The Capsule Wardrobe | For the love of Chambray

How I’m wearing classic chambray.

A chambray shirt has been a mainstay in my wardrobe since 2012. For the last three years I have had two chambrays, one for winter and one for summer and although I’m not sticking resolutely to the capsule wardrobe I am trying to be careful with my purchases. However a dark chambray shirt? It had to be done.

Something I struggled with moving out of the first year of having a capsule is this, how can I add dimension to my select wardrobe without going overboard? How can I keep my new style identity all whilst continuing to make dressing easy? Seems like a pretty big feat right?

It has felt like somewhat of a difficult line to walk with the capsule. Keeping it fresh whilst keeping the key basics that work effortlessly is an interesting balance. So I did stop for a couple of seconds when it came to purchasing this dark chambray shirt.

Is it a poor purchase considering I already own a well loved chambray or was it genius to invest in a piece I love and repeatedly wear just in a different colour? I decided in the end that yes a dark chambray would be a worthy investment; after all I’ve worn my other one almost to death here on the blog, so why wouldn’t I wear a second?

So far I have kept the look casual. I wore this out for a quick walk with Josh this past weekend. There’s nothing that I love more than a casual walk with Joshey on the weekend so adding my trusty new chambray and a feather down puffa and you have the perfect casual weekend look.

To check out my other favourite ways to wear chambray just click on your favourite look to take you to the blog post!

Outfit Sixteen | Chambray Stripes

Jacket: Topshop, Chambray: H&M, Bag: Primark, Striped Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Ballet Flats: New Look

This has to be one of my most worn in real life outfits and one of my least publicised one on the blog. A simple jersey skirt has so many ways of being worn. This one in particular is a midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins last winter. Like a teenager I often take to rolling the waist band and wearing it as a mini skirt during the weekend and then a semi smart work outfit as the midi version.

I don’t know why but chambray and this skirt go together like chalk and cheese. Add in a structured blazer and this look is golden as far as i’m concerned! Although I’m not sure that I will carry this skirt over to the next capsule this has certainly been a go to for this one!

I go back to Chambray

I go back to Chambray

I go back to Chambray 2

I go back to Chambray 3
I go back to Chambray

Amy Winehouse went back to black while myself? I go back to Chambray. Its one of those things that I can leave for a couple of weeks – or maybe a month without thinking about and then bam! Its like I have to wear it all the time!

This weekend was no exception, I first wore it with my blue dress on Friday and Friday evening to our friend Paul’s house for dinner and card games and then again on Sunday with leggings and walking boots on a trip to the pub in the late afternoon!

Now its all I want to wear again, paired with jeans, pencil skirts it almost makes me wish it was winter again so I could endlessly pair it with jumpers and boots. Almost that is.

City Lights and Nights . . .

From day to . . .




To Night . . .





As someone who works in the big smoke – London. For some reason since moving to kent I call London “The City” (There are cities in Kent, btw – so who knows where that came from!) Needless to say its part of (I think) The culture for Londoners and commuters alike. Finish work, put on a fresh lip colour and your out the door on the way to drinks, dinner and nights out with friends. Or work . . .

Whatever the reason, I always need a good from day to night outfit. We have a casual dress code so it means I can mix it up quite nicely. I especially love going from flats to a great heel, especially the pointed toes as they tend to hurt too much to wear all day. .  .

(p.s excuse the crazy hair, it needs both colouring and cutting – a dreadful combination)

Chambray Shirt: Mens, H&M

Necklace: Accessorize

Purple Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins

Flats: New Look

Jumper: Topshop

Heels: New Look

In the dark.




I’d show you the whole outfit but you might disown me. Im wearing a right strange mix of double denim, cropped bf jeans and cowboy ankle boots not really sure what to call them tbh.

However, that being said. I quite like it! I’ve wanted to experiment with double denim for a while and I’ve been looking forward to wearing my new necklace with a collared shirt so I’ve really gotten the best of both worlds!

Success! Even if I did get dressed in the dark . . .

Yesterdays equivalent of a Hogwarts Letter.



Firstly isn’t my picture quality here great? Yeah, I thought you’d think so. 

Yesterday was one of those magical, just got my Hogwarts letter type of magical when it comes to getting dressed. It all just fell together, the chambray shirt tied over last years riviera sundress, trainer heels and a rain mac? My god it was a good moment and I just had to get a snap before I went to work. I would have waited till I got home but honestly, my face after 11 hours on trains and sitting in front a computer screen? Not pretty, I promise you. 

So instead you get this fab lack of light, misty mirror pictures, classy right?