Fashion | Winter warming layers


Bobble hat: Zara, Scarf: Zara, Sweater with Snape sleeves: Zara, Jeans: New Look Boots: Clarks

(I may have bought an awful lot of Zara for this season.)


This week is going to be a cold one. Thankfully I’ve run off to Marrakesh (its now going to rain because I’ve said this but…) its gonna be cold in the UK and if its cold then you know what you need? All the knitwear and this most fantastic sweater!

I call it my Snape sweater, the sleeves just make me feel like I’m in a potions lab and I of course love that! Who wouldn’t want to pretend to be a Harry Potter character? I tried looking for it online for you guys but I couldn’t see it anywhere! I love this sweater and I also regret not buying it in the nice biscuit and pink version but thats just my shopping addict self.

Also these jeans? They cost £7.99 for New Look! All I did was take a pair of scissors to them and voila distressed denim! Although the slit knee life isn’t necessarily the most sensible thing on cold days I love how simple it is to customise denim, in fact I suggest all of you take some scissors and make a pair of your own! Especially if you can find a basic pair cheaper than £/$10.

_DSC0440 _DSC0431

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