a week of post injury photos and little words, well hear goes . . . What I wear when all else fails.

Bring on the mint!


Blazer: F21 (2012) Same shape/blazer in colbolt (you can’t go wrong!), Mint Tee, Dorothy Perkins (2011) Similar , Zara BF Jeans 2013 Similar (I love zara jeans for comfort price and fit! well suggested!), Pixie Flats Next 2013 Similar in Raspberry, Mint Bag Accessorize Necklace, thrifted.



Who knew that back in University I would pick up this gem of a shirt without realising that mint was going to be such a big deal in a couple of years? Well as luck would have it I did! I loved it then and I certainly love it now as well I mean mint and polka dots all in one? That is the style bloggers dream! It has also kept itself quite well over the years so its still wearable, remixable and loved now as well as back then! In fact even Josh loves it!

Now I must tell you I didn’t plan for a weeks worth of Mint posts but apparently its like my new favourite colour. Who’d’ve guessed right? Also these jeans make me so happy! They are so relaxed and soft that I could literally sleep in them they are that good! So the fact that spring/summer is on its way is very welcomed just so I can wear these jeans all the time!

p.s What are our thoughts on these shirts? I just wanna live in one of these on weekends with leggings! Thoughts?

Primary Colours



Cardigan: Next Similar, Top: George, Asda, Alternative Jeans: Dorothy Perkins Similar, Scarf: Accessorize, Bag: Accessorize Similar, Boots: New Look Similar



If I was Jessica Day and/or was a primary school teacher it would be this outfit that I would wear. I love bright colours and although I really want to indulge in some great pastels, my small budget was not allowing me this month so instead I have gone old school blogger. That means I remixed old clothes into a new outfit. Almost unheard of I know!

P.S. excuse the blurryness. It took hours to get that effect. I joke, the windy/rainey weather was not playing ball in letting me take good photos. Also its Valentines day and I forgot to wear pink again . . . oh . . . me. 

Less Cute.



Jumper: Next Scarf: Accessorize (Sale) Chambray Shirt: H&M (Mens) Belt: Next (old) Bag: Accessorize (sale) Black Skirt: H&M (Old) Leggings: H&M Basics, Boots: New Look (Old)



I try to keep the backgrounds of these images different. Cause honestly who wants to look at the same blank wall every week? But the weather has been conspiring against us. Our town flooded over Christmas and has since then left our park half flooded and taken with it some of our favourite photog places. Add constant rain, wind and bad weather all round has meant a lot of walls and inside shots so I apologise.

So todays post is less cute. There were less cute pictures than these believe me.

London Days and Nights



Stole: Vintage, Dress H&M (Old) Alternative Belt: Next (old) Alternative, Bag: Primarni (Old) Alternative Fossil Bag of gorgeousness!!, Trainer Wedges New look (Old) Alternatives




If theres one thing I love about February its that firstly its not January (*shudder*) and secondly that it marks another year that Josh has put up with me. This years marking the big 4-, well 4. But I think thats pretty impressive to be honest. Living with me . . .

As I have mentioned before here+ February also marks our date weekend! Because of this pretty much all our thoughts are tied up in when we’re going, what we’re going to get to eat from Greenwich Market or see The Science Museum or getting Turkish from Efes Meze on Trafalgar Road in the evening . . . Its just one of our favourite times of year and we like to think, the most magical!

Fingers crossed that we can also get some great outfit shots in the campus of my Alma Mater as well!!


You-ey-tube. Thats cool right?



Black Cardigan: (Was Dorothy Perkins) Similar, Black three quarter length Tee: H&M Basics, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Sale (InStore) Similar black leather, Similar Camel, Shoes: New Look (Sale, In Store) The ones I really wanted Bracelets: India (any good sari shop?!? Ebay!) Rings: Primark Stacking Rings (2013) Cute Stackables






“you-ey-tube” Thats a thing right?”

Its not even Monday and I am making up words! But I am pretty sure that this word is a keeper however, I mean you-ey-tube it just makes it seem that much cooler right? No? Well ok then, must just be me.

Now if you follow me on Instagram you may know that this morning (my morning, UK time) That I posted the now popular hashtag #100dayshappy (thats happy, not shappy everytime I re-read this I think of Shappi Khorsandi and this just isn’t the same), yep I joined. I’m not sure how I feel about it, yes I love the concept and I photograph enough anyway but arn’t my Insta-followers gonna get sick of a picture proclaiming happiness everyday? I get the feeling that they will, and I will, so i’m gonna have a go see how it goes and all that . . .

For now however I’m up for the challenge! So whose with me?

p.s  do stay tuned cause I have been working on a little piece about India that I originally emailed my family on christmas day!

21 Questions (ok, only 8 . . .)

DSC_0454DSC_0442 - Version 2DSC_0455CSC_0443DSC_0465

Scarf: India (I think its actually part of a Sari . . .)

Tee: H&M

Belt: H&M (Old) similar

Pink Bag: Jules (UK) 

Jeans: Zara (Old) similar

Those shoes . . .: Clarks (In stores) similar <- totally want these also! 

Firstly, red dorothy shoes? My one sale indulgence – look at them, they are just . . . ahhh I can’t get enough of these beauties! its true.

Now, I saw this little post on Lauren and though, oh my god! So cute so here goes my questions for 2014!

I want to wear more . . .

Patterns and Colours! (and girlie things!)

A Food I want to eat more of . . .

Broccoli, kale and garlic – you need your iron, your fun healthy chip recipes and immunity these days!

I’d like to spend more time doing . . .

Exercising, date nights with Joshey and seeing my friends and family!

A class I’d like to take . . .

In equal measure I’d really love to do either a sewing course or a photography course.

A project I’d like to finish . . .

Not quite a project, but we’ve been discussing getting our damaged wing mirror replaced for like, ever (We didn’t break it – we bought it that way, classy kids I know) and it could really do with just being done already! oh and that damaged door . . . but Im not going to get to far ahead of myself . . .

I’m going to work harder to . . .

Not stress so much (and bring it home) and also, actually keep up my ankle exercises!

A destination I’d like to visit . . .

With Joshes parents in India for the next couple of years there are so many areas there that I’d love to visit, Mumbai, Goa, Agra (hello Taj Mahal! But i’d also like to get some Europe in I haven’t been in over a year, even if its just a cheap over night in Paris I really want to get some more Europe under my belt soon!

A bad Habit I’m going to break . . .

Not wearing my glasses to read on the train (I’m meant to wear them all the time infact . . . opps . . .)

Sunshine and Coloured Jeans


Scarf: Greece circa 2005, Black and White Stripe T-shirt: TU Sainsbury, Beads: John Lewis Circa 2007, Turquoise Jeans: Primark, Suadette Heels: New Look.

Attention all tall girls!

I found mecca this Saturday. Now, in all honesty I’m not sure if I should share Mecca, but i’m so excited and I think it’ll be even better if I share my joy with the rest of the w. . . UK?

One word, tall girls, Primark. Now I hear you scoff (or maybe you already know and are like – how did you not know this?) But Primark, one of my favorite cheap quick fix stores, is currently selling long length jeans. To tell you how long, I mean long enough that they bunch at my ankles, better still? I bought two pairs of coloured jeans for only £7.90 each, bargain. I’m so excited! I’m only sad that I couldn’t get the lilac and purple ones I wanted but that doesn’t mean I won’t pop back next weekend to see if they have the lilac ones in yet.

They fit good and they are cheap, perfect to get you in the mood for spring! and even better? It was sunny today and we had Mediterranean food.

Sounds like a good sunday to me!

Instagram and other photo moments this week . . .




So firstly, i thought my laptop was going to let me steal my own instagram photos but alas, it was not to be. But most importantly I have the heaviest tripod in the world, but I already love it, as it was my grandfathers, and i think me and the boy are gonna find this to be an incredibly important took in our arsenal. 

Secondly this week I was determined to add colour in my wardrobe – I managed a pink day, a green and blue day, a purple day, a kardashian white day and today I had a leggings and aztec day. Converse at work? yes please!

More excitingly and importantly, this weekend me and the boy are off to the big city for a little Jess/Josh getaway for our third anniversary – its just crazy how quick the time goes. and although its just a night away from our own home it feels like a little mini holiday so of course that means a meal out and my faux fur stole because honestly when you make the effort to leave ur house you might as well go out in style!

Weekend Wear



It was a bright kind of day, one which I was going to properly document, but I had bad hair and my skin just wasn’t looking good . . . you know one of those days.

But it was a good day because I am finally wearing colour again! I’ve recently been going through my wardrobe to really weed out the bad pieces from the good. Its been a part of my 2013 resolutions which i’ll tell you about in an upcoming post.

For 2013 its all about the statement pieces and the classics. So with that in mind im bringing the colour back. It’ll just be interesting find the ones that suit and the ones that certainly don’t!

and yes, I did wear ear muffs and a pom pom scarf today – cause im whimsical like that.

The Case of The Demonic Child And A Colour Explosion.


DSC_0025 CSC_0162 CSC_0158 CSC_0163 DSC_0019 CSC_0156 DSC_0011 DSC_0009 DSC_0006

So two things happened today. A, my wardrobe spat this outfit at me after I loudly complained about my wardrobes lack of colours and patterns. I swear I once had an awesome fun and bright wardrobe and now it takes a couple of hours to even find a colourful outfit to put on!

Secondly we met a demon child today while we shot this at the park. I could already tell that she was gonna be odd before she had her demonic possession  I dont joke, she literally stared me down as we shot this and then screamed (Q, creepy demonic voice) “Help! Help!” until her father moved her bike. But it freaked me out, other peoples children *shudder*

So maybe theres a reason I only wear dark colours, so the demons can’t get me . . .