Fashion | Make-up Free and cold shouldered

_DSC0433 Scarf: Zara, Cold shoulder T: New Look, Jacket: New Look, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Long Tall Sally

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen this outfit. The thing is, I thought that this went out last Monday and I bragged that in that weeks post, I was make-up free. As it was instead there was not one outfit post last week at all. From all to nothing!

I’m wearing a lot of things which I really love at the moment. Blue, relaxed fit jeans and a soft jersey jacket and this scarf from Zara are currently breathing life back into my wardrobe. With the UK’s weather being so miserable I have been doing a lot of thinking about Autumn (already) and how to layer and its pieces like these which will perfect make the transition from summer to fall to winter again.

Speaking of jeans I’m currently considering cutting my far too long black jeans just on the ankle and fraying them. I still can’t at this point decide whether to do this or not but what do we think? To chop or to not?

_DSC0423 _DSC0397

Them Jeans | Are Boyfriend jeans a one fit suits all?

I absolutely adore my boyfriend jeans, I think I bought them at least three years ago from the Zara sale and I haven’t wanted to replace them since. Now that being said would I say that they are the most flattering? They’re not, they work ace with heels and a tucked in shirt but a loose T and flats? Passable i’m sure but not as great and I also think its easy to get the boyfriend jean wrong.

The reason I am talking about this is because honestly I have been looking for a pair of full length, girlfriend jeans. These clearly are cropped at my ankle because they are for far shorter ladies and thats fine but I really wanted a pair that I could wear throughout winter and feel as relaxed and as comfortable as these, but did I find them? no.

What I did find is a load of ill fitting and strangely dyed jeans. I thought at first that maybe I couldn’t wear these but now I also think that the stores are not making as attractive denim. I have even seen it on the streets where women have walked out trying to rock oddly shaped denim and it made me wonder are boyfriend jeans really a one style fits all, honestly at the moment I think not.

There is some strange obsession with boyfriends in too stiff a fabric which sticks out and shows how loose they are in odd areas on a woman and that to me just isn’t flattering. If your boyfriends aren’t broken in and well faded I again don’t think this is nearly as flattering as a soft, well dyed pair. My favourite are those that are really bolded faded or failing that in a light denim.

Now do I think that they’re is a shape they don’t suit? I’m not sure, maybe. All I know if that for an apple girl like myself they work because naturally I have skinny legs and no butt so these actually balance out my top heaviness and work well to give me a uniformed silhouette so I can only assume that should you be the opposite of that that it might not work quite as great unless they are far closer tailored, but of course I could be entirely wrong!

What are your thoughts on the boyfriend jean? Are their shapes you feel don’t suit them as well or do you like me wonder whether current dyes and fabric choices are ruining the chances of women the world over? leave me a comment below I’d love to hear from non apple shapes your thoughts on these, my wardrobe staples!

Have you ever had Capsule Fear?

Jacket: Primark 2012, White eyelit shirt: Next*, Boyfriend Jeans: Zara, Brogues: Clarks, Bag: Next

Have you ever had, Capsule fear? 

It’s a strange thing to be talking about it right at the beginning of a fresh capsule wardrobe but for those of you who have already had one, do you ever have capsule fear?

I figured I would and could make roughly 50 pieces stretch over 6 months and in a normal world I would without problem but here’s the thing I worry about. When I blog three times a week I worry about simply running out of combinations. Totally, silly but I know a lot of these clothes have been seen over the past few years and that’s good because what is a capsule wardrobe meant to be about? Oh yeah, being sensible but on the other hand are you going to get bored? I already know that I want to wear my cobalt blue sundress every week but would you want to see it every week? I wear my chambray shirt as a jacket 90% of the time, again are you going to get bored?

I have many worries when it comes to being overly predictable but I guess we will have to see how creative I can be when it comes to fewer pieces. Similarly it will be interesting to see whether I do want to stick to the same pieces over and over again or will I want to wear everything just at different periods across the next six months.

So tell me, fellow capsule wardrobers, do you ever get the fear of boredom?

* The eyelit shirt: Fit.

So I wanted to just take a second to tell you about this shirt. Firstly I love it and so far I know that I will wear it repeatedly throughout summer and perhaps more often than I should but for anyone considering buying one I have to inform you that it is see through there is no backing on the holes so yes if you wear a different colour bra you are going to see it! Because of the fit on this white one on me if I wear a T-shirt bra I have absolutely no worries about this but some this might be a concern.

Outfit Nine | Striped Sweaters and Summer Denim.


I have gone over and over in my mind about these two items and The Capsule Wardrobe challenge. I love them both but are they multipurpose enough for The Autumn Capsule Wardrobe? Probably not. After all soon it will be too cold for cropped Denim of any kind. Then again its just so hard to think of not having these Boyfriend jeans from Zara on regular rotation. Ever since buying them I have worn them almost every week for just over a year, they are just so darn comfortable! and not to mention the wash on them is incredible and the relaxed fit makes me feel weekend relaxed with tee shirts and shirts but also dressed up with more fitted tops and pointed heels.

Now onto this sweater, I love it because its Cobalt and from Gap, but I don’t love it because its a longline jumper and I’m not always sure it suits me as much as say a cardigan. Thats the thing about doing the Capsule, you only have a limited amount of clothing options. Sure it makes everyday dressing easier but now that I have less options I feel like I can’t waste any of those pieces on something I can only wear occasionally. Maybe its just because its not cold enough yet for some of my clothes but I can’t help but feel that there are a few mistakes still in my wardrobe.

So I was pretty sure I could get rid of these two, but then this outfit happened. The two things I thought I no longer needed appear to be the very best together, isn’t that just typical? So what do we all think? Should they stay or should they go?


*p.s excuse the half asleep eyes but the pose was just too good and I’m only half vain so what the heck, hello my real face!

Outfit 7: All White . . .

White ‘Miami Vice’ Blazer: Topshop, White Tee shirt: Zara (Collection), Boyfriend Jeans: Zara, Pointed Heels: New Look. Necklace: Accessorize, Belt: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Accessorize, Scarf: Zara

At first I wanted to name this post, “No chocolate, all white?”, but then I realised that might not make sense to the casual observer. But then I guess I just called it All white. All white? – Sorry, All right?

You are probably wondering about the original name, well maybe you’re not but I am going to tell you anyway because I’m nice like that. The reason behind this title is pretty simple, the truth is I cannot wear white when eating chocolate.You’d think at 24 I would have gotten the hang of not spilling food on myself but alas maybe it was not meant to be.

Now, down to business I bought this Tee shirt from Zara and I was so darn proud of myself. You see normally I would buy a cheap H&M one or Primark and then of course curse when it shrunk but this time around I said, no, treat yourself. If you have to wear the same 40 things (by choice) for several months you need some more classy pieces, even if like white and it really only lasts one season.

Its going to last a far shorter amount of time if I insist on dropping chocolate on it every time. I swear I have barely worn this tee shirt thanks to the constant wash cycle its been on and then to add insult to injury it has shrunk a little. Now I am trying to wear more fitted tee shirts as that grey one of Monday is beginning to swamp me but having a tee shirt trying to shrink to me is just not cute.

In light of this I have given myself a new rule, No chocolate when wearing your white tee shirt. All white?

Spring time Denim’s



From the top: Eden: Dorothy Perkins, Polka Dor: Primark, Fiance Jeans: Zara, Pink! Next – Scroll for links

As well as my trusty Chambray shirts spring calls for thost springful coloured and patterned jeans! Last year it was cropped ‘traditional denim’ and my looser fit floral jeans from TU (which this year are going to re appear as shorts!) but this year im getting back to basics. Coloured denim and maybe the odd pattern . . .

I am still looking for a brighter pair as these are all pretty tame but I am so glad to have already injected some much needed spring colour into my wardrobe! and my first pink thing in a while as well!

Eden Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins.

These jean/leggings are my go to comfort pair and sexy pair all rolled into one! Great fading and comfort is this girls go to piece! Great length and great for both day and night!

Polka Dot: Primark (In store)

Shockingly long for regular length! These fit quite well actually and are comfortable with a great deal of stretch!

Boyfriend/Fiance/husband jeans (whichever applies): Zara

The creme de la creme! These are my go to pj jeans so comfortable it puts all else to shame!

Pink! Next

Great colour and fit for XL ankle length jeans I fell in love with the zip detail the first moment I saw them!