Blogging | Don’t lament the end of blogging, but good content

don't lament therealjlow

It wasn’t over. It’s still not over.

I recently read an article from an established blogger who suggested that blogging was dying. Firstly, over dramatic much? Secondly it made me start thinking as to why I don’t personally believe that the act of blogging has to die.

One point that she made was that Instagram and Snapchat are more accessible and that audiences don’t have the attention spans for blogs. I had to disagree, I don’t believe that we have less of an attention span but instead with more wealth of information out there we are now more choosey over what we give our attention to.

Let’s be honest, if I loved something, if I was invested you can have my whole life, if not, too bad. The same is said for blogs; blogging isn’t over its just got an awful lot of lazy, bad content.

Classic content v.s shopping blogs

I see it a lot with vloggers. These relatively popular vloggers often have content, which is predictable, over used and pretty damn boring.

On the other side however, you have vloggers like Estee Lalonde who are continually bringing new ideas and content to the table and who because of this is continually interesting and engaging! If you only share a haul, monthly favourites and the boyfriend tag, then snooze! Your content is outdated and I’m not going to lend my attention to that.

The same is applicable to bloggers. Its now easy to start a blog with ‘basic’ content, add affiliate links and make a shopping blog! You can easily make decent money from the get go, there are even tricks to that success however, does it make a good blog? No, it makes a good online shop.

The same for mommy bloggers, if you shill enough baby products then you’re good to go, but it won’t make your story interesting, I won’t fall in love with your kids, I’ll go to GOMI though and say how over your shoes I am.

Leandra Medine is an interesting case for instance. Her once daily style blog is now an incredible online magazine, which for lack of a better word creates, one of a kind, diverse content that most often you want to read. It’s what Vogue online should be but isn’t and is a great example of successful blog content.

She once said in an interview how she struggled with Instagram at first because in her eyes it seemed foolish to share her content (her, at the time daily outfit photos) on that platform when she actually wanted her readers on her blog*. Therefore, she ended up making completely different content for her Instagram which was fun and a precursor to the real stuff on the blog – the perfect way to keep your blog and Instagram alive at the same time.

What’s happening now is bloggers you once used to love reading (because of their content) are now more focused on the shilling product aspect, even my favourite bloggers who I fawned over at the start are now so busy wearing the latest piece of sponsored gear that I too have lost interest.

The worst part is we should feel cheated. Perspective drew us in and individual voices, affordability, true personal style and now they’ve effectively sold out. Instead we just don’t bother to read, we stick to Instagram instead for their outfits and hold out for Snapchat to remember whom we fell in love with all those years ago. The only problem being that the blog aspect dies.

Blogs won’t die for those who wish to use them but maybe the audiences will, just like consumers wants change so will blogs themselves. The audiences we once would have commanded will alter and new blogs will surface. On the up and up I think this new wave will be better, more insightful and more original. If competition has one upside it’s that it weeds out the rubbish and maybe with blogs its time for that change.

What do you think about traditional blog content and the future of blogging? Is it something ready for change or has it already changed? Also leave your links to your best piece of original content and the blogs you read! I’m sure we would all like to read some good blogs!!


*Did you catch readers v.s. viewers? A good distinction between a blogger and an instagrammer, they should be different things.

7 thoughts on “Blogging | Don’t lament the end of blogging, but good content

  1. baublesandknots says:

    I am new to blogging. I know, but better late than never. My site is not monetized & I don’t wear high ticket items. What I’m trying to curate along with my personal style is PERSONALITY. I think that gets lost in some of these blogs & I think its more important than how many new items you purchase every month. The blogs that I’ve kept up with in my short amount of networking are ones with a point of view not just links to click.

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    • therealjlow says:

      Completely! And I also think whats most interesting is the newer blogs like yourself are trying to be more than what we have in mainstream blogs currently.I follow the most amazing women called Flic in Canada (her blog is called, Love A Good Stripe (.com) and almost against the grain she writes these most incredible in depth posts about each item and the style, its background, shes just amazing! But when you cycle back to the earlier blogs (which I expect was more what this woman was talking about) they are now all monetised to the hilt on one wear freebee items.I think this has to be the future! 🙂 x

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    • therealjlow says:

      Do you feel like you’ve hit a bit of a wall with inspiration or just not enough time for more details? I’ve had such a dry period of content woes this year I completely understand the dishing out content over more production, but whats a girl to do when she works fulltime as well? Its an interesting balance I think xx

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      • Sarah Kirkland says:

        LOL – no I have more ideas running through my head than I know what to do with half the time. Some of the issue is time constraint, some is trying to write for others (followers). But even when I read some of the other blogs I follow they’re word count is way down too. It’s like we’re all trying to dumb down at the moment and that’s no good 😦


        • therealjlow says:

          Oh girl too many ideas! I love that! I hope you’ve got them all written down! 🙂 do you feel like you have to write for followers to be successful? I sometimes feel that but then totally hate that I’m selling content I’m not invested in as much?

          There’s been an awful lot of talk of less is more and I would agree with that for corporate blogs but I always think I want my blog to be text not just pretty pictures! For work I chatted with some Google partners and they preached about max three hundred words which works for corporates but feels suffocating for people like me and you who use this as a writing exercise and to be more immersive you know?

          It’s funny how on trend everything is on the whole. Like we have this whole, expanding world and yet endless copycats and samey content!

          At least we are trying to be different! I think it will turn around we just have to have the faith in our voice and our content 🙂

          Thanks again for all your blog support Sarah I love hearing your thoughts 🙂 xx

          And stalking you on snapchat for lipstick updates but that’s a whole other thing! Haha


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