therealjlow goes to Paris!

There is something so fantastic about living in Europe; firstly it gives you the ability to just pop across to so many incredible countries at almost, a drop of a hat and last week we were blessed with a trip to Paris. Taking the Eurostar, Josh was suitably impressed (I think him taking the train was probably his favourite part!) and we barely spent anytime travelling which meant that we got more time to enjoy the delights of Paris.

The highlight was finding the parts of Paris less touched by tourism, such as our walk along the seine which even allowed us to stumble upon Ponts Des Arts bridge as well as another which plays music via bluetooth, now if thats not rock ’n’ roll, I don’t know what is.

Jumper: George, Asda 2013, Bag: Fatboy (freebee from 2009), Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Accessorize, Sale, Leggings: H&M basics

The Capsule Wardrobe |

Now, I travelled with a slightly revised Capsule Wardrobe with everything being in my capsule bar one dress, which was bought from H&M two years ago and has been seen plenty of times before on the blog!

The reason for this was that I wanted another dress which went well with this purple jumper above and could be worn in a smarter way for tasty dinners out! On the night I wore this we took a stroll from The Eiffel Tower to the Champs de Elysee where we stopped into an off the street restaurant. Here we ate duck, dauphinoise potatoes and drank a far too large glass of wine which led us to finding who we believe is the French’s answer to Daniel Radcliffe on the Metro!

Fuzzy scarf: Dorothy Perkins, Coat: Next, Shoes: Clarks

The Eiffel Tower

I swear I thought I was going to toss my cookies on the way up and let me tell you its then that being a tall woman who is afraid of heights is only half the embarrassment! Once I was up there however I found my footing and I’m sure with a dab of better weather the view would be spectacular but even with a thick fog I’m proud to say that I was able to reach the top and without taking the stairs!


This (below) is the only outfit that I wore and convinced a french gentleman that I too was french. I’d like to think that it was this but it could of course been because I was refusing to speak in any language other than French. This proved to be incredibly confusing for Josh who had to decipher one bonjour, ma petit pois from another. That and I kept saying yes in Italian rather than French, because thats not confusing with a british accent . . .

Scarf: Dorothy Perkins, Coat: Next, Striped Tee: Primark, Waterfall Jumper: George, Asda, Jeans: Zara, Trainers: New Balance

I honestly took a thousand photos of Josh on this trip, I don’t think he was that pleased some of the time, but that could just be because he knows I’m actually building a Josh shrine for whenever he has to go out of town without me, but thats perfectly normal right?


We almost didn’t make it to the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre and what a shame that would be! We had fantastic weather which made our view over the city only that more spectacular. Walking up to the top is somewhat of a mission but man are the views worth it!

The Wardrobe |

As it was our last day, leggings where allowed, paired with my Pinterest Challenge look+ This is possibly the most ideal tourist outfit but I will leave that up to you guys to decide!

I need a cure for bobbles also! If you guys have one please let me know cause this is terrible!

Paris overall is truly a beautiful city (best in the sun or rain!) however we had to both agree, Rome however still has the most of our travelling heart so it will be a challenge to see where we can go next!

For other photos check out my Instagram for realtime Paris and of course obligatory Macaroon shots!

AW Capsule Wardrobe| Get Suited Up

Blazer: H&M, Tank top: H&M, Necklace: Accessorize, Bag: Zara, Trousers: Zara, Heels: Clarks

Wearing smart clothes can easily be a chore but finding a great fit can mean the ultimate difference between suffering in black polyester and enjoying workwear.

As I have mentioned before I don’t have to dress up as if I have an appointment with the bank, instead I am blessed to be able to experiment and play with all types of clothes and outfits on a daily basis.

What I love about these trousers is how instantly smart I feel when wearing them. I love a fun pinstripe and pairing these with killer heels makes them all that much more exciting. I am sad to say that these don’t get worn all that often unfortunately. Similarly to the white shirt and even my plaid shirt certain items aren’t for the everyday but instead are more stand out pieces that you wear occasionally.

Which is why for me the capsule wardrobe is unsustainable in the long run. I’m not jumping off the bandwagon right here but I do know that in a few years time when I have my basics down and I have some great exciting pieces I won’t want to throw stuff out just to sit within a limit. I also know that I am not someone who likes to live with a uniform, making dressing easier is fun and makes the everyday uber easy but in the long run I want pieces like these trousers fun for the occasion when you want to be supersmart but perhaps not part of your everyday 40 pieces. However we have half a year of lessons still to go so for Spring 2015 I will take these babies out of rotation once again but until then, this hopefully won’t be the last of these bankers style, pinstripes.

Making The Winter Capsule Wardrobe Easy| Using Colour

As the New Year hits so does a new Capsule Wardrobe! This capsule came far easier than the last and for the last 5 days at least its been working pretty perfectly. This capsule is a little more colourful, a little more adventurous and a lot more personalized. In this post I’m gonna give you your first peek into all the pieces (or as many as I had washed) and give you a few of my thoughts on the Capsule going forward . . . as well as some tricks for choosing the perfect colour palette from into-mind for making a capsule wardrobe the easiest thing in the world.

T-Shirts & Tops

Black T-shirt: Zara, Navy T-shirt: Zara, Grey T-shirt: H&M, White T-shirt: Zara, Green Dress: Gap, Stripes and Chambray T: Primark, Acid Yellow T-shirt: Zara, Black Dress: Zara

The Sweaters & Cardigans

Paris Jumper: c/o Long Tall Sally (2014) Sale!, Deep Purple Triangle Jumper: George, Asda (2014), Long wrap Burgundy cardigan: Next PLC (2014) Same in a beautiful Pink!

Lime Green Jumper: Primark, Mustard Cardigan: Next PLC (2012) Similar, White and Grey Waterfall jumper: George, Asda (2013) Similar


Plaid: Gap (2013) Similar, Cobalt Shirt: Marks and Spencers

Chambray: H&M (Mens, 2012) Similar, White shirt: H&M (Mens) Similar Boyfriend shirt from ASOS

Jackets and Dresses

Black Blazer: Zara, Pale Pink Jersey Blazer: H&M Very Similar, Patterned Blazer: H&M

Blue patterned Dress: Monsoon, Grey “Sexy” Dress: H&M, In store, Purple Tea Dress: H&M, Now in store more than likely, On sale.

Skirts and Trousers!

Navy embellished scuba skirt: H&M (2014) In Sale, Navy Pinstripe Trousers: Zara (2014) In Sale, in Store, Black and White houndstooth Trousers: Zara (2014) on Sale, In Store.

Distressed skinny jeans: Zara (2014/15), Black Skinny Jeans: Zara (2014), Purple Fuzzy Skirt: Marks and Spencers (2014)

Heels and Boots

“Workmen” boots: George, Asda (2014) no longer avail but I love these!, Red Heels: Clarks (2013) This style is no longer available but Kendra is just as comfy and cute! (this is a matching red!), Black and White heels: New Look (2014), Blue Suede Booties: Clarks (2014/15)- No longer available in this colour way however Lolly Dolly is available in Taupe! Knee High Boots: c/o Long Tall Sally (2014) No longer available L Similar in black!

Brown “suede”: New Look (2012/13) Pony Skin flat trainers: Next PLC, Leopard Print Flats: New Look 2013

Shoes & Accessories

Red Flats: New Look, 2013, White Furry Box: Zara, Purple Gloves: Marks and Spencer, Lilac fur Stole: Monsoon, Brown Ankle Boots: New Look, Grey Knitted Gloves, by Joshes Grandmother & Yellow Knitted Headband: therealjlow | Shop

Making a Capsule Wardrobe Easy | Using Colour

If you want to start somewhere when creating your capsule wardrobe and its not with me than like me you will go to into-mind. The blogs writer Anuschka has created into-mind as a one stop shop for all your minimalist and more importantly, dressing needs. From developing your own personal style to creating a colour scheme, Anuschka’s got you covered.

What I love most about into-mind above all over minimalist and dressing blogs is that she knows the most important part of dressing yourself is this, you. There’s been an awful lot of greyscale going on in the blogging world and although I love it for the most part I also know that for me, greyscale was never going to work. Unlike many minimalists who go straight for the black, white and grey, often to make things even simpler I found a wardrobe bereft of colour to be a very sad place indeed.

Therefore it was my mission to make my winter wardrobe a place of perfectly balanced colour and greyscale because Anuschka’s post on this is almost too perfect I’m not going to ruin it with my own interpretation but instead lead you to it here+

So here’s the Into-mind colour basics;

  • Main Colours
  • Accent Colours
  • Neutrals

Main Colours

 3 shades that represent the essence of your style concept . . .

  • Navy
  • Burgundy
  • Pink

Accent Shades

4 colours to add variety. . .

  • Acid Yellow
  • Mustard
  • Cobalt
  • Red


2 colours to support and balance out the other shades . . .

  • Black
  • Grey
  • & White

Into-Mind speaks about starting by choosing colours you naturally gravitate towards. Instead of what I gravitate towards I instead went for colours, which were speaking to me this fall/winter. If you are going the traditional minimalist route you’ll need to focus less on fashion. For instance, I choose the limey yellows because yes I like them, but, as I have never bought them before I also wondered if I was somewhat encouraged by fashion and what’s been seen in stores. It also helps that it went excellently with my fall colours already in my wardrobe. That being said I would have to confirm that this colour palette feels like me and my personal style as far as the colder months go I always love the warmer colours and as well as this I also suit them better as well!

The next major part? Do they all go together easily?

At the end of the Fall Capsule I hit the style jackpot, purple, blue and red. A somewhat unexpected concept I finally felt like my wardrobe was finally working for me so moving into this capsule my first stop was colour. I wanted to keep the same basics from my Fall capsule but also add a few alterations to keep my wardrobe moving and not feeling as stale as when I started with a load of basics and no idea how to make them exciting.

The yellow was by accident, it almost fell in my lap one Saturday afternoon in December this jumper literally yelled at me in Primark and it began me thinking about colour and pattern. Pattern is difficult in its limiting power, sure by spring I won’t be able to escape florals and stripes in my capsule but for now colour seemed the better option especially when having to layer pieces to keep warm. On top of the yellow, I choose a pale pink to offset the purple and give another dimention to my outfits as well as expanding my burgundy’s to bright red accents and pinker tones as well as keeping a flash of cobalt and some leopard print and plaid of course!

The colours for Winter were really easy in the grand scheme of things. Mainly due to having had most of them ready from Fall, but that’s not to say that they will stay the same year round. Unlike others undertaking this challenge I want to be able to really switch my wardrobes from winter to summer. This means come spring I am looking to have a serious overhall and although I can’t promise I won’t be including my trusty Navy I also feel like some pastels are going to be coming our way and some outrageous florals!

therealjlow 2014 in review and resolutions.

Recaps and resolutions.

Its only been in recent years that I have begun making resolutions. Not a big fan, its taken a while to realise the benefits in having goals for yourself and not just for your career or business. This year has been incredible because it has been stabilising. Finally after almost three years I feel like I have a handle on this whole being an adult out of university business. We are no longer making really silly mistakes with our finances and time management but instead have been saving up a storm and making ‘us’ time which has been vital in our day to day happiness. So in this year to come its all about making big steps in small ways that don’t undo our past years good work but instead start building pillars on our new shiny foundations!

Make things easier on myself.

Did you know that I am entirely self taught on photoshop? Probably you didn’t, mainly because (I’m secretly uber proud) that therealjlow doesn’t use any photoshop, “retouching.” Thats not to say it won’t in the future but bar a few crafty Instagram filters therealjlow is all, you get what you see and yes that is my real face and in all its “real” glory. But in my day job a huge percentage of my day is filled with photoshop used, professionally.

However, I have never taken a class, read probably three tutorials in my lifetime and watched 1 youtube video and although that should make me incredibly proud its also made me frustrated and upset more than once – why? Because what came to others easily was harder for me and for one really daft reason, because I thought it would be better to fiddle until I learnt it. Well here’s the thing, there are tricks to photoshop as there are in all things and this year I have decided to not make everything so difficult and to instead make everything that little bit easier. So hello tutorials, books and workshops, I’m coming for you!

Personal goal? – to take a short course on Fashion Journalism

Work Goal? – To take an up to date course on social media and in particular getting the most out of analytics and associated programs.

Start planning a wedding!

In 2014 something huge happened! We got engaged! A massive milestone which I haven’t really spoken about here is that by November this year we had only done one thing towards actually getting married and that was choosing a time and rough estimate for when we wanted it to happen, October 2016! Now any woman who has gotten married will tell you that in the grand scheme of things that is hardly any time at all! But of course you’ve met me (and heard I like to do things the long way) so of course I am eager to accept the challenge of getting a lot done in a short space of time so here goes in 2015 we will start planning! (or at least looking busy)

Personal Goal – to find and put a deposit down on a venue and get our theme together!

therealjlow will . . . . get a domain at least!

Finally you might be thinking I am planning on taking the plunge and moving therealjlow to be hosted elsewhere and to have its own domain. Its gotten to a point that I think therealjlow deserves its own space on the internet and I hope you agree that this is the next step!

I would love to have some of your thoughts what do you love on blog sites and what do you hate? I’m talking layout and usability! I know my own pet peeves but as readers this will be more important to you all! So please leave any thoughts you have below or on any post or even email me! on

therealjlow photos

Have you noticed a pattern up there? I always put my head to the same side and worse the backgrounds are getting more than boring, right? definitely time to find some new photograph spots!


This feels a little bit like the last non big deals year for a while with 2016 hopefully being getting married and 2017 being a house this is our year for saving and getting ourselves as together as possible.

The clothes –

This year has been the year of good outfits. Clothing wise I am somewhat better dressed and as that was my aim I’m pretty proud of that!

Keep an eye out for my winter capsule! Ack! I am super pleased with this one and I hope you guys will be too! Equally however I am also very much excited for Spring! haha see you back to normal come Monday!


Outfit Thirteen | Thoughts on the shame tuck and T-shirts and Jeans


Let me tell you I have always, always, always wanted to be a Jeans and a T kind of girl. As a teenager growing up I listened to enough female singers lament about how they are just a jeans and T girl at heart to find myself longing to be a part of their gang!

The reality of this however is that I’m not entirely sure that I really suit this style. Of course I at first blamed my body shape; being an apple you always struggle with how your stomach donates a separate size to your legs. Got a waist band that isn’t hurting? Well then you have to have swathes of fabric on your legs and in my case on my none-existent hips. However if I downsize on the waist so my legs are happy? Hello muffin top! Which is never cute, especially with that whole none-existent hip issue you then lose your waist as well! Double whammy!

So luckily with time I have learnt to half tuck my less fitted T-shirts* which allows me to half rock the look. However while wearing it I always feel a little underdressed and incredibly young! Probably because I spent so much time as a teenager trying to get the look together that now I just associate Jeans and a T-shirt with being a teen. So one way to mix up a simple look like this? Accessories, always, always accessories.

This time it’s all about my new faux fur stole from Dorothy Perkins, I bought it last week and let me tell you it is already off of the site and nowhere to be seen in stores! That’s because it was a great price (£18! Hello, so cheap!) And what a great colour as well! I was hoping that they would have it in a forest green but alas you can’t have everything! Next week, I’m going to share my new clutch which I am totally in love with from Zara! With that however I think I might have to now put a halt to the faux fur buying! I loved this look when I wore it out last Saturday and I always feel like adding stripes, bright colours and boots really does make what should be a simple look, work for me.

What do you think about dressing up simple looks? And also what works for you on pieces that you don’t feel always suit perfectly?

*Why do I do the half tuck?

I think within the personal style blogging industry the ‘shame tuck’ is discussed a lot and often, negatively. Why I still use this despite the fact that many believe a full tuck or untucked looks better is because for my body shape this works in covering the bits I don’t like so much.

There are of course times where this isn’t needed or doesn’t work but the shame tuck acts like most techniques stylists etc use to show off your best bits and hide the bits you don’t like so much! I have great legs (even though if you pay enough attention you will notice my left, your right calf is quite a bit smaller than my right thanks to my injury). I also have good arms if I remember to use toning weights but then I am also busty and an apple shape so my weight is all centred in one place, my middle. In using the shame tuck I’m able to show my narrower areas while covering my wider ones which ultimately make me appear more balanced.

I also want to stress that I don’t just use this in photos but also in real life to make all my outfits look better. I also don’t use photoshop really ever on my posts, why? Well that’s a story for another time but I thought it would be interesting to point out.


First week blues.

My new blue Elephant dressing gown from india . . .

The first week back is always the hardest right? It doesn’t matter that you love your job or you’re majorly excited to sleep in your own bed, eat your favourite foods and not worry about ensuring that you have antibacterial hand gel in your purse constantly the first week back? But the first week back? Forget about it.

Unfortunately life won’t wait for me to go on vacay indefinitely but it will let me make the everyday that bit more special and I thought why not share a few of my favourite things along the way, so here goes here are some of the things that I will be wearing and using to make the first week less blue and a little more colourful.

My smaller make-up bag (again from India)

Accessorize, Leopard print scarf, Burgundy Hat, Marks and Spencer, Beaded Necklace (India)

Snuggling down with our new quilt . . .

And finally? A fancy Lipbalm, Facial Moisturiser and a bright lip to perk up the other day and then a great candle for an end of week bath*, can’t get better than that right?  

*I will of course bathe daily as well as on Friday – I just wanted to clear that one up for you!

The Capsule Wardrobe | First week reflections and Shopping Mistakes

First Week Thoughts.

I wouldn’t say that the first week was the hardest. I found dressing a doddle with less items to choose from. I pulled out my favourite things without any freaking out and I felt well dressed and put together everyday which was a huge change from previously where I have had weeks of horrendous dressing.

I think it is easy because you have some new pieces and it all looks fresh and perfect but the second week, oh the second week I feel is the kicker. Am I already getting shopping pangs? Yes. Have I already gone out and bought a house full of new clothes? Thankfully not. What is helping, is my decision to only replace and to keep my wardrobe as a space for only great classic pieces and statement pieces. This has, so far stopped me from getting carried away or buying any cheap throwaway pieces.

What I think will be the problem is, this is only the first few weeks and they are probably the easiest so please do remind me to keep my perspective as we move forward!

Shopping Mistakes |

When it comes to shopping we probably all have those little habits which can make something fun and experimental into something potentially dangerous for bank balances and wardrobe space all over the world. When I first looked into The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge my main concern was overcoming my own bad habits. Was I going to start a big challenge only to fall half way around because of shopping? How could I make it achievable? So my first step to making the challenge possible was taking a really hard look at myself and admitting how I was a bad shopper.

The two main points that came up time and time again where;

– Buying multiples


– Buying cheap fixes

The multiples part is the big one for me. My mum is who noticed it first when I was a child. She always told me that I was a ‘collector’ of things. Whether that was books to beanie babies I was never happy with just one and when it comes to clothes thats no different.

There is a great example of this from this summer. When it comes to clothes its when I find an item that I love and suddenly I will want it in multiple colours (or patterns). I reckon that this is because in my mind I worry about finding something great, having it break or go missing and not having a back up. Thats quite frankly the silliest thing that I do while shopping and I believe that like minimising OCD you have to go against what you naturally want to do, to try and break that pattern. So one of my rules that I implemented and am having Josh watch over is no more multiples!

The second is shopping to make yourself feel better. Isn’t that what a lot of us do, even if its just sometimes? For me personally I think I am going to cure this by having a shopping list. I am not taking the three months off of shopping completely (just because in the first year I want to make sure I have a great collection of basics for every season that I can work off of moving forward.) So if its not on the list it isn’t being bought.

There will of course be times where I might slip or need Josh and my family to keep in line but I think thats what the first year will be about and thats making mistakes and working out the best way to make a capsule wardrobe work for you as an individual moving forward. I’m certainly not going to be beating myself up over this as if you want something to stick it can’t always be like a diet as you tend to always break those eventually . . .

Birthday Window Shopping


Because its my birthday today (24 years young if you were at all interested . . . no?) I thought that yes, I could chat your ear off about capsule wardrobes and my love of all things paired back but then I thought no, why not torture ourselves with cute things instead! Sound reasonable?

Accessories wise, I still have a few pieces left that are a possibility, a hat and some more faux fur so I just had to search out some of the best options! Shoe wise I’m still drooling over walking boot style boots and these ones are just . . . sigh, an, ‘I wish’ moment. Then I saw these flats in an Instagram from Next and who can say no to pattern mixing? So fun! Finally of course is the basic piece that I have been considering since they hit the stores in August, a long cardigan paired with jeans and a white tee shirt, over dresses or even cuddled up on the couch this is the dream my friends, the dream.

1. Fedora Hat, Marks and Spencer,

2. Walking style boots, New Look,

3. Faux Fur Stole, Topshop,

4. Long Cardigan, Next,

5. Pattern mixing flats, Next PLC

Keep your fingers crossed that I may fill you all in on my first week Capsule dressing either tomorrow or on Saturday morning! until then enjoy browsing!


Oh so (not) Vintage.

I would like to introduce you to my most recent sale purchase. This yellow, white and black floral skirt was all alone in Dorothy Perkins and in my size so of course it had to come home with me right? It would get lonely on its own after all.

I think what I love most about it, is it has a vintage vibe. A great vintage vibe is all good in my books. Sure I’ll never look as good as the lovely Gemma but a girl can dream right?

I’m super excited for this weekend as a three day weekend is about three times just as great as a normal weekend. Also my fiancé made me watch the second Hobbit film this past weekend. Now, I know I had read the book at least three times as a child but for my own sanity I must have wiped it from my memory – how have they even contemplated making three films out of that one tiny book? Also I thought that film would never end. In fact i’m very grateful that now on Friday that I’m not in fact still watching it. Me and the Hobbit therefore? Not firm Friends.

Wherever you are enjoy your weekends whether they be one day, two days or three!


Capsule Wardrobe: Building on Classics.

Build a capsule wardrobe of classic shapes

Hit pause on throwaway fashion

I realise now that my clothes have a drastically different purpose to what they had even a year ago. They need to take me from the train to the office to cycling around kent to dinner to awards ceremonies. There is less space in my wardrobe for throwaway fashion nowadays. Of course for high fashion theres still a need for the occasional piece but for a wardrobe full? I don’t think so!

More important for 2014/15 is having those basics that can transform from season to season and make anything they touch look effortlessly pulled together.

Parisian Chic. (with a twist.)

The french do it best.

If laid back, polished, classic and all around stylish just comes naturally to you then consider me officially jealous. I’m not one of those girls but I would like to be. To achieve this consider, a great stripe, some tailored cigarette trousers, a classic trench and a pulled together fedora with a red lip. All these are the key staples I want to introduce this year. It wouldn’t however be me without a small twist so I’m bringing back the knitted turban, the leopard print cat eye sunglasses and some unexpected colour/pattern clashes.

Paired with Bohemian tailoring

I fell in love with a waterfall camel coat.

I really want to focus on tailoring. I have the type of body that appreciates a great tailored piece. With little to no natural curves my clothes often have to work extra hard to create some. In an attempt to make this easier I’m on the look out for fantastically shaped pieces either that are well tailored or that have something a litre unexpected to them.

Think, masculine fit trousers (like my old wool flares) waterfall jackets in luxe fabrics, fitted maxi dresses and kimonos alongside high-waisted flared skirts and relaxed boyfriend sweaters.

Colour, Colour, Colour . . .

The Spaceboots said it best.

Know your most flattering colours. For me its autumnal colours and their bright counterparts so thats Burgundy with Louboutin red and fiery orange, navy blue with colbolt accents, rich browns and camel teddy coats, moody forest greens and neon brights with a splash of teal and not to forget the Kardashian jacket whites, silver space boots and pale pinks.

Phew, that was a mouthful! Next Wednesday is all about texture and pattern and lots of it!

All images used were pulled from Pinterest.

Easy Please Me.

That top? Zara, Those Jeans? Zara, Those faux Birks? Not Zara, almost had you though didn’t you?

It always get to this point when I start to crave the simplicity and comfort of Jeans and Leggings and there is nothing better an oversized tee shirt to complete the look! This tee is from the Zara sale back in July, although I have worn it at home this is officially its first outing of of the couch. I have also decided that these Birks are a right pain on anything other than concrete the amount of stones that were embedded into my feet after this was unreal! How does everyone else manage it? Thats what I want to know!

“Say Chic” in a time of Sales . . .

Do you know what my favourite part of June is. Sales. Lets not pretend its all good weather, BBQ’s and evenings in pub gardens, I mean those are great parts of summer but its the sales that are my favourite, obviously.

This top is from Zara (all hail!) I have been waiting for the Zara sale since about the end of the last one to be honest and this time I went in to check out their boyfriend jeans. (The, most comfortable denim you will ever own! I promise you!) But in the end I came out with two casual tee shirts (lets not pretend this is my first trip, there may be more to come . . .).

Stripes may not be my best friend photowise – hello chest. But in real life I am obsessed with stripes and I have been looking for this kind of stripe for what feels like forever! Add some neon words and you’ve got me, hook line and sinker!

What are you guys all excited to buy in this years summer sales?