Fashion | How to feel 100% Blogger


Hat: M&S (forever ago), Sleeveless Blazer (SS2016) New Look, Oversized sweater: George ASDA, Leggings: H&M, Lace up Boots: Clarks

This is the blogger outfit to end all blogger outfits. The sleeveless blazer (ok, that particularly is a tad behind the times), the brimmed hat, the long jumper and slim trousers (or in this case, leggings) just screams blogger.

Maybe its just the hat. Josh always tells me when we are in store that the wide brimmed hats are blogger hats. He’s a husband in the know I tell you. I’d like to tell you something else uber exciting. Like this outfit is how I was inspired by all the colours in Morroco but decided to go in a different direction but thats a post for another day, one sneak preview? Wizard get ups and bathrobes.

You are intrigued I knew it. Until then if you want to get dressed like a blogger… May I suggest a hat?

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