What this old thing?

Blazer: F21, 2012, Grey basic T: H&M, Harem Trousers: Next, 2013/14 heels: New Look 2013

What this old thing?

During my first year of my full time working life I was a fast fashion shopaholic. When people would compliment or elude to my outfit I would undoubtedly have to reply, “oh yeah I picked this up on the weekend!”
In all honesty I now get far less comments on my outfits which is probably because the team mostly know my whole wardrobe inside out but I want to challenge all of us attempting to buy well instead of often to get see if you can get compliments to which you can reply, “what this old thing . . . ?”

Lucky you.


Tee- H&M, Skirt – H&M, Boots – Cavalier?, Scarf, FatFace, Cross ring – Dorothy Perkins, Watch – River Island

So I had thought that I would only give you the two previous posts but then I realised that that was a bit mean, considering seven/eight? days have gone by without all too many posts! So I wanted to give you an outfit I wore earlier on in the week, and never got time to post. (Because I was crashed out on the couch – but you didn’t hear that from me!) 

This is a neat little work outfit thats both easy and professional to put on as well as uber comfy, its perfect for when I have to be smart but really don’t want to wear structured clothing. I mean waist bands that cut into you when you have to sit all day, do I really want that? never! 

My only complaint is I love this v-neck t-shirts from H&M but a, they make them to short on the length firstly and then secondly the things shrink! Before I washed this T for the first time I was actually able to wear it with jeans, now however, not so much. Unless I want to wear a crop top.

Which I don’t, ever, this is not the nineties, thank god.


So until next time . . . . toddles . . .


First Challenge issues and realisations.



Its only been a week of this challenge so far but I feel its already started affecting my wardrobe, the way I view my clothes and fashion and also the way I view myself. 

Surprisingly, I’ve found that I enjoy and find getting dressed in the morning to be so much easier than before! I believe that whats helped is in cutting down my wardrobes colours and by only picking out things I know suit me very well that I can make better and quicker clothing choices.

What I have also found is that taking a picture everyday? Its hard to find the time! Some I had to do earlier in the week when I have time rather than on the day and then sometimes I feel like wearing something different to what Id planned and I end up with the above, a photo of me in the mirror very early in the morning.

I’ve also realised that although a knit skirt is great and cute in principal in reality it stretched out strangely before lunch and looked bad for the rest of the day, so iv taken it out of the challenge. I can’t be doing with saggy skirts in the evening after all!

Lucky Sundays.



Its been getting cold, cold. Like so cold my normal hour and half journey to work took four. Cold enough that my car wouldn’t start and we had to push it out of the garage and jump start it kinda cold.

Im not a huge fan of the cold. And an even smaller fan of snow. Ok, lets be honest here snow is like my mortal enemy, its pretty and I used to like walking in it but then poorly ankles happened and the idea of falling in the snow became the worst prospect ever.

In fact I’d say the only snow i like is that in movies. In particular Camelot the musical is where I like snow best, which reminds me I must collect my christmas movies together as sundays in December aren’t Sundays without christmas movies.

Mondays unlike Sundays . . .


Don’t give you time for photo-shoots.

Unfortunately for you guys my work day means I don’t get home until eight o’clock at best, so taking photographs tend to take a back seat to things like catching up on news, Kate Middleton is pregnant? (Im hoping its a girl) and eating dinner etc . . . So for todays out fit all I have is this ->



Top – H&M (Current Season) Skirt – H&M (Past season – Basics Collection) (Skull) Scarf – Zara (Portugal) Belt – Next (2009)

And its in a mirror! double wammy of rubbishness! So I figured, this is a Monday! I cant be giving all you poor worker bees such a boring post so luckily the other day I shot some fun shots for date night, because too much work attire drives anyone crazy!



Jumper (Dorothy Perkins), Scarf (Fat Face), Top (H&M, this season), Necklace (Accessorize), Belt (Next, 2009), Skirt (H&M, this season), Boots (New Look, This season)

My apologies for the blurriness but we had to take these photos with our tiny camera (mini me). But also don’t you love the funnyness of these boots, I like to call these my cowgirl boots, but I like the whimsy they add to this outfit without them, this could be a bit plain!

Until next time, Have a lovely week! xoxo

30×30 Challenge . . .


So, I’ve been (lets be honest) petrified of finally taking the 30×30 plunge. I mean limiting myself to only 30 items for 30 outfits? Scar-ey so firstly I’m chickening out, thirty items in three weeks? That’s close enough right?

Saying that, however, really what am I worrying about? It’s not as if I wear my entire wardrobe anyway. Don’t tell my partner but I have more than one item of clothing that I’m holding onto just because I don’t wanna throw it out. For instance I bought a pair of green jeans back in 2011 sometime and I wore them for the first time in September . . . 2012! I don’t even like green that much!

That being said, I had a green shoes day . . .


However, for these reasons it only makes more sense to undertake the challenge. As I’ll be the first to admit that in recent years my shopping ability as made a sudden drop south. I’ve immersed myself in bad shopping habits, buying cheap as chips clothing and buying trends because I want them to look good on me, not because they suit me. Worst still I have repeatedly settled for clothing, to get that buzz that shopping creates when in fact it perhaps hasn’t properly fitted me. Tall girl problems.

I also got stuck in many a rut, millions of pairs of leggings? Check. Plain long t-shirts to go with legging’s? Check. Unsuitably cold jumpers that also make me bigger than I am? Check. Finally, jeans and trousers too short in the leg and poorly tailored? Hell yeah, I have some terrible rut clothing none of which is particularly my style in fact! Now as I feel I’m coming back to myself I find myself wearing more and more of the clothes that I bought back in secondary school. This being the case that because back then I bought higher quality, well fitting and colour suiting clothes, I wasn’t so swayed by fashion fads and better still my mum ever the honest one regularly filled me in in what didn’t suit me.

I miss her helpfulness. Unlike many girls, I love an honest opinion, but of course with that you need someone who you don’t mind hearing that from, so I figure josh or my mother are pretty much the only sensible people to take shopping with me . . . but then again living two hours away from my mother means its down to josh and to be honest I don’t know if he could put up with the amount of shopping I do . . .

Therefore it’s probably a good thing that I’m trying to not shop during this experience!

I am also currently loving BBC’s Some Girls, even though I’m English myself their leg. Accents just make this show even more amazing!