The one where I almost had a heart attack

The one where I almost had a heart attack

 Long Jumper: Next 2014, Green Dress: Gap, Backpack: Primark, Socks: Lidl, Boots: c/o Long Tall Sally

Let me tell you this; never let a man get Sky TV. Now I’m not being overly mean here, just that they get far too over excited about such things like new TV stations so much so that they will unexpectedly give you a heart attack.

Now let me tell you a little fact about my charming, Joshey-bear, (I like cutsey nicknames ok? I also call my dad pica and my mum girlie-pants – because that’s the kinda girl I am!) This boy does not communicate! I mean obviously he does in day to day life but via phone? Gah, good luck! So I am minding my own business Tuesday afternoon at work when the phone rings, my desk vibrates and his face pops up on my screen. Josh is calling me. Why? Why is he calling me? Oh no, he got hurt, something happened . . . the cone men!* Oh my god he fell in a hole, I have to get to the hospital, crap I came to work by train, pray it’s not serious . . .

Well I pick up the phone, I’m ready for bad news and he goes; “so the sky mans coming on saturday the 14th, thats ok right? . . . ”

um sure . . . but my heart, that as sure as hell wasn’t o-k!

Now this outfit? Its perfect for the weekend, uber comfy and easily the greatest outfit for those first days of spring when you can . . . look! risk bare legs!!! I may or may not have worn this dress all last weekend, it just made perfect sense for both Saturdays food shop and sundays walk down the river to get breakfast with Mr Josh!

*who are the cone men? Well let me tell you Josh is currently working with water but before that he was doing street lighting in the south east area and he worked nights for I think for about three months? It was crazy I got uber skinny (because josh does all the good cooking) and almost forgot what he looked like but anyway, he told me this story about, cone men. Who are they? Well they are the guys that you may have seen on the motorway putting out cones to barricade off the work sites. Now this to me doesn’t scream danger, but Josh was quick to rectify me, if you hit a motorway cone and it by some terrible fault, hits someone you’ve effectively killed that person. I’m not lying I wish I was but alas!

So of course let me tell you be safe when driving around those cones!

One Handed Problems



Hat: Marks and Spencers, Blazer: F21 2011, Jumper: Next (Sale), Dress: Dorothy Perkins – this ones longer – mines shrunk, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Next (Autumn/Winter 2013) Similar



I am a girl of very few words today, I am also a girl of little style, wearing my gap jumper and leggings, it was literally all I could wangle on one handed. Its been an interesting week so far. Since slicing part of my hand off I have developed a small fear of drinking glasses (the culprit) and the sink still gives me goosebumps, brr . . .

Other than that, I have come to realise the many things you need two hands for especially since there is little more embarrassing than having your fiance chop up a banana for your breakfast since you couldn’t even open a banana if you tried!

If I could cross my fingers I would be. Instead, I’ll just pray that next week brings more movement again! Until then leggings it is again!


Primary Colours



Cardigan: Next Similar, Top: George, Asda, Alternative Jeans: Dorothy Perkins Similar, Scarf: Accessorize, Bag: Accessorize Similar, Boots: New Look Similar



If I was Jessica Day and/or was a primary school teacher it would be this outfit that I would wear. I love bright colours and although I really want to indulge in some great pastels, my small budget was not allowing me this month so instead I have gone old school blogger. That means I remixed old clothes into a new outfit. Almost unheard of I know!

P.S. excuse the blurryness. It took hours to get that effect. I joke, the windy/rainey weather was not playing ball in letting me take good photos. Also its Valentines day and I forgot to wear pink again . . . oh . . . me. 

A Little Sunday Extra (outtakes from the end of 2013)

DSC_0145 - Version 2

Ok Ladies, From the left! (1) Dorothy Perkins Stacking rings (Summer 2013) (2) Square Stacking rings Tiger (3) Third Eye Bracelet, Accessorize (Summer 2013) (4,5) Primarni stacking rings (pack of four, Summer 2013) (6) Gold and unknown stone family heirloom.


The Statement Necklace (1), Accessorize Autumn 2013

DSC_0157 - Version 2

Autumn, Statement Necklace 2, Accessorize. Primarni crossbody bag (this was the original, it bit the dust when a tube door decided to close on me one night – it also left a rather joyous bruise on my hip)


Trying not to let the winter in, My orange Samsung s4 case from Amazon, Orange and silver bracelet, Jules in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Pink and silver ring, Jules 2013, Neon Pink, beige and white infinity scarf, Accessorize.


This Gold Necklace is the ultimate in funky statement necklaces. I adore its beaten up appearance, the only problem is it has sort of fallen apart (a lot)- I spend most of my time fixing it!


You know when you get that great outfit where it looks great in person but crap in pictures? yeah, this is one of those! It also includes a lot of old clothes that you can’t buy now! . . . Primarni Coat 2012, H&M Top 2011, Leopard Print satchel 2012 River Island, Grey Jeans Dorothy Perkins Tall, Eden Jeans 2013 December, Grey wedge trainers New Look 2013.



While Josh snoozes Sunday morning away I’m watching Sex and the City wondering, why did I ever stop watching this show on the regular? Then I remembered, I live with a boy. The obvious solution would be to watch it in another room in the evening, but its one of my great fears that I might one day not want to sit in the same room as him every night, even if it means watching star trek, ps3 games or whichever boy programme is the latest hit, although that being said it is me that loves lizard lick towing so were pretty nicely matched!

Anyway I digress, I love Sex and The City it makes me wanna quit my life just to shop, wear incredible clothes, play dress up and go to lunch/drinks with friends, I mean thats the dream right? So to celebrate I went through my pictures (with a predominant grimace, I may add) and found the top gems that in October where going to be a post called all that glitters (props for anyone who can tell me what show that name comes from . . .). Then I found this grey outfit and figured what the hell! Sometimes an outfit doesn’t work out in images but as one that I wear in person I thought you guys should see it anyway, after all even carrie Bradshaw got it wrong occasionally!

Jess in Boots

CSC_0308 CSC_0319 CSC_0320


Hat: Marks and Spencers
Top: Gap (in store)
Skirt: H&M (Other options)
Shoes: New Look

I’m beginning to think that I have a problem. A boot Problem.


My shoe collection has become less shoes and more boots this last year than I (normally) care to mention. I think I went from last year having one pair of knee high slouchy boots (my beloved cowgirl/pirates of the Caribbean boots – I can’t believe those babies aren’t still around, it makes me sad.) One heeled knee high boots to . . . well a lot.


So there’s no shame here right? (If so . . . um, shhh??) Here’s the list;


Trainer boots x2 (grey and sand – yes I bought the same shoe in two colours!)


Sort of crepe soled boots x2 (Brown/Black again I bought the same shoe twice)


Black knee high boots (flat)


Grey-ey flat sort of pirate style ankle boots


Brown ankle boots (there new, A, I love them. B, this is my problem!)


The Sparkle boots of joy (there glitter is now falling off in places, again, makes me sad!)


Cowgirl ankle boots


My snowy fur lined boots (which have a heel and still allow me to walk in the snow fine (shocking)


That’s 11 pairs! 11!! And I feel like I’ve missed a pair as well!! The worst thing is . . . I keep looking for more. I see my favourite bloggers in a different type of boot and I’m like . . . want! Want! WANT!


So I think it’s my latest obsession. Like when I had ten thousand dolly shoes (this is a small exaggeration) it was more like 12 thousand. But I like to think, on the plus side these have a bit more sole to them, they don’t hurt my feet (unless they pinch, but that’s just wearing them in . . .) and they are ankle friendly! So win win!


I’m hoping to get the new brown boots on the blog soon so stay tuned!!


Five things.



Cruel and unusual. This is thursday’s/maybe fridays outfit post. But I had planned to take two outfit posts this weekend, but of course life meant that we fell asleep on the couch watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs on Netflix’s. It happens more times than it should thats for sure.


So instead, I figured I’d do a five things post about life lately. To make it up to you. I’d hate for you to stop dropping on by – otherwise poor Josh’ll have to put up with my useless ramblings all on his own! The horror (I can see Josh Shuddering from here!) So . . .

1. I love date night, they are just the highlight of the month.  For this month we enjoyed an amazing new starter dish from Zizzi. It just blew us away we love a good fish dish and this just ticked all the boxes, squid rings, prawns and whitebate, what more could you want? Oh yeah, wine but we had that too so it was perfect . . .

2. I’m braving swimming, alone tomorrow. For the first time. I don’t know when I became so useless at doing things like this on my own. Going running on my own? shopping? driving? Work? meetings with strangers? sure no problem. But going swimming cycling alone? oh god no. The horror. Luckily for me I’m now on mandatory physio approved sports so the having to suck it up and do it thing is helping quite considerably. Which leads me onto . . .

3. I’ve started another round of physiotherapy for my previously broken ankle. I thought it was gonna be great, six sessions maybe and then out? But instead I got told how concerned they were and that I would need to come in every week and have two hours in their gym if possible. On top of that they might still have to put me forward for xrays and possibly surgery. . . .

And believe me my surgical options? Gross. Either Knocking me out and drugging me so they can physically move my ankle for me (hopefully without re fracturing it). Or going in, removing the plates and screws and scraping (Yes, the word scrape was used . . icky, icky, ick.) out all the gross bits and scar tissue. Lovely. Needless to say I’ve upped my approved sports (I got banned from running and hiking) so I’m now doing a lot of cycling, swimming and stretches. I now even brush my teeth standing on one leg just to make sure I don’t have to go through all that again!  

4. I’m finally feeling a bit rested again. For some reason this winter a, stretched on forever and then gave me so many colds and things to do I felt like I barely stopped except to be incredibly unwell or B, have a flare up of IBS or just have a million things to do! 

We went to my parents last? maybe two weeks ago and it was lovely. I got to see all my lovely besties from H-town. Chill with my family and just have a bit of breathing space from the manicness that has been going on these days. Its been wonderful and our weekends have been a bit more chill which has been awesome.

So i’m feeling good, and that is just plain awesome.

5. And finally?

(I know, thank god your thinking) Shopping! This month I’ve only allotted a small amount of fashion money (its car paying month – how is it MOT’s Road Tax and insurance always managed to bunch up all at the same time?) So I actually planned for once! 

I have fallen in love with the Autumn fashion again, it happens every year I just can’t seem to stop myself! But Next is always my starting base I love getting a few basic see you through pieces and its been no different this year. As you’ve seen in the post below.

So this month I thought I’d invest in some flat heeled, knee high boots and their most amazing herringbone leggings! So fun and comfy for once! (I’ve always struggled with trousers without stretch, I’m obviously a strange shape!)

So look forward to seeing those on the blog soon! and the green dress later this week! until then, enjoy the sun! I’ll see you soon!

Who said July’s too early?

So for todays lunch break I went online shopping (with my cards firmly locked away – as im trying to not buy anything else this month!) and in my quest to look at potential sandals I went on to find that they already hjad their autumn clothes up already! Now, yes i know this is too early but I figure its best to get prepared and so i scrolled through and thought i’d share my wants for this Autumn/Winter . . .



Leather Leggings! I want, I want, I want! and will hopefully stand a chance of getting this winter! I love these in chocolate as its always so nice having a change from black. i’m thinking it should be paired with a fancy jumper and heels for casual fridays or a top with a bit of sparkle for nights out . . .

I love this jumper – a thicker fabric is great for winter as I always get cold in winter but also its really smart and structured, imagine paired with the above! perfect!





Long cardigans and high waisted jeans? the autumn dream . . .


a much needed pencil skirt . . .



a spotted cardigan and new boots? oh go on then . . .

But for right now? I need another pair of sandals preferably smart with arch support and not too strappy, another patterned sundress and loose fabric trousers. . .



All images belong to Next plc.

What are you guys on the look out for for summer/autumn this year?

These boots were made for walking . . .


My favourite boots bit the dust today.

I’m pretty upset about it. Long gone are now the days of mocking their ability to make a skirt or dress look slightly cowboyish or when worn with jeans look like a pirate. I’m gonna miss them. My super £15 buys . . . I have said to Josh though that this time round (autumn) I’m gonna actually go all out buy a decent pair of boots, maybe even leather this time! Really push the boot out . . .

On the plus side I bought a cute patterned umbrella. As all my perfectly good ones seemed to have gone missing this morning. Don’t you just hate that when you lose boring things and have to get new cuter versions? yeah me too, hate it.


Now, although its been raining and cold for like forever in England I have found myself some sunglasses (on the of chance that we might get some type of a summer – but don’t keep your fingers crossed too long, you might get cramp). I’d like to to now drop some big names but I’ve got to be honest i’m miss cheapy pants at the moment and these are actually freebies from magazines, but you know what? I kind of love them anyway. I’ve got fun cat eyes for up do’s and fancy days and aviators which Josh calls cruising glasses . . .



You can’t blame me though especially when this weekend I did a carrie ala the second Sex in The City Movie and cheated on fashion with homewares but its so cute its worth it! Even if it was £56 but they had a sale so I felt I could justify it. £33 yeah, ok, pricy, but I love soft furnishings! and look how cute . . .




Blazer: Forever 21, Fur-eyness: Accessorize, polka dot shirt: Dorothy Perkins, Leggings: Next, Belt: H&M, Boots: New Look, Gold Watch: Michael Kors


We have been having the craziest weather recently – one week we had snow, the next we’ve had torrential rains and crazy strong winds as seen here! It was so bad on Sunday when we took these that I have literally attached this fur stole to my shirt its that kind of mental weather. 

Also last Sunday I was the idiot who wore her brand newish trainer heels on a forty minute walk to this beautiful setting. Also you know those rains I spoke about? Well if I knew the weather was mental and the fact that it had recently snowed why didn’t I think that maybe the path would be muddy? needless to say these trainers are actually now chilling in a plastic bag covered in mud, lovely – Just what I’ve always wanted!

Also these Leggings (Would you believe they are leggings – I dont!) are my favourite leggings like ever. A, they are long length – so of course I had to order them, B, they are so thick and warm I will never be cold again! and C, they were only £18! So much cheaper than topshop leggings that get ladders in ten seconds! I might just marry these leggings – I love them that much!

Hope your all having a lovely week! Jessx

Bootsmass . . .



Happy bootsmass! everyone! So originally I had these two looks (for the same top) to post but to be honest I had so many good photo’s from this one that I figured i might just bore you with a second post for this top! Also did you see the boots? the boots of joy one might call them! I love them only a . . . huge, huge bit! 

I’d wear them all the time but Josh probably would think I was taking it to far if I wore them in bed. Even though I perhaps want to! 

but until them enjoy the rest of the festive season!


Christmas Recap



Over the festive period, I seemed to have wonderfully festive jeans. I only own two pairs of coloured jeans red and green which were great for christmas day and boxing day!

I also got to wear my awesome new boots which I strangely bought in the sale before christmas, but my sale drama’s are a whole other blog post! I’ve just been dying to share them with you all! they are just so fabulous and the heels arn’t too scary either which is great!

Other than that there’s not been too much time for outfit posts even though I have been planning a few much to my boyfriends dislike. Tomorrow however i’m going to try approaching the sales again on my list? A low fancy heel for NYE with the boy and a sequined skirt, you know you’ve average shopping list. Oh, and groceries but who cares about those?

Whats on your list?


A Merry Little Christmas.




Merry Christmas to you all! Whats your favourite thing about the festive season this year? My favourite thing is having my macbook back, granted I lost every document and picture including my dissertation and CV but now at least I have a shiny new feeling computer I even have the old apple screensaver going on!

Because of this merryness I thought it would only be right that I would take some photos and give you a christmas post, although to be honest I think i’ve eaten way too much bad food this week – I was feel decidedly podgy during the photos today.

I already know what my new years resolution will be to truly go lactose free rather than fighting my intolerance all the way. While also getting rid of all this bad food we’ve been indulging in as of late!

I’m also very excited for the up coming christmas sales, can you say booties? I could but im not a big fan of the word, so ill just say im buying boots, thats my plan, that and a new bag! So much to look forward to!

Have a merry Christmas everyone! and if your lucky you might just get to see me and the boys and christmas day outfits!