Fashion | Overheard Conversations.


The incident of the patterned leggings

To the woman overheard suggesting I didn’t look in the mirror before I went out.

I did & I’m pleased my mental colour and pattern choices went down a storm. It’s just the look I was going for.
Patterned leggings only for sports?
I think that it is easy for us to assume roles for our clothes. Leggings are a piece which have com  e under a lot of heat in recent years. Whether we are deciding whether they can be considered as pants (trousers) or not is just one of the ways in which we have started assigning clothes to different occasions.
Interestingly I think the roles for clothes have expanded in recent years. When I wore patterned leggings and paired them with another pattern I came under heat. I was in the book store instead of the gym so it wasn’t right? Nowadays aren’t there more options for all of us? Leave your comments below! When would you wear a patterned legging?

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