Mid Capsule Colour block.

Hat: Primark, Sunglasses: Primark, Grey and White Blanket scarf: Zara, Chambray Shirt: H&M, Pink Blazer: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Clarks, Bag: Accessorize.

If you can’t be dorky when doing shoe shots when can you right? Also I bought new shoes. Don’t judge me. Please?

Colour block

I have colour block. Colour block is somewhat similar to the mostly unknown problem of having, writer’s block. This basically means that I am bored of every single colour in my wardrobe.

It is funny timing since last time I did the capsule wardrobe I got mid way in and got bored of my lack of colour!

So this time it wasn’t my lack of colour but rather the repetition of my key colours, pale pink, purple, navy and a hint of limey yellow. Now however, they are driving me up the wall. Similarly to having chosen a wardrobe of just jeans and T-shirts variety I feel is certainly the spice of life and wearing the same colours in different shapes over and over again? Well, its wearing thin.

Building on colours

Realising this it is no wonder that many capsule wardrobe bloggers stick to the neutral pallets. After all this is often easier to design and secondly easier to wear for three months and not feel like every outfit is the same, simply because the colour palette is.

Moving forward I am thinking of adding more diversity to my colours. Rather than just sticking to navy I want to add more variations to my wardrobe. This colour palette+ (found on Pinterest) from Pantone for fashion colours is a great place to start. So for Navy for instance I can still keep my navy T-shirt but also add in some Aquamarine, Scuba blue, dusk and classic.

I love every single one of these colours in all honesty and I actually really want to work every one into my spring/summer capsule. Tree top for instance will work great as a pair of cargo trousers while lavender herb is going to be perfect for basic tops and light cardigans. I am excited to pull grey forward but also looking forward to including more taupe colours such as sand stone and toasted almond.

The biggest take away I can give to anyone starting a capsule or thinking about adding colour its this, don’t be afraid to mix things up. I originally loved my palette of navy, purple and pink but reality is this it is easy to get bored of a set colour scheme. The trick is to have colours which mix as well as they contrast and more muted colours can be more wearable when paired with the odd bright rather than a whole 40 pieces of similar brights.

Now for the big question who else is insanely grateful for the spotted olives graphic above? It makes me so happy thinking of all the colours I could wear next season! But SS15 is a post for another day, have a great week everyone! And as a heads up there is another three posts this week rather than two so keep an eye out of Thursday!