Between Capsule Wardrobes | Colour Matching casual

The Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, The Sweater: Long Tall Sally, The Jeans and T-shirt: Zara, the Shoes: Clarks

Can you even believe its September? Already? I certainly can’t! Who saw that creep up on us? Regardless if you are doing a three month capsule wardrobe you might find yourself doing one of two things. Either you are super organised and so enthused for fall that you’ve already started, straight off the bat, you go glen coco! Or like me you’ve take a few days to either stare at your whole wardrobe and wonder, who are you and where did you come from? Or think like a girl in a candy store, what can I wear next?!?!

Either way I think there is always a slight bit of trepidation into a new capsule or when your having some time off to recoup after all the games changed what do you wear? My key to either way of thinking is going back to something simplistic and what is more simplistic than a good old colour match? As you may know from last Winters Capsule I love navy with a passion and I am pretty sure that my autumn and winter capsules this year will also feature plenty of this versatile colour!

Here I kept it simple by putting my favourite jeans together with a navy t-shirt and my favourite Eiffel tower sweater from last year. I actually tend to take this approach a lot mid capsule since this seems to be the time where I am thoroughly confused with both my purpose and my clothes. Other colours I love to wear together is all black for going to work with a bold accessory and maybe and even bolder coat or mixing reds and burgundy’s for a fun twist on basic colour matching. An excellent book I read a month or so ago is actually an interiors book by Abigail Ahearn but in it shes talks all about colour (It is after all called, colour) and here she states don’t be afraid of colour layer the same colour and make a luxurious feel! and really, isn’t that what we are all looking for?