We tried to make Cocktail, Star Anise delight* and this is how it went . . .


HOW TO MAKE | A cocktail with Star Anise

This season is my favourite, fall (Autumn) for fashion and as we move outside of those exciting first days of fall fashion the next thing of course is Christmas. Food and drink rich with spices and warmth if I had to choose fashion over food? I’m not entirely sure I could.

This past weekend myself and Josh made a feast of asian foods which will share with you soon! (sweet potato goyza’s, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken and egg fried rice? yes please!) but to go with that we wanted something a little different. Wine is our fall back but it seemed fun to go with some aniseed from a little star anise!


  • Champagne (or we used Prosecco)
  • Grenadine (a splash)
  • Orange Juice (a splash)
  • Star Anise
  • An Orange! (in chunks)



Being given the instruction of a splash can be difficult, how much is that actually? For me I worked it at a quarter of a shot of Grenadine (because it can be quite overpowering) then a half shot of orange juice. All in this order.

Then following this (all on ice – either cubed or broken) top up with champaign or prosecco along with a good chunk of orange! Finally, star anise! I bet you never thought you would need them but finally I have found a recipe for you to utilise their pretty star shape!
_DSC0426 _DSC0447

Overall this is a lovely uplifting drink! With its rich orange colour it feels festive but without being too heavy we have decided that we would like to have this on christmas day and honestly its worth making and trying out! Its light and refreshing and with the festive season often being so heavy its nice to have something to lighten the palette occasionally!

Even better it doesn’t require a cocktail shaker, its easy and ridiculously quick to pull together (and to top up!)
* when this post initially went out it was poorly timed with the American election 11/9/16. it is important to note that my poor timing skills are no reflection of my political ideals or that of this blog. 

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