Craft | Make a dress into a Skirt


What you need: A pair of Scissors, Sewing thread, sewing machine

Did you know you could take a badly fitting dress and make a good skirt out of it instead and do so in only about…Oh, I dunno an hour? Even better you can do it for free.


Let me tell you if I can do this you can and even better you can do it without even really having to know how to sew and bonus as this is just for you, if its a little rough around the edges who cares?

Also if you want to watch someone do this on camera check out youtube there are so many tutorials out there its amazing. I watched about three before I took a deep breathe and did this for myself.

Firstly I made this really easy on myself by firstly choosing a dress that already has an elasticated waist band. From here I simply chopped the top of the dress off whilst allowing myself enough space to make a new waistband. Once I did this came the longest part of the process.
_DSC0408 _DSC0415

(It was a full scale, family mission in our house to get this sewing machine going. Thank heavens I’m marrying an engineer hey?)

Who knew that pins took so long to put in place? The reason for doing this is simple and that is so while you are feeding your fabric through the sewing machine the waistband can remain as even (or odd) as you want it to!

Once this was in place I very messily sewed the two sides of the fabric in place.


As you can see above this left the edges of the fabric (where I could get the foot of the machine close enough to the waistband to curl. In all honesty if I was in a rush I wouldn’t worry about this. (Only because this type of thing is only for me! I’m not selling this on so I wasn’t too bothered) However I had time so actually ended up manually sewing the edge to the internal part of the waist band allowing room for the fabric to stretch.

As you can see, once you’ve done this your waist band sits pretty flat! I also quite like the line through the middle as it makes it look a little bit strategic (even when it wasn’t at all). Also remember this tut gives good results uber fast so whilst its not a master piece its a great project to get you started!