Blogging behind the scenes | Finding Value

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Blogging behind the scenes | Finding Value

“Its all too tempting to focus on quantity over quality for the sake of numbers but when it comes to writing a blog, where does the brand start losing its value in the face of ‘keeping up with the Jonses?’”


Recently the same topic seems to be resurfacing again and again in different areas of my life and that is thoughts about value.

All too often and specifically with blogging I see bloggers pushing huge quantities of content for the sake of having something new. The only problem with these blogs is they either burn out pretty fast or you find they leave you a little like eating a rice cake. It fills you up for a minute but ultimately has no nutritional value.

It’s the curse of social media, we are constantly being told that we need to be doing something, sharing everything and that our whole world is a movie everyone wants to be a part of. Why this won’t help your blog or brand over all? It’s unsustainable and doesn’t offer lasting value.

Why is value so important? I have wondered the same thing, why do I care? Ultimately I care because its what drives me, my goal if anything with this blog is to give something to you guys that I haven’t found anywhere else.

My mission statement for therealjlow is to live the life I want with the budget I’ve got. You can take that literally or metaphorically. We all deserve to live fantastic lives and those lives should not be pinned down by what the world dictates or what your paycheck says you deserve and that’s my message. That you should feel allowed to live the life you want to without making any excuses, apologies or to feel bad about it.

Therefore providing value is quite literally invaluable. If I just shared my outfits, with no words just to buy links its ultimately hollow. You gain nothing, but if I say I think I can wear this top in a 100 ways you get a bit of value from that. Maybe you’re a busy women and you have a t-shirt but you wear it the same way everyday then this post means you don’t have to settle for that anymore. I’ve helped you. It makes you feel good and it makes me feel good. It gives us value.

Ultimately whether you are a hobby blogger, going it full time or maybe you’re even a business or a brand you need some form of value. It’s the only way your readers or customers will come to you over someone else and sometimes we just have to be a little more patient with our results in order to get the best ones possible.

The point of my waffling post today? Is to go out and find your message, then find a way to share it with value and give back to yourself and your brand. It’s honestly a disservice to do anything less, right?

Blogging behind the scenes | The outfit that just won’t work.

The clothes you probably won’t want from these photos: White T-shirt: Zara Basics, Striped Skirt: Monsoon 2013, Sandals: New Look 2014

Blogging behind the scenes | The outfit that just won’t work.

Whether you are capturing your capsule wardrobe or your doing a sponsored blog post then you might already find this but sometimes when you are blogging there is just this outfit which in real life is great and yet the moment a cameras present it just looks terrible? This outfit is a prime example; in fact it might just be that this skirt is the problem.

The last time I wore this skirt on the blog it was September 2013 and we had gone to our favourite town ever, Tonbridge Wells and I have never put it on the blog since and I am beginning to see why now!*

I actually don’t think I have worn it that much in real life either I’m not sure why I think it has something to do with feeling quite self conscious in maxi anything which is daft because shorter skirts should probably give me more anxiety but alas. So I haven’t worn this in forever and I put it into the summer capsule wardrobe for one big reason and that is because this is a really great quality skirt. I got it from Monsoon and I really bought it as an investment buy, which is sad because it hasn’t quite lived up to its potential.

But we thought now is the time lets try photographing this skirt! Was it successful? Not particularly. On a girl talk moment I feel like I have the worst bra collection right now and lazy me I have yet to go about replacing them so everything I wear just seems to be completely unbalanced and this outfit just seems to emphasis everything I don’t want. It also makes me look insanely short! Which is beyond crazy when you consider I am almost six foot tall!

Now honestly if I wasn’t doing the capsule wardrobe I would probably never share these photos just write them off but I love a good honest post. I am getting so bored of the top end bloggers of perfectness (not jealous, but totally – how do you look so perfect everyday? I will honestly never know.) So instead here we have it the skirt that just wouldn’t do me any favours!!

Do you guys have those outfits which just look rubbish on film? Or maybe have you chosen some pieces hoping that they will be amazing but are actually no goes? I implore you to be brave and post your bad outfits or outfits that just don’t work on film!!! A little less perfection for a Monday is on the cards I think!

*If you go back and read this post, awesome but also have you seen the shine that is my face! Oh how times have changed!!!

Blogging behind the scenes: the non SLR Camera.

Scarf: Monsoon, Blazer: Zara, Dress: H&M, Leggings: Topshop Tall, Socks: Next, Boots: New Look

Blogging behind the scenes: the non SLR Camera.

Even when I started blogging back in 2012 the need for an SLR was paramount. In fact, the majority of blogs are now captured on a Nikon or a Cannon SLR with either basic attachments or a whole host of gadgets which can turn regular photos into works of art. The downside to an SLR however? It is the lugging it around. As a woman I don’t always want to carry a massive bag, especially when we are on holiday or just going to get a coffee but for the majority of posts I and even Josh take the hit and we carry Cleo the Camera either in my handbag or in her camera bag. However that’s not to say that Cleo is the only camera we use.

At the beginning of therealjlow photos were taken on a mix of devices from Cleo, to my phone to finally, mini me. Mini me is a basic click and shoot Nikon which Josh was given for Christmas in 2011. Gaining its name from often being carried everywhere in Cleo’s bag there are some days when you don’t want an SLR and instead just want a click and shoot and for date night, this is always the case.

The sad part was we actually thought we had lost Mini Me! From 2013 to early 2015 we hadn’t seen the camera at all and it was only by chance that Josh found it, pushed back in the car the other month that we were once again able to use it. The upsides to this camera is it can shoot in the dark nicely (Cleo won’t without a new lens) the picture quality really isn’t that bad for a simple click and shoot and the best bit? It fits into a clutch bag! Now if that’s not the best I don’t know what is!

After our mental week last week on Saturday night we decided to head into town for a little date night. We used to have date night all the time so I’m actually really sad to say that life lately has really gotten in the way of our fancy nights out so to rectify this on Saturday was the best! We checked out the local Greek restaurant and enjoyed a smattering of greek delights (hello deep fried feta, my friend.) Now in terms of this outfit I did feel a tad overdressed but the biggest thing I felt was shock. It was nearly June and not only was I wearing leggings but ankle boots with socks? This global warming thing is reeking havoc with my spring summer style!