Fashion | Its not quite Halloween but it is cosy….

_DSC0460 _DSC0463

AW how I love thee! Unfortunately, this year I’m not celebrating Halloween, on the blog or in real life…. Shocking for a blogger I realise, but to be honest bar the origins of the festival (the day of the dead, the veils between worlds being thinnest…) I’m not a big fan of the modern Halloween.

I have very little interest in costumes (As a kid if we had to use a dressing up box you would have found me running in the opposite direction… I wanted to like it, but alas I didn’t.) This outfit here is way more up my street however. I far prefer a good textured outfit which is snuggly and perfect for the UK’s dropping temps.

I am a little concerned that perhaps the button up skirt is going out of style, after all its been around for at least two to three years and yet . . . it feels so deliciously fall and early winter that the thought of not wearing it seems ludicrous.

What are you wearing this AW that makes you feel all snuggly?

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