Fashion | How to dress a little like a flapper…


Faux fur stole: Dorothy Perkins (2015), Cricket Jumper: Next, Flared stripe Dress: Zara (Summer 2016), Bag: Accessorize (2014) Strap+, Peep Toe Shoes: Clarks (2014)


(So my bag is ancient . . . at least a year and that in fast fashion is positively in line for retirement, but that funky bag strap? Its available on its own for only £12! It completely made my day when I saw this strap, I love how it looks on its own (although odd just wondering around with the strap) but it works perfectly with this clutch and several others! Best £12 spent ever. Even if Josh thought I was odd.)

This outfit was actually a stroke of genius, it literally wondered into my life without even really trying, it just came to me! Faux fur and a cricket jumper? yes please!

This AW, fashion has just felt refreshed! Perhaps without buying a new house and planning a wedding I just have more headspace for it, but finally I feel like I can get dressed with at least an inkling of style!

Now mixing in flapper style is perhaps an odd move for me, and yet . .  . this dress from summer just screamed, “I need a long v-neck jumper layered over me! I need to be transformed!” I think I also needed to be transformed and thats why this outfit spoke to me so loudly.

This AW I have even been bringing back various old style staples, V necks have played a prominent role in that. This sweater fit perfectly in that need for things which suit my body shape over momentary fashion choices.

_DSC0509 _DSC0440

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