Fashion | How to get dressed when you really don’t want to

How to get dressed in the dark, therealjlow

Monsoon White Shirt, Zara White T-Shirt, New look Patterned shirt (Petite), ASOS Lace up flats, Clarks Tan boots, H&M Draped Skirt, River Island A-Line Skirt, Marks and Spencer Denim skirt. 

How to get dressed when you really don’t want to. We’ve all been there. The alarm on your phone says you only have half an hour to get your butt to work or the train but your heart says leggings…what if I wore leggings and a T-shirt? Heavens what if I stayed in PJ’s all day . . . it sounds like a dolly day dream and realistically that’s because it is.

Girl, you have got to get to work. The only problem here though is this, when you’ve got your mind into this setting it’s hard to get out. Now all you can think about is staying home in bed and watching Brooklyn 99 on repeat (my current favourite TV show) and demolishing that whole bag of big Cadbury buttons.

What instead we have to focus on is pulling actual clothes out of our wardrobes and putting them on our body. What should have been easy can be easy again and here is how.

Find silhouettes that you love then make multiple versions of that one look.

My example above is an ideal outfit for me in Spring and Summer. I love simple skirts which offer stretch and I also love the lightness and simplicity of white. Together I have paired a simple white T (with slight detailing on each) alongside a simple, comfortable skirt and a comfortable shoe, the boot or the flat.

The key to these three outfits is this, It’s the same outfit but with different pieces.

Using your capsule wardrobe, pick the same colours and basic shapes but with separate pieces.

Go back to your capsule wardrobe, what were your core colours? Mine for spring were, White, Grey and Navy. For this exercise I picked out white because it’s refreshing and looks great in summer! The best thing about a white top is obvious; it goes with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. Skirt wise I love a jersey skirt, for my actual wardrobe that is my white wrap skirt from last year, it works with whites, it fits really nice and I love wearing it! Better still it goes with all three tops (in either scenario – my actual wardrobe or these pieces above).

Secondly we have the A-line black skirt. I am beyond tempted by this skirt because it feels like a complete fashion failsafe. It is a great shape for top heavy girls and works great with any number of tops. It’s a classic for a reason. With the pieces above I would wear the patterned T from New Look (untucked) and pair this with the lace up flats for the day or the boots for the weekend. This particular look I think would also be super cute for an impromptu date night or dinner with your girlfriends out on the town! For work throw on a structured blazer (and/or switch out the New Look Tank for the Monsoon shirt tucked in) and in the evening, a black leather jacket could add that little edge of cool!

Thirdly, the denim skirt is currently a dream I haven’t yet committed to. It’s a story for another time but I have been holding off. This one from Marks and Spencer’s is a really great piece and doesn’t cost the earth either. I would wear this 100% of the time with those gorgeous flat boots that I am also uber tempted by. The great thing about these skirts is you can dress them down on the weekend, right down to trainers if you will or pair them with the laced up flats and look effortlessly pulled together. It also goes with all three shirts, tucked and untucked!

therealjlow core colours capsule wardrobe

Apply this example to other looks

For me a great skirt goes a really long way! For others it might be great trousers (pants) or dresses. The options are wide open but what I feel is often missed from my own wardrobe is simply being able to remember in, in the morning that getting dressed is simple. I just need the colours and the basic silhouette to make my mind and outfit work.

  • Choose three core colours (for me its White, Grey & Navy)
  • Choose two moderations of your basic colours (pale blue/chambray + Cognac)
  • Then on top if you want, two to three stand outs to pull everything together and add interest!

Then you need to find silhouettes that you love and give yourself multiple options of that look. (I often go by what I’m naturally drawn to most and then spend an afternoon over the weekend dressing up!)
stand out

My absolute favourites are,

Jeggings/skinny jeans with a rolled cuff + long tunic T-shirt + cognac ankle boots

Dress + open chambray shirt + flats

Dress + Cardigan + socks + Ankle boots

Tapered trousers + Flowing top + Flats

Cropped trousers + flowing top + flats

The final stage is this . . .

Layout your wardrobe so your looks are together in groups. White shirts next to skirts, your flowing tops next to tapered and cropped trousers, cardigans and dresses all we need to do is be a little more intentional when we have the brain power for the times when we don’t.

If you’ve liked this post please leave me your favourite outfit combinations and colours in the comments or share your own post with how you are making getting dressed easier!



7 thoughts on “Fashion | How to get dressed when you really don’t want to

  1. matchamilady says:

    I like the pieces but not the colours. Too neutral for me. I need things in patterns and colours. They instantly make an outfit look like you made an effort without actually doing so

    Liked by 1 person

    • therealjlow says:

      The greatest thing about this is mixing in (and out) what works for you! I’m a big fan of the white shirt and navy etc but really it’s about using your palette and patterns and how you make them easy to pull on is down to your own experimentation 🙂


  2. Tina says:

    This is such a great post! I’m in the middle of sorting out my clothes ( I’m not sure there’s ever a time when I’m not!), so this is a really useful read. Thank you. I definitely need my wardrobe to be a bit more focused on what I actually like to wear.

    Liked by 1 person

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