Outfit 6: In between.

Jacket: H&M Similar, Tee Shirt: H&M Divided, Jeans: Lidl, Shoes: New Look (Old)

In between seasons, in between sizes and in between my decisions. Thats about where I would tell you I am right now. On one hand I want to keep summer around and at the same time, scarves, hats, layers? Its all so tempting to just wish it was fall already! Then in between sizes, its funny with jeans how one store can tell you that you are one size and then another can tell you you are something completely different! For instance these jeans are a size bigger than I normally get and yet they are smaller than my regular size! How does that happen? anyone know?

Then there’s the capsule wardrobe challenge. I asked on Instagram whether or not I could in fact swap these booties in. Last week I realised¬†that the Autumn gods must have spoken and I saw rows of women were now touting the latest autumn trends or as they really were, perhaps wearing last years clothes. I saw hats, dark denim and awash of light brown suede booties. Seeing all of this I felt one thing and one thing only, jealousy.

Without thinking I began creating new outfits in my mind. My own brown suede booties, skinny jeans and a plaid shirt and hat or maybe even a faux fur gilet or black blazer with a faux fur stole. Firstly bar the skinny jeans, hat and blazer none of this was in my capsule wardrobe but I did still own these items. I found myself literally shopping my extended closet.

I am pretty sure that this is the first time this has happened to me. That rather than fixating on a new style that I haven’t purchased yet I instead took to my extended wardrobe instead. I think this says two things, one is having less and choosing more wearable items means that you do have less needs because what you really want and need is right there at your fingertips, but it does say something else and that is that for those of us who love fashion and the ever changing styles this can also be limiting.

It makes me wonder how successful the capsule closet will be in practice. If three weeks in I am already standing in front of my extended wardrobe dreaming about additional outfits that I can make have I really made a successful closet? Or do I still need to leave my options open to what I already own and let myself wear what I do have and love and maybe only restrict what I’m buying now? I don’t know when this challenge became all philosophical but its interesting to see how its affected a ‘real girl’ in the real working world. I never knew how much clothes and my love of them was influential in my day to day but there you have it, week three thoughts flying at you!

and lastly, photographic proof that sometimes silliness gets the best of us . . .