Fashion | Like Johnny Cash


Longline Jersey Blazer: Anthropologie, Black Peplum T: New Look, Black Harem Trousers: Next, Red lace up flats: New Look


Lets chat about trends and the joys of wearing all one colour. Both are the best things you can do and also the most predictable.

Firstly lets talk about the Johnny Cash style of wearing all black. In the right situations an entirely black outfit can be incredibly slimming and make an attractive outfit. During in the winter of 2014/15 I wore an all black outfit similar to this which was broken up with a red belt and my purple hat. Theres nothing more fun than taking a blank canvas and building on it.

In terms of this outfit I created interest with the black peplum and broke up the colour with my grey marl blazer. To make a splash? red flats and a scarf tied around my wrist? we have ourselves an outfit.

Initially when I saw the scarf trend I was apprehensive. Was this look for me? Or was it too trend led to even consider? I took an extraordinarily long time deciding but eventually I felt drawn to the classic silk scarf and loved the idea of playing with proportions and being interesting again. Far less norm and way more abnormal.

This scarf has become increasingly interesting to style. From wrapped around my wrist to tied around my hair, tied into my belt its made getting dressed that little bit more interesting again and thats been thoroughly enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Fashion | Like Johnny Cash

    • therealjlow says:

      Scarves forever! I’m very much looking forward to fall mainly for that exact reason! The small silk ones are perfect for this! Funnily 2012 I always wore a long silk scarf just draped (with a blazer because those where the days) so I’ve been really cautious on this trend and the wrist and in the hair works great!

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