therealjlow at home | Casual Wear

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Scarf: Monsoon, Dress: H&M, Bag: Next, White converse

Therealjlow at home

Last week I spoke a little bit about how Josh and I had decided to give ourselves a weekend off from social media to have a little bit of a break. So along with that I thought it would be interesting to share my more casual outfits. Honestly, casual and comfortable doesn’t have to be unstylish. It’s something that has taken me beyond years to master but small changes along with the capsule wardrobe have made this so much easier.

The tapered sweat pants

I bought these in around Autumn 2013 so they have been around quite a long time! But what I loved most about these was the fact that they were so tapered. They were the perfect combination between thicker sweat pant material and leggings which I jumped since they only cost me £8!

I like the material since it feels a little more structured which allows you to feel that bit more confident when wearing them out! The downside as ever is of course the baggy knees you get after a while but I guess that can’t really be helped!

Work out wear

Goodness, I never thought I would hear the day but yes! Work out gear!

I think at the moment its having a fashionable moment! I love the funky patterned running leggings that are around at the moment. They make any work out fun and doable in my opinion but they can also double up on a Sunday coffee come brunch date.

Leggings and a long T

This really doesn’t get old for me. Back in the day I remember my best friend (at the time to be) wearing leggings and a long jumper in autumn and it’s always been my favourite casual look for uber comfort without looking slobby. In autumn/winter a long coat and pair of boots make this awesome.

Boyfriend Jeans and a T-shirt

My boyfriend jeans are my best friends, loose and comfortable as well as offering a little more structure I wear them summer and winter even though they are heavily cropped. Whether its boots or sandals I don’t think you can ever go wrong! Tie in a white and grey T and you’ve got yourself a keeper!