Friday Feelings: “You do you” The politics of Fashion

Fashion politics therealjlow

I was sad a few weeks ago now to see articles (often written by women) making suggestions as to how Theresa May needs to change how she dresses following her becoming prime minister. They make the obvious links to Kate, to Samantha but why do we even need to? The woman wore leopard print flats to become prime minister! That (sadly) took guts and my heavens do I admire that.

You do you. All the way.

Susanna & Trinny in the late nineties and early two thousands promoted this movement that we need to dress a certain way for happiness and I loved them. Dressing for your shape, hair colour, skin tone . . . They mark an era but now I can’t help but feel this way of thinking is insanely outdated.

Whilst planning out a birthday post I was thinking about my own life lessons and what I would want to teach my own kids in the future and how they might still be affected by this petty behaviour. We all hear the stories, shame placed on our clothes, our make up, our size, it leaves me seeing red.

Not to indirectly quote mean girls, but “I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.”

Most interestingly it’s easy to feel such a quick injustice for others . . . But it’s often harder for us to break those chains over ourself. It’s natural to want to fit in, to find acceptance.

Instead to be the nail sticking out is a hard battle, but one I’d far rather endure than suffer the unhappiness of ‘make believe’ in and out of my clothes.

The primary idea I want to leave with you today is to not to be afraid of your clothes, of wearing something that you feel. Whether that’s a smock dress or the pain of a break up. Wear it for a while, try out just being open to honesty, to trust that the right people will love you regardless.

After all  maybe one day, our kids will get to dress without shame, without it making you more or less than the label on your clothes. to see women stop passing judgements on other women, especially over the media! There should never be any one rule for everyone, it’s so much more fun and interesting when we are diverse.

Normcore is almost over girls. Let’s stop making standards for how we dress and embrace your inner you, dares you.

2 thoughts on “Friday Feelings: “You do you” The politics of Fashion

  1. baublesandknots says:

    I think part of why women are judged on their appearance is because there is more variety in women’s fashion. So when a political candidate sets themselves apart from the boys club there’s something to talk about. I’ve been enjoying the throwback Hillary Clinton photos because of her style. She seems fresh, carefree, independent in a lot of those photos. I think there’s something to knowing how to present yourself publicly. Theresa May rocks those shoes & has the skills to boot!

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    • therealjlow says:

      For sure. If that’s the case is it not also an issue of gender equality?

      It’s also funny as we went out to grab Josh shirts the other day and the lack of choice and interest was astounding! If I could design more beautiful shirts which are cost effective for him then I would! 100%

      It will be interesting to see how TM does in the up coming months for sure! A fingers crossed she also doesn’t give in to pressure to dress more ‘conservatively’ thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts! 🙂 xx

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