Sports Luxe and Tailoring . . .

So as a follow on to last weeks post about summer boredom the lovely “Wonder of Something Curvy” (click for her blog)  asked about styling the loose shorts that all over the high street at the moment. So this for me was petrifying im not the skinniest of girls so i did worry about the way they would hang. I found a great pair which can be seen on Lauras blog (All the Tall Things) here+ But they weren’t perfect for me. However because I had tried on the black pair I had wondered whether maybe a patterned pair would be better for me?

So I went back in and of course most of those had sold out but these above had not. Now disclaimer, they are by no means modest, they have two slits up the sides (which I intend to sew down sometimes this week) and they are also slightly see-through and when I say slightly I mean wear nude pants or keep these for the beach. But for £7 I figured it was worth a splash to see if they would work for me. They fit fine so the next question was how to style them?

On Friday I’ll show you how to wear them (or how I would) on the weekend but today I thought lets dress them up! I love the look for dressed up shorts they are so easily made casual or beach ready that I find the contrast of silky sports shorts with a tailored blazer and pointed heels so much more appealing.

I actually love this look, especially since it looks like all that cycling is paying off on the legs front! In fact I’m hoping to wear this out on mine and the bears next date night! I think this actually looks great with more tailored and form fitting pieces. On friday you’ll see my original thoughts of these shorts which included a loose top but this one above is for sure my favourite!



That Fall Back Blazer Look.



The Blazer: Blazer, F21, The Tee: H&M (basics), That Bag: Accessorize, Those Boots: New Look, That Watch: Michael Kors, Them Jeans: Dorothy Perkins



Basics: The Blazer;

My first ever blazer was from the new branch of forever 21 in Stratford Cities, Westfield Centre. I know this because I was still rocking the loan crutch while being stalked by an overzealous staff member who really just wanted me to sit down. I think because he was worried about me falling over and hurting myself but considering the centre had already claimed one ankle. I hardly thought that it was after my second.

It was dirt cheap at only £19.99 and it was perfect for my university days and like a gooey romance novel I just knew that it was the one. Right on trend with its Boyfriend fit it was both trend savvy while having thin enough sleeves that it was also crutch friendly. Something that that years winter coat was not. Which had faux fur sleeves that would get wedged above the arm support and leave for a rather unwelcome draft.

As with most f21 purchases though it really should have only stuck with me that year but somehow here we are almost two years later and its still a go to item in my closet. However those two years haven’t come and gone without leaving some bobbling and a slight tear in the left sleeve lining. So although I know I need to start looking for a new one really I’m kind of waiting for the next Zara Sale. I mean who isn’t?

In January I missed out on a gorgeous Zara blazer in a dark peach but because of one of those shoes or blazer moments ( The shoes won) I didn’t buy it and have regretted it ever since. I know that really a great fitting black blazer is really the only way to go forward when it comes to a great investment piece however! This time however I am looking for something slightly shorter in length and with a better fit around the waist. With that in mind now all I have to do is find the dream blazer! And how hard can that be?