Want to make Christmas cookies this year? Then this is the post for you


I try not to make Pinterest bakes but sometimes the season calls for a little cheesy goodness, or in this case, chocolately goodness in the form of Christmas cookies.

This adventure all began from a vlogger who I am slightly loathed to share because she’s so down to earth and untouched by ‘vlogger fame’ and just plain wonderful that I don’t particularly want to spoil it and yet at the same time, I think she’s amazing so here goes, Rhiannon Ashlee Vlogs alerted me to the christmas pudding cookies and I knew from that instance that I just had to make some myself!


Knowing the bakes that I like, I knew instantly that I wanted to make a christmas pudding cookies. To do that I wanted to use a tried and true Nigella Recipe! The only issue I hit was that it said it made 14 cookies and I was making mine for at least ten people so figured I would simply double the recipe. What should have been 28 cookies, made 64 so as you could imagine just one style was not enough, so instead I went full on Pinterest.

_DSC0408 I

Firstly I created two types of christmas puddings. One with Royal icing leaves and one with piped icing straight onto the Rolo (pushed into the centre whilst the cookies are still hot to create an xmas pudding) then I wrote on some of the plain chocolate chip and M&M cookies first with peoples names and second with ‘merry’ and ‘Xmas’. Then of course I made Reindeers…


Things I’ve learnt about myself during this experience? When doubling the recipe to include 600grams of flour, know that you probably won’t just make 28 cookies.

Two packs of 365grams of chocolate drops is at least four packs of m&ms. Speaking of M&M’s, taking out just two colours makes the rest of the bag look strange and with that in mind, it made me realise I never want to be responsible for fulfilling celebrities riders, you only want red and green M&M’s? its called, you work it out.

My work counter is too short for spending ages decorating things and surprisingly I am pretty patient when dealing with three trays in and out of the oven.

Making cookies is not as messy as marmalade. Although creating holly leaves out of Royal Icing was a nightmare.


You’ll be glad to know the cookies went down a treat so I can definitely attest to Nigellas recipe being amazing even if it makes a regular baker like me and you into a full scale operation. Honestly if we had a serving hatch in our kitchen I would have set up a shop. Don’t ask me about how I would get customers into our house at half one in the morning, because yes I was making royal icing holly leaves well into the next morning, but it was worth it. Right?

If anything this is why we don’t use Pinterest. It makes you make weird things into the morning and creating front room bakeries.

Bake | Need a Friday pick-me-up treat?


Friday treats are a must and with it being Autumn now this could be the last weekend to make the most of those warmer afternoons eating outdoors (or at least with a lovely sweater on!) so why not live it up this Friday?

Add to Brownies a little fudge sauce and the last of summer strawberries, perhaps some Ice Cream with vanilla pods and you’ve got yourself a party! Am I wrong?

Brownie Recipe +

Fudge Sauce Recipe+

Food | Three friends create a meal for one


It sounds strange right? Three people making one meal for one? Well lets start from the beginning, Josh was out, I was home alone and I asked some of our friends, what is their guilty pleasure food?

We came up with a lot of ideas but what I did have was a sweet potato. The first thing we came together with was sweet potato fries. Cut it up, (I only used half) mix it up with oil and a tiny bit of salt (if not making the kale to go with) shake them up and put them in the oven!

_DSC0388 _DSC0394

Now, if you don’t have a lot of time I have a cheat. Cut your potatoes into pieces and microwave the potato. Sweet potato doesn’t take as long as white potatoes so for it to be gently soft took only about 1 minute 30 on full blast. I did this before seasoning with salt, pepper and oil. Then I added grated parmesan and Cajun spice. Spice was our friend Pauls suggestion, there is nothing better than a good dose of spice for an extra flavour and kick to the palette! Once you’ve done this its a simple as throwing it in the oven (I don’t even think I can remember the temperature but I would assume I put it in at about 180).

Now for the next thing what to put with our sweet potato fries? My other friend who you have met on the blog before (Becky made those incredible florentines!) and she came up with some great ideas, baked Kale and soured cream! The way I mixed that up was adding crushed garlic to the kale (again seasoned with oil & salt) and chives in the soured cream.

So how do you bake Kale? It was the big question I had.


Its as crazy simple as baking your chips it can take up to fifteen minutes but I found it was done in barely five, you load up a baking tray with your kale and you shake it up with your seasoning of choice. In this case that was rapeseed oil, salt, pepper and crushed garlic (a lot of) you mix this up and tower that kale high! with the water content being so high in kale it gets a lot smaller when baked, so pile high! pop it in your oven (below your fries) and wait for the Kale to crisp up and the fries to colour up and become crispy.

To finish pile your fries on top of your crispy kale, add a dollop of soured cream and voila a meal for one in barely any time! Bonus it’s vegetarian and filling! The trifecta!