Shop | A Quick Sale Unboxing, Zara.


One little Zara box. Three Choices. Three reasons. 

You’ve seen the youtube videos, probably a thousand times, Haul! Unboxing and try on! They are in equal measure some of my favourite and least favourite things to watch.

Why? Quite simply because on one hand I love looking into other peoples choices. What did you pick and why? Hate because of the obvious, this is just to make money for the content creator.

There is actually a very different reason for their purchases, ones that they don’t actually give us. Reality is not, “Oh, I really needed a funnel neck sweater” few people even have that direct of an idea, instead, reality is, funnel necks might be in, winter is coming, my audience are looking for warm weather clothes. It’s clever, interesting all the same but not what they are telling us.

This however, isn’t just an unboxing haul; it’s a sale haul.

Why a sale haul, if I’m not sure I like hauls? I think the sale is similar to a haul, it can be great or it can be terrible. Great if you get something you’ve been waiting on and terrible if you just spend a lot of money on things you don’t want, so here is my unboxing with my honest reasons for purchase.


(My apologies for the creases that is how they came and I was too lazy to steam/iron them – not to mention with this winter light, there is so little of it I had to act fast to photograph everything!)

The khaki joggers

I am completely, I admit, addicted to khaki trousers. I bought a pair of darted ones (from Zara again, obviously) just before Christmas and I have lived in them ever since. On top of that my boss (one stylish, timeless lady) has recently been wearing the tailored joggers and quiet honestly she has inspired me.

I have one other pair of fitted joggers (Primark, two years ago, a whole £6) but I loved the thicker drawstring waist, the tailored leg and of course they were Khaki.

The joggers £9.99 at the beginning of the sale and cost, £12.99 full price.


Nothing I bought in this haul came at a great saving to be honest. However, with smaller savings it made me think harder than shopping at places like H&M where you can easily buy things just because they only cost you a fiver. Instead, it gave me pause over rushed purchases and gave me the chance to make better decisions. Even though most likely the best decision would be to not buy anything at all.

The Black choker effect sweater top


Was £22.99 and cost, £17.99

The choker effect sweater is just ideal for me, as I’ll go into greater detail in another post, it works great for my figure and I loved the idea of this affordable version from Zara.

My only let down from this was that it was far shorter and more fitted than I first thought however upon further introspection this could work for me, layered over a chiffon dress, tucked into my suede skirt as I did for a date night with Josh that evening, there are a lot of different options to this and I like the to form fit.


The Long Grey Chenille Jacket


This one has a story. Growing up in the 90’s chenille was big. What I remember most was my mum seemingly constantly wrapped in Chenille jumpers. I can’t remember the colour, or even style I just remember the texture. Cool to the touch but warm against the skin.

It was their cropped blue sweater I tried on first, it didn’t matter the style, I wanted the chenille. Thankfully for me the cropped sweater was bust, but the cardigan which came later I knew would be a keeper.

They had this cardigan in a pretty blue, this grey and a striking burnt yellow. The yellow shouted the loudest but I also knew it would be the least wearable in the long run. The grey however, is far more versatile.

plus side its really, really comfortable – so its a winner!


Whether or not you make a good or bad sale purchase is all down to the pieces you choose. For me the key is picking up the pieces which you’ve either wanted forever and know will work and going for things which suit you. V necks, always a good idea for me, cosy trousers (always good) and memory inducing Chenille? I can’t say no.

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