The Capsule Wardrobe | Still Picking Favourites, Shoe Addition

_DSC0402I thought when I started capsuling that having only 9 pairs of shoes would be the worst thing ever.

Perhaps I was over dramatic but it was a serious concern of mine that maybe 9 pairs would not be enough. Funnily, once you get immersed in a capsule after a few months you start realising that it doesn’t matter how many pairs of shoes or how many T-shirts you own, you still pick favourites.

For todays post I wanted to focus primarily on three pairs of shoes that I have worn to death even when I have various other pairs to choose from!


The suede boot from, New Look

I made such a killing on this pair. I bought them for only £8 when they were around £50 full price. Even more surprising is they are only a size eight but over the past autumn and winter I have worn this pair so much that one is now a drastically different colour to the other. They perhaps won’t last long past this winter but they have been my constant, friendly companion and for that I am really thankful.


The fur lined boot from, New Look

As much as I am a magpie, I am a hoarder for all things faux fur. These lined boots are so warm its criminal and even better they have fantastic grip for those icy days!

The Leopard print flats from LTS, barefoot Tess

I was so worried about these because they are really flat with minimal support but these have made an appearance during all our house demo work and I love them for a casual weekend. Now, I’m not even sure if I could live without them, not to mention they are leopard print so really, how could you not?

7 thoughts on “The Capsule Wardrobe | Still Picking Favourites, Shoe Addition

    • therealjlow says:

      It’s strange isn’t it? It’s funny as well as after a year of capsules is that it’s constantly evolving and changing for me maybe even to the point that it’s actually not a capsule anymore which is unexpected for me!


  1. Lauren Hooper says:

    Those ankle boots look so comfy! A cute pair of leopard print flats have been a staple in my wardrobe for years. I settled on only 5 pairs of shoes for my A/W capsule – tan riding boots, Bean boots, and three pairs of the same ballet flat in tan, gold, and leopard print. And I still only wore 3 of those 5 pairs 90% of the time!

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  2. Beth Berger says:

    Shoes are definitely something I struggle with in capsule dressing. I always convince myself I need several options but then end up wearing the same two pairs over and over for days on end. Sometimes I think I’ve “failed” at choosing but you’re right…it’s not that I don’t need the other pairs (because special occasions and such still pop up), I’ve just found my favorites!

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