Happiness is … time for baking


Fudge topped brownies 

(Who just needs brownies when you can have fudge sauce on top as well? Also I made both of these with pre mix because I just didn’t have time for full on stuff! I have zero judgement for using pre mix)

I can have the most insanely filled weekends but fitting in, baking or watching a girlie movie or even reading a magazine can instantly turn busy insanity around to a relaxed weekend.

With a wedding on the horizon our weekends are getting more and more jam packed (especially once we add in gardening!) but this weekend we had my lovely sister in law around and Joshes best friend in the world Paul around meaning in the course of one day we managed to get some shopping in, a frappe stop off, pick up some of the suits for the wedding as well as de weeding the front garden and of course baking fudgy brownies and cookies…


These are my particular favourites. I mix nigellas recipe for double chocolate cookies and then I either put a caramel button in the centre or this time a piece of malteasers chocolate. They taste amazing and are also ridiculously fun and relatively simple! Next time I am tempted to add popping candy (Joshes favourite thing) so this is what happiness looks like this week, baking cookies and watching the second season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix (love this show so much!)

Fashion | The little peplum tank that could

_DSC0434 _DSC0475

Bomber Jacket: Next, Peplum tank: New Look, Jeans: New Look, Red Lace up flats: New Look

I have to keep reminding myself when I buy something new that it needs to be a little more different than just another basic. A black tank is cool, but a peplum tank is better.

I always find myself admiring other women rocking trends and having their wardrobe change. Its not in fact that they have an unlimited budget but that they allow space for more statements and trends then basics. I’m addicted to buy a great basic T but I know i need to invest more in things to be excited by after all jeans and a T shirt are simply just Jeans and a T Shirt but adding a peplum makes it even better.

_DSC0447 _DSC0470

The Weekend | Happiness is . . .

_DSC0396 _DSC0440
It might sound obvious but finding time off on the weekend has not always been that easy for me. Although in the past I’ve been known to be a homebody as an adult I took on some many side projects that filling the weekend was more than easy to do.

Since moving we have slowed this down and have found more downtime in our weekends for relaxed fun. This weekend we spent saturday literally running errands and napping. Although we did fit in a quick walk around the village as the sun went down which was amazing.

On Sunday however we weren’t so certain what the day would hold. We started off with some fruit and cooked breakfast before heading off to a national trust property in Sevenoaks. Unfortunately it turned out that everyone else had had a similar idea so not long after we found ourselves in Tonbridge. Getting out of the house seems to be a key component for feeling happy. There is really little better than time spent wondering with Josh before coming home to paint our fence in the sunshine.

This weeks happiness therefore was simple. Happiness is . . . doing very little at all.


The Weekend |Post Sharing, Sarah Jenks Finding your sweet spot


(A fantastically fuzzy photo from our Devonshire holiday last year! one thing I know to be incredibly therapeutic for me is long walks and this was a week of really, good walks! Also pig tails and a hat with ears how could you go wrong?)

I never usually do this but having read Sarahs post on the train I couldn’t help but sit back and stare out of my window and go yes, this is something I need to work on for myself today.

If you’re anything like me then you are a busy woman. You take on a lot and struggle saying no to things that interest you, even when your perhaps already sinking under responsibility and what else you have to achieve.

It seems to be an increasingly difficult thing to balance. In fact this post+ from last week about making time for tea is along the same lines! But enough about that, what about Sarah Jenks and her blog post about finding you sweet spot? This is one of those articles that just comes at the right time and from the comments I don’t seem to be the only one either!

This is well worth a read for anyone feeling overwhelmed with too many moving parts and not enough satisfaction and results from all that flustering! Sarah’s reply to comment is my favourite take away and that is,

“…Which of the 2 career paths most fuels you? If it’s quitting your day job, crunch the numbers and figure out what you would need to make your part-time job your full-time job and lay out a plan to make it happen so you can quit one of them on “x” day. If you’re most committed to your day job, figure out how you can earn more to quit the other. I hope that helps!”

Remember this doesn’t have to be applied to a career question but in all areas of your life. What fuels you and what gives you the most joy? Then choose that path over the other and ask, is this more fulfilling?

I know I haven’t found my sweet spot yet but I also feel like I’m closer to knowing, and that seems to be half the battle!

Read Sarahs article here+ and check out her blog and business! Its all about living more and as my Grandma would say, the time for living is now!


Fashion | Everything in Black & the Boxy Jacket


(Major Smize, I’ve been feeling the moody clothing vibe. Also these jeans are rolled twice! Serious long lengths from the New look tall section!)


Big busted and wearing a boxy jacket? It should probably be a fashion crime but then again maybe thats why I like it so much.

In the last couple of weeks I have been working on a couple of SS16 posts and they have all been very much focused on mixing it up and being braver with clothes. Now wearing black is rarely a brave statement, if anything it is a fall back but an unflattering shape & a neck tie? Its just safe enough and just exciting enough to work, although I think it looks better in person.

The scarf is Zara, The jacket Asda, The sweater Tesco, Jeans and boots New Look which is also nice as I so rarely mix stores so well! (I am a little bit of a Zara addict right now!).

_DSC0397 _DSC0395

The Weekend | Gone Walking



Hat: Accessorize, Puffa Jacket: Fat Face, Grey wool blend sweater: Gap, Leggings: H&M, Socks: Fat Face, Walking Boots: Millets 

The Weekend | Gone Walking Even pre wedding we have been big fans of a good walk. Last Sunday we took a last minute trip to Knole in Sevenoaks. Now upon leaving our house we were unaware of the large amount of snow that we were about to encounter. Thankfully Knole is just as beautiful in the snow as any time in the year and we enjoyed a wonder through the park with a cup of tea (and maybe a shared shortbread) seeing the deer and enjoying the biting, fresh air. Therefore if you need a good plan for the weekend, may I suggest a good country walk? Oh and not forgetting a bobble hat and lilac socks of course . . . _DSC0480
_DSC0433 _DSC0484

Fashion & Capsule Wardrobes | The transitional wardrobe


Henley T in red, Grey cold shoulder T, Yellow Owl T, Yellow Patterned T, Cobalt lace skirt, Striped Dress

Fashion & Capsule Wardrobes | The transitional wardrobe

Something, which I struggle with, is transitioning wardrobes. I don’t mean straight up summer to autumn or autumn or winter but more particularly the time between December and May. Partially I blame the high amount of celebrations between summer and Christmas but also I lament the lack of colour.

I think the world of high street fashion has truly embraced this idea of a capsule wardrobe and with that embraced the power of classic basics. It feels like we are all searching for those ultimate classics but with that comes the lack of out there fun and colour.

Not only am I missing fun but with the colder parts of winter to come I now feel the need to re introduce some much needed colour to keep the spirits up.

Now as I don’t wish to break the bank with transitional pieces I have done a quick run through of new items at H&M to show how to introduce some transitional colour into a more simplistic wardrobe. Also stay tuned as I am already planning spring colours! Say hello to orange, red and coral!

Fashion | Walking by the sea

_DSC0440 _DSC0464

The seal in the Bay |

We are so lucky that in recent years we have had family in some truly beautiful places. Ever since I was young my grandparents have lived in Devon and because of this I have some of the best memories of Devon and its beautiful coasts. One thing which told me Josh was the one is that he also adores a good british coast and even better he’s not afraid of a very long walk.

Taking my grandparents advice we took a walk from Paignton to Brixham when we were last down in October. Now in my Nannas mind that meant walking one way, getting a bus like a normal person however when its me and Josh you know what we did, we walked back. 10 miles roughly in fact.

On the very plus side we got to spend a glorious half an hour watching a rather loud seal snore peacefully in the bay. Apparently he is a Brixham local but he was fantastic to watch.

_DSC0441 _DSC0484

All I want for New Years is . . .


Mariah Carey is not the obvious choice for new years resolutions however with new years here and glistening its that typical blog time where we tell the world our plans to stop ourselves backing out so here I am, deep breath, here goes . . .

_DSC0449 _DSC0458

Be more brave and exploratory

2015 certainly had its break throughs and big steps but for 2016 I want to be even less timid about mine and Joshes future and where necessary make the harder choices to secure the better path. At 25 I realise that its not enough to go easy, to make allowances but to instead be a little bolder and a little braver.

Health in all forms

Buy a house and then see how your well being drops.

In 2015 we have stressed ourselves to max, forgotten all our good eating habits and become sloppy. Like million across the globe, January means health, it means more exercise and it means being more serious about making good food choices.



Be more saving savvy

Pre-house we were so good at saving it hurt. We pushed for making ourselves as secure as possible and honestly owning a house costs far more than just a deposit, it requires fixes (quick and long) it needs your attention and then other things do to, like when your car breaks down, you cough up that cash but it does take its toll if your not replacing those depleted funds properly.

Thats not to say that we haven’t been saving, we have but not to the same extent that we would like. I’d also like to put a disclaimer in here, from what adulthood has taught me we are not the modern norm to want to save and to put away, the way we do. I like flying by the seat of my pants on most things but for me being secure monetarily is not fly by the seat of your pants acceptable. So in the months of February and March (which in the UK are non council tax months) myself and Josh are going to challenge ourselves to get out a small, set amount of cash for the month and try not to spend anymore than that. Its gonna be a challenge but we are excited for it a chance just to see how much we can live on. So stay tuned for more on this and how you can join along!

And then . . .

Thats it really. We have other things happening in 2016 like getting married etc but these are the right now things, keep your fingers crossed for me and lets see where 2016 takes us all!

Christmas Shopping | #oneforyouoneforme

srkle copy

Longline Sparkle Cardi, Faux fur wrap, Shimmer top, Sequin shoes

I hate to say that shopping can be problematic because honestly its one of my favourite hobbies. However when shopping for Christmas with family and friends over the age of about eight it gets a lot harder. Gone are the days of buying the latest toy obsession for my cousins or there being something you really wanted but couldn’t afford. Instead we all buy what we want, when we want it making it all around harder come Christmas time. Whats a girl to do?

Look at the pretty things of course!

The first problem will be this, will they love it? Whilst the second, will they wear it? I actually found that most of these items could work for any number of women in my family, the key was to find something beautiful or sparkly mixed in with what we need, so for my mum and nanna they like something to keep them warm so mix sparkle with a cardi and that is a keeper! Pair a handy faux fur stole with it and voila! A seasonally appropriate winter outfit + a must needed boost of warmth! Then obviously glittery shoes (perfect for my sister in law (Boo) or even a great friend) a mildly shimmery top with cut sleeves all paired with jeans makes an easy look, festive.

fuxfur copy

Faux Fur Gilet

Oh, faux fur. Come to me.

I knew exactly what I was looking for this winter and it looked a lot like a faux fur gilet. I have considered them for the longest time, but now is when to take the plunge! This makes me want to mix fabrics, adding leather makes it tougher, sheer tops or silk add glamour whilst pulled over another jacket mixes practical with fun.

2nd copyBlanket Scarf, Chevron Stitch Poncho, Suede Skirt, Shimmer Box T,  Faux fur trim gloves

Eventually it might get cold in the UK and when it does, we want to be ready. The suede skirt is 100% my mum, she adores suede, in fact if she could have an outfit made of suede then I think she would! For me I also love the brand, Taller Than Your Averages collaboration with Long Tall Sally’s (TTYA London) suede dress which looks phenomenal.

trjl sli

You should never underestimate the power of a good pair of slippers. When it comes to christmas I am all about stocking up with a nice warm pair to keep my toes toasty when it gets icy.

These are just a few of the items I love from Long Tall Sally this season, check out their site for more ideas and follow the hashtag #oneforyouoneforme to see other bloggers favourites and recommendations!

Outfit of the Week | That London Work Dress.


Outfit | That London work-dress look

Post-capsule wardrobe I have concentrated a lot on buying items that I will wear an awful lot whilst also paying attention to having items that are different and which stand out in my wardrobe.

Two ideas, which have all too often been at odds. This dress is not one of them. Bought from Zara, I love, love, love this dress! As a knit jersey blend it is my favourite mix of structure with comfort. Plus can you see? Stripes.

I am a massive stripe fan, you can’t go wrong with classic stripes. My favourite thing about this dress of course is how simple it is to put on, to look put together and the triple thread, to be comfortable! If you work in the city, or just an office that needs smart this dress could be your savour!

Even better, its really reasonably priced at only £17.99. This is the post Christmas Party dream dress for sure!


Christmas Beauty buys for under £30


Neals Yard, Normal Skincare Kit, Benefit, Most Glamorous Nudes, Clinique, Whole lotta chubby, Laura Mercier, In The Glow Trio, Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Eclat (01) Mini Mascara Duo Gift Set,

It might seem a little unlike me to post about beauty buys but Christmas is my ultimate favourite time to indulge in skincare and make up. Over the years my tastes and choices have changed but the feeling of excitement when unwrapping a new beauty gift set of products has never lost its shine.

This year I have certainly upped my game in the products I use and the above reflects this but even though they are high quality products every kit above comes in under, £3o! Which in the grand scheme of things is really nothing.

The Clinique Chubby Sticks are what I would suggest for anyone whose a little lazy with beauty or who wants something simple but effective. I swear by the Chubby Stick baby tint for everyday lips and I am really interested to see how the cheek tint works next!

Neal’s Yard products are just winter musts. They smell amazing and moisturise like no ones business and even better they look amazing on your nightstand when your not using them! I love this collection for giving your skin that much needed boost!


Benefit glamorous eyes. Benefit are just a solid for anytime you want to find yourself a healthy blush! I have been on the lookout for a great nudes pack and I love the sheen that benefit products usually have.

I have wanted to try Laura Mercier for the longest time. Its a product line which so many people have been speaking about and singing their praises about this whole year that I just feel that this would make a wonderful starter kit. I’m all about natural healthy glow as I said before so anything to help lift my spirits this winter is a go with me!

Finally, YSL are one of my ultimate favourite make up brands. I swear by their lipsticks (they don’t budge and are crazy flattering) whilst the Touche Eclat range is just so light and flawless how could you go wrong? This set includes the original Touche Eclat in 01 and also a mascara so for £20 you cannot afford to miss this!

(Yes I have linked all these products to John Lewis but this was just because it was easier to look through. I am in no way affiliated with this brand and I make no money from your clicks anywhere on this post.)