Gilmore Girls Style and Shopping…

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(I’d rather be in Stars Hollow T …. Oh, yes I would…) 

If you’re a big Gilmore Girls fan I’m sure you watched the show this past holiday weekend and if you love your fashion and have maybe perhaps dressed like a Gilmore Girl in the past you were probably thinking a little about the clothes.

Now I’ve only watched it through once (and cried through the last two on and off… don’t ask. something about it being the end ok?) but it got me thinking about dressing like a Gilmore. Gilmore Girls style has always been fun and lighthearted and thats always been rather appealing so I’ve picked some lighthearted and fun clothes below to lighten you’re shopping fashion for a bit? It wasn’t until I started that I realised I should have split them up in seasons but….. I reckon you’ll do ok with what I’ve got 🙂


Star embellished jeans: Zara, Embelished Sweatshirt: Zara (sensing a pattern), Check Shirt dress (I really, really want this.) Zara Crab Bag: Zara, bobble hat: Anthropologie


Pink coat (must have) Miss Selfridge/via ASOS, Patterned shirt: Zara, Suedette boots: ASOS, Patterned Skirt: Anthropologie (love this so much) & Sweat pants with silver stripes: Next

As you can tell I’ve not gone straight up copy cat style but rather, what is GIlmore Girls style?

What I was majorly impressed with was that they never changed the innate DNA of the girls style in the new series. Rory, yes her style has changed with age to a degree but Lorelai? Her style stayed so true, slogan T’s, unexpected outfits for a 40 something … Dungarees anyone? and just fun. None of that was forgotten and for that I was so thankful.

If anything Gilmore Girls is a far better reflection of therealjlow’s out there. Its not so trend led, it moves on slowly but still takes its cues from our pasts. For instance we never got a slew of over the knee boots and shame tucks instead its stayed true to the characters.

To choose my favourite part of Gilmore Girls style its this, its whimsy. I want to be approaching my 50’s still wearing a sweater covered in patches, wearing cat PJ’s and dungarees. If my future kids want to embarrassed by me, well I’ve already decided the amo and yes that includes, “I’d rather be in Stars Hollow” slogan T shirts.

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