Fashion | A season of style and outfits

Block colour silhouttes & tie features

A season of Style | Finding shapes and styles that suit you

A long time ago, Caroline from UN-fancy said something on her blog which I had never considered before. To be wary of using Pinterest for style advice because sometimes you can be drawn to how the photo is shot and not the actual outfit.

With this and a season of style in mind I wanted to start my designing of a season with my own past outfits. Combining how good I felt in them with seeing repeat style patterns here are a few of the looks which have worked for me in the past and which will hopefully work again in the future…

Above^ A long silhouette with a splash of colour

Rather than it just being an all black outfit if you choose the same shade and wear it all over it can be incredibly flattering. Although I am tall already this way of dressing has created some really fantastic photos and outfits in the past and is a simple look which would make the ideal base for my next season of style.

Not to make it boring however, the outfits I felt particularly drawn to have been those which have been broken up with a splash of colour. Pieces which are vital to this look have been pieces which can stretch my silhoutte and who are similar in colour which includes my black quarter length T from Zara, black harem trousers, leggings, my dark blue jeans as well as my Eiffel Tower sweater from Long Tall Sally and broken up by plaid and chambray shirts.The Harem Trouser and the half tuck

The Harem Trouser

For two pairs of soft trousers I have gotten a huge amount of wear out of these key pieces! From the first time I shared them, to being worn across India these trousers have gotten a good deal of Millage. Even to the point that I am potentially considering a third . . .

My favourites I’m considering are . . . Next+ Tapered trousers in Rainforest (these are the same style as my last two pairs) Topshop+ camo joggers for a more casual look Grey Cigarette Trousers Next+
Skirts - dresses and layers

The skirt/dress & Jumper combo

As you might have guessed for the UK, clothes which can be worn with sweaters are a godsend. A must for anyone travelling here over the summer is layers, less so than in hot countries in your average day you can have both cold and hot spells as well as rain so be prepared to being pulling on and off your layers as the day progresses.

With that being said I’ve really fallen in love with this look for spring, summer, autumn and winter. With a shorter skirt I often find its important to elongate my top half and having a longer top or sweater does a great job in giving an alternative look to the belted waist whilst being flattering on my top heavy figure.

One thing I certainly don’t need to be doing is buying anymore sweaters or dresses, I have them by the bucket load and do remind me I have a purple look to show you guys which is ideal for the british summer . . . (Work & Play)

Finally for today I have Tassels 

Last year the blog was awash with this simple kimono from H&M’s Coachella range. Its light, airy and ideal for sleeveless dresses in the office. Its also lasted incredibly well and besides shrinking a little in the wash has retained almost all its tassels and continues to be a great layering piece.

I think you have to be a little bit brave for full on tassels but if your looking for something interesting and inspiring then then is the way to go! In summer this is my go to whilst in Autumn and winter I have been layering my Zara flocked velvet one which adds drama to almost everything!

What have you guys loved from my archives and what do you think my most flattering silhouettes are? I’d love your thoughts on what makes the ideal shape season to season . .  .

4 thoughts on “Fashion | A season of style and outfits

    • therealjlow says:

      Thank you! Its surprisingly flattering! I think there is always something to be said for elongating oneself by wear an uninterrupted colour scheme! Thank you for your comment!


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