AW Capsule Wardrobe Budgeting | Little sale updates

AW Capsule Wardrobe Budgeting | Little sale updates

One of my favourite ways to save money is to buy new season items in the sales for half the price. For instance, I bought three pairs of boots for AW15 back in the mid-season May sales and now I have bought my jumpers. I had no intention on buying only jumpers just as I had no intention on buying a load of boots the other month but I am pleased to see that the next season might be all jumpered up!

The only downside to this is that I set out for cardigans (or coatigans) but I seem to have only come back with jumpers to upside to this of course is I am going to be super, super snuggly this winter and that obviously is the dream.

The black v backed jumper.

When I was a kid ribbed jumpers freaked me out. I couldn’t explain why but they always made me feel . . . strange. However the design on this one from Zara had me quickly overlooking my childhood fears and for only £7.99 I thought it was best for my own benefit to trial this out.

Now I am going to be honest I don’t think this looks so good with the drop back facing backwards I think that is simply because of the way they have had to build it to keep it on your shoulders so yes it does have the potential to make your chest look a little strange but I am totally going to risk it. Another thing which I like is that I can turn it around and where it as a v-neck jumper which I love.

Multi-coloured jumper

My next jumper is a multi-coloured knit again from the Zara sale with a drop back. This is quite honestly the thickest and warmest jumper, but then again when I tried it on it was one of the hottest days ever so what do I know? This may or may not be on the blog in AW. I say that just because it is so thick it is more of a snuggle jumper than a high fashion one!

The light white holed jumper from Gap

I waited this little number out like a pro and I finally got it when it hit £7.99, success again. Of course I then wore it and at dinner out with Josh dropped chocolate sauce down it, which was of course far less successful. This is possibly to light for winter but it is perfect for now and the transitional stage.

The sporty jersey dress

I had seen this for full price in H&M a while back but it never seemed quite worth the cash so instead I again waited this out. I think this only cost me £6 which is great for me as I think that this will be a really casual dress for me, something to pull on, on the weekend and wear with Josh for coffee dates and the likes. I also see myself wearing it over one of my flippy skirts as well to make a slightly different look.

The suede T shirt

When I first saw these T’s I tried it on a navy and fell in love. I risked it however since I had recently bought my summer capsule and let’s be honest suede in the summer as a T-shirt? Not a good idea but in the cooler months? Yes please!!

Now I always love suede I think I have worn suede (or faux suede) boots every single winter and this one will be no different! I certainly want to wear this trend more and I am contemplating one of my five to be something fun and suede (I love those waistcoats, or a suede jacket!) but I haven’t quite decided yet since I am also pretty hooked on the idea of a sleeveless blazer.

The bright Scarf

I have actually Instagramed this scarf before but its quickly become a go too. I believe because its such a switch up in colours for me I love the idea of embracing more soft, khakis and beige tones for autumn to mix in with deep reds, burgundy’s and denim.

A little gold plated jewellery

Since getting engaged I have struggled with cheaper jewellery because in all honesty once you put really gold or silver next to fake gold and silver you can really, really tell the difference! Thankfully Accessorize now sell their Z collection which offers gold plated pieces and for me they have been really bridging the gap between full expensive pieces and cheap throw away a pieces! During the sale I stocked up on stacking rings which I like to wear everyday to work!

How the Capsule Wardrobe can show you how to love what you own.

The Shorts you shouldn’t love.

White open back top: Zara, Shorts: Next, Sandals: New Look, Bag: Accessorize, Sunglasses (similar, orig from Oliver Bonas in store): Oliver Bonas

I always look at these shorts and wonder why am I wearing these? I’m not entirely convinced that they suit me, they sometimes leave a nice welt on my waist and they go against most of my style rules and yet . . .

I find more tops to go with it more than anything I own and I wear them at least every other weekend and I have the Capsule Wardrobe to thank for that.

If I had bought these whilst I was spending freely I think I would have more than likely wore them once and then put them to the back of my wardrobe and forgotten about them. As it is with the capsule wardrobe I have instead found myself finding ways to wear them and incorporating them even when I didn’t think could.

So if you are still staring at capsule wardrobes thinking this is not for me then this is something to seriously think about. I know that recently I have had my doubts but when it comes to saving money and actually wearing and loving what you own this has been a real game changer for me and it could also potentially be for you.

Cut your Capsule Budget in Half.

Pink Blazer: H&M, White shirt: H&M, Pink T: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Boots: New Look, Bag: Zara

Cut your capsule budget in half.

The best way to cut your budget in half? Buy out of season.

Unlike fruits and vegetables if you can deal with not buying on trend pieces, buying out of season clothing can save you a pretty buck or two.

Firstly I’d like to introduce you to my new boots! I bought these in the New Look sale after unsuccessfully ordering a pair of their greatly reduced leather range last Friday. How they saved me a pretty penny? Well firstly I managed to buy three pairs for only £30 and even better, one pair is in the stores, Leather collection. Made from suede my first pair was originally priced at around £39.99 and I got these beauties for the tiny price of £14.00!

So I didn’t exactly buy these on a whim, this last year my faux leather boots from New Look finally kicked their last rainfall. I have owned these boots since 2012 and I actually bought them in the sale for about £8 originally I think and it was really only late this winter when the top of them finally started to peel itself away from the sole. With my toes suitably soaked from the rain I took a brave step that I would probably be too scared of a while ago and I threw them away that night.

Fast forward a month and the weathers gotten warmer and with it rainy days spell trouble. With my ankle boots all unsuitable for rain days (blue suede and fur lined? No thanks) I was beginning to worry about my hasty throwing decision. So one rainy morning before work I went into a New Look store and all they had left in their shoes sale? All size nine which was pretty awesome but they were all heels and cut out shoes none of which fit for purpose so I went away, shoved on my least loved suede boots and figured I would wait until Autumn.

Then we looked online over lunch and there was a perfect (or so I thought) leather pair of boots! Trying them on however and they were not the perfect fit that I had hoped, but on the plus side I tried them on in store and with that I faced my next challenge the wall of boots on sale opposite me. Never the less Josh spent the next hour watching me try on as many pairs of boots as I could. He’s just lucky I only came away with three pairs! On the plus side however they worked out at £10 a pair which really isn’t bad!

Since teaching myself to be more sensible with clothes purchases I have become more in tuned with buying only good quality shoes. Clothes I’m still learning about but whereas before I would have jumped at plastic leather shoes for only £8 I no longer feel the instant attraction. So far I have only bought my shoes on deals and offers but they have all been excellent quality shoes with suitable support mainly from Clarks. I have spent more on my shoes and bought less but in the long run I have been reaping the benefits.

I’m so pleased with these boots and I love the added benefit of having caught a good deal!

Now onto clothing, I also recently bought a white knitted jumper from H&M. On my list for a long time there has been an over sized, simple white knit. I have wanted nothing fancy just a simple, classic sweater and this is it!

The best bit? It was only £7. What a bargain! This really is the way to start cutting your capsule prices sure you’re investing ahead of times and some things cannot be bought yet but if you focus on basics and timeless style that appeals to you then why not? Why not get a £300 coat for a £100 it shouldn’t matter that you’ve bought it half a year ahead of time just remember that come Autumn you probably don’t need that second coat!

The Capsule Wardrobe | Old Trends.

Sweater: Primark, Purple Stole: Monsoon, Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Long Tall Sally, Bag: Accessorize

We all have them, old trends clogging up our wardrobes primarily because we have great memories attached to these pieces but struggle to finally cut the cord. If you have a full on 333 capsule wardrobe there really isn’t any room for them, if. You abide by Caroline’s unfancy then there is a small storage option for you, but for me? Well I give myself a little more lee way.
The problem with trends is there are pieces which are timeless and pieces which aren’t. If I shopped more designer I think this distinction would be even harder to find as the more love has gone into the design of that piece as well as better fabrics/workmanship so any ageing faults may often be harder to distinguish.
What I know of myself is that eventually I tire of something completely and yet still feel reluctant if not impossible to throw certain items. This includes waist cinching knee length skirts (which actually if I can shrink a bit more will come back out in full force this summer) the sparkle boots (which have half oversized themselves out of wearability) rip off trainer heels ala Isabel marant 2012 and a broken backed thrifted sixties ring made from a deep blue resin. They all hold a key piece of my Jessica fashion timeline and that makes them harder to budge.
So whose aged? Trainer heels obviously so those rightly should have to go right? Only these are the heels that fit so comfortably that you dread not having them because what if? Furthermore I have designs of still pairing them with those bold midi pleated skirts – why not stick with what works?
And yet it’s my more unarmed pieces which realistically have to kick the bucket. A broken ring? Still wearable yes but being made of resin makes it pretty darn unfixable even for me the girl who buys new jewellery with pieces missing just to get a discount. But it holds greater memories, 14 year old me buying her first second hand piece in the county hall in totnes  Devon one summer holidays with my parents and grandparents and then there was that time of life for me. I had just properly found fashion. My obsession with the Olsen twins waning I wanted to be one of the cool kids, the Ashley Simpsons of the world and be kooky and cool all rolled into one. I felt so fashion forward back then and so proud. It was the goal to stand out then, wear something no one else had and I felt like buying something second hand no one else would have a cool dark blue resin (or more likely plastic) ring on their finger come mufty day. And yet, in reality I more than likely had caught the trend from magazines, then saw something that fit and claimed the trend for myself since come mufty day any future fashionista worth their salt was buying up all their plastic jewellery like Buddha beads.
And the outstretched boots they are worn, pulled out of shape, but sparkles and a pair of thick socks? Why take the chance? That’s the problem with clothes. They attach memories and experiences which are far harder to part with than fabric.
How do you rid yourself of old trends? Jesses want to know.