THE NEW CHARCOAL | L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 17.25.51

Let me tell you about Charcoal, I have wanted it in a mask forever. The week before this was launched I tried the Sanctuary, heating mask and was in all honesty disappointed. The heat lasted for barely a few moments and it left my skin in pretty much the same way it was originally. It also didn’t dry to my face and that just left me feeling like it wasn’t working at all.

This L’Oreal mask range (launched only last week and for only £5 in Boots!) felt different from the off.

In the charcoal version (for normal skin) it dries about ten minutes or so after application (on a dry face, thin layers, applied with your finger tips.) It feels tightening; it dries into pores (a hot flannel on the face before hand works wonders in opening these up for better results) and feels good on the skin. I have quite sensitive skin and the best part of this one is it didn’t sting, hurt or dry my face out.

The best part of this mask is it left my skin feeling good and looking brighter.

Like some others, I found that any acne close to coming through made a surface appearance the day after and for a small whitehead a re application of this product on top of it took away that head without damaging the skin.

It’s not a miracle worker, certainly not a Biore pore strip but it makes your skin feel good and repeat applications show even better, brighter results. For a cheap, drugstore product this is a great entrance into the benefits of activated charcoal and has definitely opened the door to trying more charcoal products moving forward . . .


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