Holiday Capsule Wardrobe | India.




India! As I write this it is four in the afternoon and about 37 degrees C and as I spend time pulling off my clothes to photograph them I am kicking myself for not photographing them earlier! As it was and is with any holiday where you’re planning more than just throwing a few things into a bag and working it out when you get there the planning can take over a few weeks. Have we had all our injections? Deet? Sun cream? Will these fifteen items get us through 14 days? iPad? Plane entertainment?

As it was Emirates have probably been the better air service we have used for a long flight. There is more than enough entertainment made even better by being bumped into business class on one portion of the flight as well as pretty tasty food to boot! (Who knew that could happen?) but your probably not here for an aeroplane review right?

I think I was pretty restrained with my clothes packing this time and especially my shoes! Below is a list of what I actually bought with me!

Tops –

White and blue striped chambray backed shirt (autumn capsule – primark)
White and blue striped tee (primark – £3.99)
Cognac striped tee (h&m old)
White three quarter tee (h&m £6.99 old)
Black three quarter tee (h&m old)
White Zara tee (autumn capsule)
Moomins tee (for travelling, primark)
White shirt

Bottoms –

Denim leggings (h&m £12.99)
Blue harem trousers (next, autumn capsule)
Black harem trousers (next, £18)
Black leggings

Black maxi dress

Swimwear –

Black halter tankini (next, old)
Black tankini
Pink and white spotted bottoms (next, £3 sale)
Pink floral bottoms
Miami coverup (next £6 sale)
Kurta (worn as a coverup, from Ahmedabad)

Shoes –

White studded sandals
Pony skin navy slip ons (next autumn capsule £40)
Black walking sandals (not cute at all but dot he job!)

So there you have it! I haven’t photographed everything and as you can see I rarely photograph things on my iPad! Probably for good reason also because I’m running out of space on WordPress – horrific right?

Anyway so far I have found dressing a doddle! I even managed to throw in a few good capsule pieces! My staples will be the harem trousers as they were last time but after having worn my denim leggings today they may just be my favourite things! From h&m these feel as soft as leggings but while looking and including back pockets like jeans!

I have to tell you I have loved using the principals of a capsule wardrobe to make collections of clothing and looks that feel as effortless as they look. Dressing in a more interesting way has also been easier as well I think less choice makes you naturally more creative. The only downside now is that I am beginning to think about multiple capsules running at the same time but thats not quite the point now is it?

Hopefully I will be able to photograph a few of my looks for you guys in the up coming weeks but I will be honest, my jet lagged brain isn’t the most stimulating at present! Outfit on Sunday night? Striped tee, black harems and white sandals and Monday, denim look leggings striped shirt with chambray and white sandals!

Keep an eye out on Instagram @therealjlow for up to date photos and looks!