Tips to making ripped jeans


Hat: Marks and Spencers (A long time ago), Shirt: Lidl, Jeans: New Look (only £9.99 full price!), Heels: Clarks (A Long Time ago)


I thought ripping my jeans would be hard. I was also terrified in ruining a pair of jeans, if I bought them especially for this reason. Thankfully ripping your jeans or cutting them is so, so simple, all you need is Youtube and a pair of scissors, I could give you my own tips but honestly you have them all in full colour video!

What I would suggest doing is give yourself time to do it and do it well, measure where you want the slits/holes, start small and get bigger in time. Also make sure you have some good sand paper at your disposal!

In terms of wearing them, I like to keep them casual, I don’t see them working all that well for work, although I have worn an old pair of Zara jeans to work like that but they only have a small hole below the knee, I would wear them with shirts, with hats and even pig tails because I’m just whimsical like that!


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