Fashion | The little peplum tank that could

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Bomber Jacket: Next, Peplum tank: New Look, Jeans: New Look, Red Lace up flats: New Look

I have to keep reminding myself when I buy something new that it needs to be a little more different than just another basic. A black tank is cool, but a peplum tank is better.

I always find myself admiring other women rocking trends and having their wardrobe change. Its not in fact that they have an unlimited budget but that they allow space for more statements and trends then basics. I’m addicted to buy a great basic T but I know i need to invest more in things to be excited by after all jeans and a T shirt are simply just Jeans and a T Shirt but adding a peplum makes it even better.

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New Season, New Blogger

A new season arrives

First of all, may I begin by thanking Jess for allowing me to post in her blog. I only hope that you all enjoy what my blog has to offer.

So to introduce myself, my name is Jo and I am a 27 year old Legal Secretary from Kent, UK. I am married and enjoy shopping, reading and crafts. I, like Jess, am very interested in fashion as well as photography. Today, I will cover fashion.

So in the UK our weather is not known to be hot and sunny very often. However recently spring seems to have sprung and we have actually had some warm spring days. This particular Sunday was one such day of which Jess and I took the opportunity to do a little shoot.

We are very lucky to live near some stunning locations, this particular shoot being done in Mote Park. We took advantage of the parks big lake and woodland trails to get some great shots!

joey1 joey2 joey3 joey4

My outfit consists of the following:

Skirt – New Look Shirt – Select Cardigan – T K Maxx Bag – Primark Shoes – Primark

If any of you wish to contact me I am available through Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Alternatively feel free to write a comment on my blog.

All the best x

Tough Love and Cut Backs

DSC_0208DSC_0210DSC_0242 DSC_0207

I’m having to be careful because I can feel myself slipping again. Slipping back into those bad buying habit shoes. So for the rest of the month it has been re-decided that I need to teach myself some tough love and clamp down on spending again and maybe into next month as well. It happens gradually and I have begun to see where the problems lie in momentary purchases . . .

As a perpetual shopper I have learnt increasingly bad habits over the years since leaving the little town of Hitchin (where clothes shops were short on numbers) going from that to London full time meant that having hundreds of shops at my disposal more than nine hours a day meant that my shopping went up, my cash went down and my style with it! But you knew that!

What perhaps you didn’t know is that I do still feel pressure to bring out new items here on the therealjlow, which is silly really when I set out with the idea that this would be “the real jlow” not the girl who constantly shops because for most people that just isn’t a viable options and really I don’t think it should be. After a year of this blog I decided to try focusing more on quality over quantity and doing more with less so as I caught myself this morning I realised I need to look more in my closet rather than online and in other peoples so from here on out this month (and maybe next) no more new and far more remixed! I’ve also realised that if I have ten minutes I buy more and buy with less thought yet when I go out with several hours a whole afternoon I am far more sensible and hold on to more of my cash. So I’m cutting the spending and upping the time when I do go!

So here goes . . . it’s those blasted pink jeans again!

Bring on the mint!


Blazer: F21 (2012) Same shape/blazer in colbolt (you can’t go wrong!), Mint Tee, Dorothy Perkins (2011) Similar , Zara BF Jeans 2013 Similar (I love zara jeans for comfort price and fit! well suggested!), Pixie Flats Next 2013 Similar in Raspberry, Mint Bag Accessorize Necklace, thrifted.



Who knew that back in University I would pick up this gem of a shirt without realising that mint was going to be such a big deal in a couple of years? Well as luck would have it I did! I loved it then and I certainly love it now as well I mean mint and polka dots all in one? That is the style bloggers dream! It has also kept itself quite well over the years so its still wearable, remixable and loved now as well as back then! In fact even Josh loves it!

Now I must tell you I didn’t plan for a weeks worth of Mint posts but apparently its like my new favourite colour. Who’d’ve guessed right? Also these jeans make me so happy! They are so relaxed and soft that I could literally sleep in them they are that good! So the fact that spring/summer is on its way is very welcomed just so I can wear these jeans all the time!

p.s What are our thoughts on these shirts? I just wanna live in one of these on weekends with leggings! Thoughts?

Not so mellow yellow



Jumper: Gap (sale – my favourite word), Black Pencil Skirt: H&M (old as time but I know stores like Dorothy Perkins do these kinda things!) Black bag: Primark (my 2nd) Yellow Flats: New Look

DSC_0245 DSC_0221 DSC_0219


I’m on a mission. A colour mission. I may have  mentioned this before but back in university my wardrobe considered off four colours, black, white, red and navy. Don’t get me wrong this made dressing pretty easy and let me be pretty put together at all times, but you know what else? It was incredibly boring. Yep you heard that right, dressing, boring? so incredibly boring.

So as I do I set out on a mission to not only focus on better quality (less cheap bulk buys – le sigh) but to also make sure that each piece can both fit in with my wardrobe and be well loved and remixed but to also be at the same time completely different!

I am really trying to not only inject some much needed colour but to also add patterns and interest and I hope with paying that little bit more that I will also get some more textures and often its the little fancy extras on a piece of clothing (like a little bit of velvet covering the seems) that just adds to that wow I feel good factor! and who doesn’t want that?

This is not a post.

DSC_0389 - Version 2

Today I am directing you to another blog. I stumbled upon Emma purely by accident on a lazy afternoon when I was determined to find some actual tall girl blogs. Luckily for me, I found Emma. Her blog 5 foot 10 literally made me cry out Mecca! Dedicated to not only her own tall style but others like her this is the go to place to find inspiration for you longer legged beauties!

So when Emma asked me to take part in her new weekly feature “Tall Talk Tuesday” I literally jumped at the chance! (and hit my head – tall girl problems hey?). To read more click here+ to read the article and be sure to like her blog! After all with a blogger heights wall dedicated to telling you the height of your favourite bloggers you really can’t go wrong!

Primary Colours



Cardigan: Next Similar, Top: George, Asda, Alternative Jeans: Dorothy Perkins Similar, Scarf: Accessorize, Bag: Accessorize Similar, Boots: New Look Similar



If I was Jessica Day and/or was a primary school teacher it would be this outfit that I would wear. I love bright colours and although I really want to indulge in some great pastels, my small budget was not allowing me this month so instead I have gone old school blogger. That means I remixed old clothes into a new outfit. Almost unheard of I know!

P.S. excuse the blurryness. It took hours to get that effect. I joke, the windy/rainey weather was not playing ball in letting me take good photos. Also its Valentines day and I forgot to wear pink again . . . oh . . . me. 

Less Cute.



Jumper: Next Scarf: Accessorize (Sale) Chambray Shirt: H&M (Mens) Belt: Next (old) Bag: Accessorize (sale) Black Skirt: H&M (Old) Leggings: H&M Basics, Boots: New Look (Old)



I try to keep the backgrounds of these images different. Cause honestly who wants to look at the same blank wall every week? But the weather has been conspiring against us. Our town flooded over Christmas and has since then left our park half flooded and taken with it some of our favourite photog places. Add constant rain, wind and bad weather all round has meant a lot of walls and inside shots so I apologise.

So todays post is less cute. There were less cute pictures than these believe me.

London Days and Nights



Stole: Vintage, Dress H&M (Old) Alternative Belt: Next (old) Alternative, Bag: Primarni (Old) Alternative Fossil Bag of gorgeousness!!, Trainer Wedges New look (Old) Alternatives




If theres one thing I love about February its that firstly its not January (*shudder*) and secondly that it marks another year that Josh has put up with me. This years marking the big 4-, well 4. But I think thats pretty impressive to be honest. Living with me . . .

As I have mentioned before here+ February also marks our date weekend! Because of this pretty much all our thoughts are tied up in when we’re going, what we’re going to get to eat from Greenwich Market or see The Science Museum or getting Turkish from Efes Meze on Trafalgar Road in the evening . . . Its just one of our favourite times of year and we like to think, the most magical!

Fingers crossed that we can also get some great outfit shots in the campus of my Alma Mater as well!!


You-ey-tube. Thats cool right?



Black Cardigan: (Was Dorothy Perkins) Similar, Black three quarter length Tee: H&M Basics, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Sale (InStore) Similar black leather, Similar Camel, Shoes: New Look (Sale, In Store) The ones I really wanted Bracelets: India (any good sari shop?!? Ebay!) Rings: Primark Stacking Rings (2013) Cute Stackables






“you-ey-tube” Thats a thing right?”

Its not even Monday and I am making up words! But I am pretty sure that this word is a keeper however, I mean you-ey-tube it just makes it seem that much cooler right? No? Well ok then, must just be me.

Now if you follow me on Instagram you may know that this morning (my morning, UK time) That I posted the now popular hashtag #100dayshappy (thats happy, not shappy everytime I re-read this I think of Shappi Khorsandi and this just isn’t the same), yep I joined. I’m not sure how I feel about it, yes I love the concept and I photograph enough anyway but arn’t my Insta-followers gonna get sick of a picture proclaiming happiness everyday? I get the feeling that they will, and I will, so i’m gonna have a go see how it goes and all that . . .

For now however I’m up for the challenge! So whose with me?

p.s  do stay tuned cause I have been working on a little piece about India that I originally emailed my family on christmas day!

Just Jeans, Tee and a Jacket



Scarf: FatFace (old) Similar Jacket: H&M (Sale) Similar White Top: H&M Basics Watch: Michael Kors (These have actually been around for a while my gorgeous boyfriend Josh bought this for me for christmas a couple of christmas’s a go and its still a keeper!), Jeans: Dorothy Perkins Also available in Tall – these are in Regular and I am 5ft 11′ Heels: Clarks (instore) Same but in Black and not available in size 9! which is annoying cause I love them!




Ring: Jules In Hitchin a while back . . . Bag: Primark (£6? This is my second the first died after getting trapped in the tubes doors after a concert, haha)









DSC_0394 - Version 2DSC_0366


So one of my resolutions this year was to buy less but buy more quality. So really should I have been in H&M? Probably not. But then I saw this jacket and I have got to be honest I had had my eye on it for some time before but had always said no, it was probably only around £25 but being both busty and tall I also knew it might not be the best investment. But then when I saw it reduced to £15 I thought, ok Jess just try it on. So I did and Josh liked it, I liked it. and there you have it! The most boring story about a jacket you have ever had the misfortune to read.

What can I say? Perhaps I have the Thursday drain . . .

21 Questions (ok, only 8 . . .)

DSC_0454DSC_0442 - Version 2DSC_0455CSC_0443DSC_0465

Scarf: India (I think its actually part of a Sari . . .)

Tee: H&M

Belt: H&M (Old) similar

Pink Bag: Jules (UK) 

Jeans: Zara (Old) similar

Those shoes . . .: Clarks (In stores) similar <- totally want these also! 

Firstly, red dorothy shoes? My one sale indulgence – look at them, they are just . . . ahhh I can’t get enough of these beauties! its true.

Now, I saw this little post on Lauren and though, oh my god! So cute so here goes my questions for 2014!

I want to wear more . . .

Patterns and Colours! (and girlie things!)

A Food I want to eat more of . . .

Broccoli, kale and garlic – you need your iron, your fun healthy chip recipes and immunity these days!

I’d like to spend more time doing . . .

Exercising, date nights with Joshey and seeing my friends and family!

A class I’d like to take . . .

In equal measure I’d really love to do either a sewing course or a photography course.

A project I’d like to finish . . .

Not quite a project, but we’ve been discussing getting our damaged wing mirror replaced for like, ever (We didn’t break it – we bought it that way, classy kids I know) and it could really do with just being done already! oh and that damaged door . . . but Im not going to get to far ahead of myself . . .

I’m going to work harder to . . .

Not stress so much (and bring it home) and also, actually keep up my ankle exercises!

A destination I’d like to visit . . .

With Joshes parents in India for the next couple of years there are so many areas there that I’d love to visit, Mumbai, Goa, Agra (hello Taj Mahal! But i’d also like to get some Europe in I haven’t been in over a year, even if its just a cheap over night in Paris I really want to get some more Europe under my belt soon!

A bad Habit I’m going to break . . .

Not wearing my glasses to read on the train (I’m meant to wear them all the time infact . . . opps . . .)