The Capsule Wardrobe | Last days of summer

Jumper: Primark (AW 2014/15), Lace Top: H&M (Sale AW14/SS15), White wrap around skirt: H&M (SS15), Shoes: Dulcey Meg, Clarks, White furry bag: Zara (AW14)

I hate to be someone who starts a post about the weather, but as I write this I am on our sofa dressed in a long Pyjama set and fleecy bed socks, as well as wrapped in my dressing gown and a furry blanket. Its that cold . . . my dreams of a mild winter appear to have already been dashed and its only September, what a shame.

So of course my capsule has been complicated to maintain. These photos as you may be aware were taken at my old house and at this point most of my clothes had been packed. Now for all of you with capsules let me suggest when moving whether thats to another term at uni, to your friends flat, your own flat or maybe your buying your first home! Wherever your moving to, pack your own capsule.

I came home one evening and Josh had, honestly very kindly packed some more of my clothes. Now it needed to be done, but I still had a week of work and not everything made sense that week but I pulled it together. However being able to control your wardrobe as a whole it really is paramount to consistently putting together wearable outfits! So this is as good as it got if anything I think I dressed smarter and thats really what I want to achieve in AW15 but it was more difficult especially since it got so cold!

England right now hasn’t had a summer, not even a small one we have just launched right back into winter so I’m excited to show you AW but also a little nervous that its going to be all jumpers and snow jackets but we will see!

As a final note my apologies if for a little while posting is sporadic I actually had the blog kind of planned ahead but that all went a little off with the move and I’ve literally spent the whole of last week in leggings, running shoes and paint splattered tops. So please hang on in there guys I have gotten loads of house related experiences to tell you about so stay tuned! Oh, and a little pair of leopard print trainers that could!

The Capsule Wardrobe | Maybe six months is too long . . .

The Capsule Wardrobe | Maybe six months is too long . . .

My SS capsule began in May 2015, it is now July, that’s almost three months and I am questioning myself, maybe six months is too long…

I initially pushed back Spring to combine it in with Summer to give myself a six to seven month capsule wardrobe. I had thought that this would work for an easy summer, but I think I was wrong. This is not necessarily because I need to shop but because my clothes don’t seem to be working for me in full, now here’s the big problem,

“I don’t dress the same way in summer as I do in winter”

What does this mean? Well quite simply in winter I love one great, layered outfit. I have come to realise that my style is quite reliant upon its removable items. I am well known in my parents’ house for taking off and leaving accessories all over the house, the amount of times I have left rings on the sink in the downstairs bathroom is unreal and I’m really no different now.

I am highly reliant it seems on these pieces for my interest and excitement for an outfit and whilst this is achievable in the cooler months once it gets hot all those layers go out the window and in its place? I change outfits. My weekends act like consistently changing runways and often that restrictive capsule wardrobe has only hindered rather than helped my natural dressing tendencies.

I am therefore pretty sure that this is why I am far less in love with my summer capsule than I am with my fall/winter and even spring capsules! As you can see here today and on Friday I have put in more than just different shoes but layers as well.

Now before you judge me (to harshly) I also made a fatal sweater error with choosing multiple thick jumpers and then losing my cardigan at the Dickens festival which has now left me with only cardigan. This has ultimately led me back into my full wardrobe and you know what this has told me?

That I still love my clothes and in particular my full wardrobe.  I had previously thought that I would be able to find more pieces to chuck come the end of summer but I have to say the more I do this season the more torn I am not between this and shopping but my current clothes and all my clothes. The greatest thing about three month capsule slots is this, you see your mistake you rectify it in three months and move on. In this case however at the end of six months it will be too late so rather than stare at what I can’t wear I have honestly just been putting in what I need. That’s not been my fall/winter capsules but my summer, warm weather wear.

What does that mean for the capsule? Well honestly I’m not sure but if there’s one thing I know it’s this, until you’ve really found your it style, you’re going to make mistake and it won’t be a perfect experiment until you do.

Now thinking of fall what are we thinking about fall 2015? I’m drawn to the dramatic, gothic styles whilst equally enamoured with the chic geek look! (I think my Rory Gilmore days might be making a reappearance!) leave your comments below I’d love to hear our thoughts on both the post and the new season!

AW Capsule Wardrobe | The Art of Simplicity

Blazer: H&M, T-shirt: H&M Divided, Scarf: Monsoon, Jeans: Zara, Bag: Zara, Heels: New Look

I’d like to tell you all incredible things but quite frankly we are all too excited about going away to Paris tomorrow. I have tried writing multiple posts about spring and capsules but quite frankly all I want to talk about it walks around the city, the fact that we watched films about France all weekend and talk about eating Macaroons, frites and croissants.

So just as my writing, my outfit today is a simple one. Sometimes you can’t mess with jeans, a T-shirt and a nice pair of heels, classic and the perfect mix between smart and casual.

Now, who wants to talk about all the wine we are going to drink this week?