Fashion | How to get dressed in the dark.

weekly outfits

(Black Harem trousers with loose T and neck tie, Next, Zara & Zara. Blue tunic over blue patterned dress, Zara & Next, Corduroy skirt with white shirt and kimono, Next, Next and Zara. Grey sweater and denim jeans, Zara and New Look, Grey skirt and white T shirt, Next and New Look.)

Since moving to our new home last October I have been getting dressed in the dark.

Worse than getting dressed in the dark is by having more things to think about I have paid less attention to what I have been wearing and you can tell. I am far less inventive and far less interesting than I once was and although I’m sad that I don’t look that well dressed now I also know that that side of me will come back. When I have less other things to think about.

For now however I realized I need to focus myself on how I can get dressed well without the struggle of every morning feeling like I have nothing to wear.

The first step was giving myself time this weekend to stand in front of my wardrobe and create my five looks for the week.

When I have a lot on my mind my more creative aspects get a little less attention. The big thing to go? Inventive dressing. Recently I have begun to notice that I have maybe let my lack of dress sense go that little too far.

In an effort to pull it back from the edge I’ve spent a little more time looking through my clothes. Considering what I own, what I found worked last year and planning how to make the Spring and Summer easy to dress for.

Therefore this is the first part of how to get dressed in the dark!

    1. Evaluate your wardrobe

The simplest step of the bunch is realigning yourself with your wardrobe. I have had so much on my mind in the last few months that I feel like I have stopped seeing my wardrobe for what it is so the first thing I did on Sunday evening was stop and take stock of what I have.

    1. Pull a weeks worth of outfits

The key to getting dressed in the dark is preparing before. On a random note I find my new wardrobe space hard to discern the outfits from the clothes. Confused? Yeah, me too. This means you have a week of pre-planned outfits to just pull out each morning without the added, what do I wear? Problem.

    1. Photograph each outfit

I won’t share mine because I did this with wet hair and no make up but having each outfit photographed has two benefits. Firstly if you forget the morning of you have photographic proof of exactly what you were meant to be wearing. Secondly a few weeks down the line? You can come back and re use the outfit – no excuses for forgetting!

    1. Wear your clothes… and see how you feel about them

Another obvious one but something I always over look! I forget what works for me and I forget that what works for me right now, won’t necessarily work that way forever so what this does is allows you to see what feels really comfortable. What makes you happy and thirdly what works for you, your lifestyle and your body.

Keep an eye out for my other posts about getting dressed in the dark. These all relate really nicely with my capsule wardrobe posts so if you click the tag below you’ll get access to a years worth of capsule insights!

Next week I’ll be sharing the basics that won’t cost the earth but really help in getting dressed everyday without fail!

5 thoughts on “Fashion | How to get dressed in the dark.

    • therealjlow says:

      I really don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier it would have solved so many clothing mistakes! Although as you’ll see in the next post I’ve really had to look again at somewhat of a capsule mentality as the mixture of styles etc hasn’t been working for me xx

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