Flashback Friday Glitter Boots.


A Chambray and black skirt? Add a sparkle boot and you’ve got yourself an outfit with a twist! 


This was from an anniversary trip to London but these boots were so comfortable I could have and had worn them for whole days with no problems! I really wish that they weren’t so battered now!

Did you notice something satirical whilst you were watching the latest four episodes of Gilmore Girls? Did you notice that Rory regularly had something sparkly on? Her jacket, in Spring, the strap on her bag in Fall…. In fact barely into the series I was telling Josh, I’m gonna start dressing Gilmore again, just a pre warning to you all.

Now, going back over past blog posts on here lately I have been speaking a lot about making my dress sense fun again and that is dressing Gilmore. It wasn’t however, until Saturday morning when I was going through therealjlow blog archives on my computer (I’m running woefully out of space on my five year old MacBook..) that I had this sudden spark of inspiration, I’m going to wear my sparkle boots from this blogs very first year out today.

We actually only went out to the supermarket (for a walk) and to the cinema but would that stop me? Nope… It was the perfect time to wear very, very old boots for a few hours! With that in mind I wanted to show you the photos from my favourite sparkle boot moments. Lets take a second to remember the sparkle boots, my old friend. I love you still <3.

I actually wore this exact outfit on Christmas day 2013. Yes I was fully dressed as part bauble part christmas tree. Also this was our rented flats hallway, how much do you love the scuffed up walls? 

By the way, this week will also have a Gilmore Girl style twist. Blame last Friday but its been on my mind a lot at the moment. How can I do anything when there is brand new Gilmore Girls to watch over and over?

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