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“Somewhere along the line I became convinced that if I was wearing makeup then that decreed that I must wear foundation. I felt oddly naked without it and the thought of going to work in anything less felt ludicrous. So I gave myself my marching orders, no more foundation for a while, there has to be another way. . .”

When I started wearing makeup, it was an awkward time. White eye shadow reigned supreme and foundation was all about ‘glowing’. However, with the technology at the time only going so far they instead, filled foundation with glitter making you look like the real life Edward Cullen on sunny days.

On the whole however, I wore translucent powder and eyeliner. It was a simple time, and a better time for just getting out of the door. My skin wasn’t too bad either.

Now I’m wearing concealer, mascara and my normal blusher, having done away with my normal foundation routine. Josh tells me I look glowier and that my uber dry skin is less noticeable. All a great response for only the first week.

The problem always starts at this time of year. The weather is horrid, its cold and there is far too much central heating in our homes, transport and offices and it plays havoc with our skin. For me that means eczema on my legs and my face becomes a flaky mess that refuses to be moisturised by even full strength moisturisers. Worst still I use the same, semi drying foundation that I used with full on, raging PCOS oily skin which is no longer my skin type and so my skin has been suffering.

My decision to stop using foundation was a tough one since a small voice still tells me that I have bad skin. See, if you have PCOS you can suffer with the worst adult acne. At its worst my chin looked like a map of hills and mountains and hurt so bad I wanted to stop talking. A couple of years down the line trying out medication and reading about diets for PCOS and my skin is no longer such a mess that I really even need that much coverage! With this my amazing work colleague and Friend Z suggested only wearing concealer during the week.

At first I was petrified, sharing my actual skin? Would I look patchy? Would you see that I’ve had terrible acne before? I was nervous and I felt ridiculous and I wanted to know, why? I don’t wear foundation at home! In fact most recently when I had to work from home due to bad train conditions the first thing I did coming in was take it all off. Why can I let the whole of kent see me sans-foundation so why do I feel so differently anywhere else?

Its funny especially when you think that, most popular make up is made to make you look naturally your best so why do we cover our skins in thick liquids created to disguise? I am trying to be braver now, only wearing concealer the bulk of the time, even though I am considering buying Yves Saint Laurent’s, Le Teint touche Eclat foundation for those days when I need something extra … It feels strangely liberating yet petrifying. Like revealing a part of myself previously hidden, clearly my skin defines me more than I’d like to think.

Heres to bare skinned bravery however. Just think of that extra time spent sleeping or chilling in the morning and putting on sun screen and not worrying that my foundation on top will slip straight off! Natural beauty all round,

Anyone else up for a week of no foundation?

8 thoughts on “Beauty | Bare Faced Bravery

  1. baublesandknots says:

    Love this post. I go through phases with my skincare/makeup routine. I definitely love a simplistic routine for like 90% of the time. I was just reminiscing about how much I miss JANE magazine & their makeunders. I need to reevaluate my daily routine & rock that fresh face!


    • therealjlow says:

      Oh me too! I feel like the fresh face is the way forward! But that’s not to say that I have not had mornings when I go back to foundation because I feel insecure or worried – I think it’s a bit like the capsule it takes time to fully accept it all and do it everyday without fear! X

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  2. Lauren Hooper says:

    It really is so liberating when you are finally comfortable enough to go out sans makeup and still feel confident and beautiful. I totally identify with the acne woes – I’ve never been without an active breakout on my face since I was 11. In middle school, my mom took me to the makeup counter to purchase Estee Lauder full coverage foundation and camoflauge concealer. For years, I thought I HAD to wear makeup because of my bad skin. In college I became more focused on skincare and to this day, I am way more focused on spending time washing my face and properly moisturizing versus applying makeup. I still wear a tinted moisturizer or light/medium coverage foundation frequently, but it’s more to enhance than cover up. You should try just use a tinted moisturizer all over versus a spot concealer. I use a pea-size amount all over my face and dab a bit more under my eyes. The radiant finish of the tinted moisturizer does so much more for my undereye circles than a medium/full coverage concealer. And skip the YSL for a paraben & fragrance-free product! You’ll see an even bigger difference when you start applying cleaner, safer ingredients to your skin!

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    • therealjlow says:

      Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for your comment I love receiving advice from fellow acne prone girls! I also really want to focus on skincare over make up I think that that is so much more important! Thank you for your suggestions as well! Is there a particular product range you love?


      • Lauren Hooper says:

        I sell a brand called Beautycounter so that’s what I use primarily. It’s currently only sold in the U.S. and Canada, but hopefully we’ll be making the hop over the pond shortly! With that in mind, I always suggest using brands free of parabens, phlatates, and fragrance. Putting the purest, cleanest products on your skin will make a WORLD of difference. Everyone’s skin is different, but I’ve been able to keep mine in line using a cleansing balm, charcoal soap, oil/serum, SPF, a sulfur-based spot treatment, and weekly honey-based exfoliant.


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