The Weekend | What to wear and where to go…

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Hallelujah! Its Friday!

I’m going to let you in on a secret, I think me and Josh have this weekend business down pat.

We’ve stopped food shopping on Saturdays (friday nights ftw – we live a wild life) Last weekend we were able to get in blog photos, lay ins, a pub trip, dinner out in Maidstone, catching Dr Strange in Rochester, a walk around Emmetts Garden in Sevenoaks, we made sausage rolls and got in copious amounts of Gilmore Girls (Josh is watching the whole series from the start to prepare for the new series!) that is some serious going!

I have to add that in terms of wellness getting in what you like to do on the weekend is the key to ultimate happiness. Things like making sure we have a walk makes the weekend almost too perfect, in fact it makes Monday pretty hard to stomach, you mean I have to travel on a train? Write things professionally and respond to phone calls and emails? Torture… torture I tell you…


Shopping | I accidentally bought the most popular scarf on the planet.


Hat: Zara, Scarf: Zara

When you were a teenager, did you ever pray that no one else would buy the same clothes as you? When you found something unique you hadn’t seen before did you want to wear it to school immediately and bask in how individual you were going to look? If yes, then thank god it wasn’t just me. (Just a little bit?)

I loved, loved, loved dressing differently to everyone else, never in an out there way but in a way which made me not entirely merge into everyone else. (Although being a foot taller meant that was highly unlikely).

However, growing up, things change. You become less bothered by matching or how people view your outfit (hopefully) so the fact that as I watched yet another woman wonder down Clapham high street in my scarf shocked me when my first thought was, drat.

Somehow I might have bought the, ‘it’ Zara scarf this year. Really I should have known this was going to happen. The thing is, I wanted a camel scarf. Two years ago I bought the Camel waterfall coat and I have loved that timelessness on me ever since. Black and even grey can look a little harsh on me, but light brown and camel? Perfect! Therefore, this year I was looking for a super soft, camel scarf and this one jumped at me, camel with a bit of of pizazz? yes please!

Of course, I was not the only one to have this thought . . .

Have I bought the scarf everyones bought this season? Is this the in, ‘it’ scarf? I think I’m wearing it right now, thankfully its crazy cosy and only malting half the amount that last years red scarf did or my grey, lime and pink one has all over Berlin a couple of weeks back, still I wonder…should i start counting all the women wearing the same scarf as me, or would there just be too many to count?

Fashion | Are you wearing your neck tie? A how to and later . . . a how not?

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Scarf? Vintage, Blazer: H&M (old), Knit Dress: Next, Heels: Clarks (old)

The small silk scarf is back! If you read Man Repeller you’ll already know that small silk scarves have been worn throughout last year but if like me, you perhaps weren’t brave enough to suffer flashbacks to 2009 by taking the silk scarf back you perhaps haven’t worn it yet.

The end of 2016 however? I felt brave enough to take the risk. Before Berlin I pulled out a vintage silk scarf that I bought from Brick Lane in London and went to Berlin town to try it out.

These photos however, were taken beside our old flat, at our old haunt of Maidstone because as much as the scarf is a moving forward to new trends its also a throw back to the way you may have tied a tasselled scarf in 2009-2012. Vintage meet, vintage.

(Stay tuned for Friday? I’m reusing the scarf in a whole new way!)

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Pre Fall Collections | New Look

Buy all the stuff! : Waterfall blazer +, Grey Jumper +, Black and White Scarf +, Blue and White Wrap Top +, Red Corduroy Skirt+, Black Cropped trousers +, Cream leather Shoes +

New Look you little beauts. Honestly I haven’t been shopping in New Look for ages however if New Look does one thing well its jeans! In fact I went in the other day and tried on some of their black jeans and let me tell you they were good – in fact would anyone be interested in a fitting room sesh? Being an apple shape I honestly always struggle with jeans and to find bloggers reviewing clothes for an apple shape is always something I struggle to find! Anyone else?

But back to the clothes high on my priority list this Autumn is that waterfall blazer! I love the sleeveless-ness and from the photos it looks like it is a piece that will really hold its shape well! I am also really keen to find a pair of moccasins or loafers which can look equally smart dressed up and dressed down on the weekend with jeans!

Now you may disregard the black trousers/pants but let me tell you a classic cropped pair of black trousers should be a mainstay for many of you in your professional capsule wardrobe!

I think New Look are really upping their game this season I’m looking forward to seeing the trends that they move forward with in their collections and whether their smart collections can be that little more inventive like the pieces above! Please leave your comments below on anything here or anything you want to see! other store suggestions welcome!

Return of the Space Boots.

Buy the dress: H&M Instore, Buy the Blanket Scarf from Zara, the Belt from Primarni 2013 and The Boots from Next.

Before 2012 I had never even thought about Ankle boots. But after having bought my first pair (The legendary sparkle boots) lets just say I have never looked back. My extensive shoe collection would be nothing without them. In fact its fair to say that since buying that first pair I have worn an ankle boot every week for two solid years and that is saying something.

On the catwalk and in all the September editions of various magazines fashion has been all about having fun and whats more fun than walking around in a pair of space boots? Its probably my favourite thing about Autumnal fashion is its about texture and interesting fabrics so to add fun to the mix has meant some truly awesome finds on the high street. I love the unexpected nature of these boots, they make such a statement that I’m excited to pair them with a more neutral palette during the day and then make them stand out at night.

Other silver pieces I love are the holographic and silver clutch bags like this one from Stella McCartney and the silver flats from Russell and Bromley but in the end how could any of them compete with silver Spaceboots?

Raining on my Autumn





Autumn 2013? What Autumn. Its pretty much rained the whole entire time, which makes me sad as its now gotten cold in old blighty. On the plus side my new snood’s can start making appearences!! woo hoo I hear you all cry!

Now I had no intentions with this beauty. I had actually planned to make my own again this year but then, I saw this beauty. Her simple should’ve made it yourself pattern made me think “I could . . . naw . . I’ll take it!” and here she is fluro in winter. who said normal was cool?

Boots: Next (Still Available and in aubergine and brown) Jeggings: Dorothy Perkins (Eden) in Regular Top: H&M Sale (summer) Jacket: Primarni Autumn 2012 Scarf: Accessorize

I was also tempted by this+ and this+