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(A fantastically fuzzy photo from our Devonshire holiday last year! one thing I know to be incredibly therapeutic for me is long walks and this was a week of really, good walks! Also pig tails and a hat with ears how could you go wrong?)

I never usually do this but having read Sarahs post on the train I couldn’t help but sit back and stare out of my window and go yes, this is something I need to work on for myself today.

If you’re anything like me then you are a busy woman. You take on a lot and struggle saying no to things that interest you, even when your perhaps already sinking under responsibility and what else you have to achieve.

It seems to be an increasingly difficult thing to balance. In fact this post+ from last week about making time for tea is along the same lines! But enough about that, what about Sarah Jenks and her blog post about finding you sweet spot? This is one of those articles that just comes at the right time and from the comments I don’t seem to be the only one either!

This is well worth a read for anyone feeling overwhelmed with too many moving parts and not enough satisfaction and results from all that flustering! Sarah’s reply to comment is my favourite take away and that is,

“…Which of the 2 career paths most fuels you? If it’s quitting your day job, crunch the numbers and figure out what you would need to make your part-time job your full-time job and lay out a plan to make it happen so you can quit one of them on “x” day. If you’re most committed to your day job, figure out how you can earn more to quit the other. I hope that helps!”

Remember this doesn’t have to be applied to a career question but in all areas of your life. What fuels you and what gives you the most joy? Then choose that path over the other and ask, is this more fulfilling?

I know I haven’t found my sweet spot yet but I also feel like I’m closer to knowing, and that seems to be half the battle!

Read Sarahs article here+ and check out her blog and business! Its all about living more and as my Grandma would say, the time for living is now!


2 thoughts on “The Weekend |Post Sharing, Sarah Jenks Finding your sweet spot

  1. Kassie22 says:

    This is definitely something so relatable right now! Despite having a job I absolutely love, I’m drawn to a dozen other things as well and it can be difficult sifting through to the core of what really drives and motivates you– thanks for sharing and I’ll definitely have to check her post out. Good luck on finding your sweet spot!

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