Fashion | I love this dress, but in pictures it hates my body . . .


Almost everything in this post is from Gap, bar the shoes which were New Look last spring and the bag which is Primark – 2012? A long time ago . . . 


Last summer I shared a photo shoot with the most disastrous outfit ever. Or so I thought!

We took these photos at Chartwell in Kent earlier in the year and although we had the best time running around the park, and going on the swings the outfit photos turned out to be the disaster of the year.

The lesson here for anyone is if you are an apple shape you can’t just wear anything, you need something to pull you in at the waist and then hopefully flare out. The reason for this is to balance out the shoulders and bust and pull you in to create (we all hope a waist.)

The curse with this Gap dress is it fits small anyway but it has such a large pull in the middle (its elasticated at the back) that it creates this band over your waist, it should work, but if like me you hold your weight in this area, its not so hot.

I know I am an advocate for wearing what you want, what makes you feel good but to be honest these photos did not make me feel good, so lesson of today not everything you wear should be photographed.




2 thoughts on “Fashion | I love this dress, but in pictures it hates my body . . .

  1. Kate says:

    But I honestly can’t see why would it hate your body. It does not create any creases nor is too tight, I think. Maybe if you’d swap the cardigan for a blazer emphasizing the waist you would feel more comfy?

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    • therealjlow says:

      Well I did save the worst photos … Haha in normal life it doesn’t both me really just in photographs so it does get worn a tonne when it’s cooler! Thank you for the ideas though! I think that’s always where I go wrong is not enough things pulling in the waist! 🙂


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